Sunday, December 4, 2011

Another day at the Recycle Resort

JODIE: Hello again, we've been trying to keep up with the blog, but we're having a problem with Dad. Most of you know that we rely on him to do the typing and he has been in a foul mood as far as the computer and internet are concerned. He CLAIMS that the wifi that was supposed to be available at this campground doesn't exist. Problems with the equipment made the owner suspend internet connections for this year. Therefore, Dad got some kind of stick that goes in the laptop to access the internet.

COCO: And very shortly after he gets on the internet he curses and shuts the computer down. So It's been hard to pin him down. Our only problem, though, is with the computer/internet service. We are all still having a ball down here.

SANDY: So true. I got to really like swimming in the pool, but I had never seen the ocean. We have good surfing every day and today was particularly neat as there is a strong wind making even bigger waves. Running in and out of the surf is so cool. Below is a picture of the three of us chasing a stick in the surf. You might notice that as Jodie and Coco are in the surf, looking for the stick, I already have it and am making my way back to Mom.

JODIE: Yup, Sandy got the jump on us that time, but each time a stick is thrown it's anybody's game. I have to admit, though, that I am no longer willing to put in the amount of effort that the younger girls can. Pacing myself works for me so I may not always play as hard, I always play as long as the other two. Below is a picture of the three of us having a great time.

SANDY: Another great thing is that after the swim, Mom and Dad bring us back to the camper and wash all the salt water and sand off and towel us down. Mom does the washing with the hose, then Dad takes over and dries us very well using a lot of fluffy towels. He does it briskly and it sure feels great. A swim, a wash, and a massage....a dogs life isn't so bad!

JODIE: There is a reason why we referred to this as the Recycle Resort is because all the dogs here have been recycled. Every one of them is a shelter dog. The park host, Bryan, has Asker, a purebred Mexican Multibreed. Next is Marilyn and her pooch, Shelty, for Shelter dog. Next would be the three of us. Further down toward the beach is Taylore and her dog Sierra. Then there is Chica, more about her later.

COCO: Did you mention Pirate and the white dog?

JODIE: I will, I will. Pirate, we believe, is a local dog. He doesn't seem to belong to anyone but he has attached himself to a guy further down the park. Pirate looks like a full blooded Rottweiler, but you'd never know it from his disposition. He is so quiet and gentle that the people here are amazed at his temperament. He is often in the company of another local dog we call the white dog because he is white but so shy no one ever gets near him. We see him in the distance and then he has gone.

SANDY: Now I will fill you in on Chica. Marilyn, our neighbor to the left, takes Shelty for a walk every morning. She has a route that she takes, out to the road, a path to the beach, along the beach, and then back to the campground. A few days ago, on her walk, Marilyn noticed a puppy caught in some wood on the beach. The situation was that the puppy would not have survived an incoming tide, so Marilyn took her home. The puppy had no tail, nothing at all. Marilyn was going to take the puppy to a shelter in Mazatlan, but was able to find a home for her with another camper, Chantelle. A visit to a local vet let them know that the puppy was in excellent health and the lack of a tail was not due to it being cut off. This particular breed has no tail. We have some pictures below.

This is Shelty, Marilyn's trusty friend.

And...Sierra, loyal pet of Taylore.

And this little cutie is Chica.

JODIE: There is one more story I want to tell. A year or so ago, when Taylore was down here. One of the locals had left for a vacation of 19 days and left his dog tied outside. Someone was supposed to take care of the dog, but the care was insufficient at best and cruel at worst. Taylore simple went over and took possession of the dog, cared for it for a while and gave it to a good home. When the owner came back, she went over to him and told him what she did and paid the guy for his dog. These are the kind of people that Coco, Sandy, and I have met in Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida. We are having a GREAT time because some people went out of their way to care. It's nice to be surrounded by more of them down here. That's all for me.

COCO: I don't have much to add but agree with Jodie. We have met some of the nicest people down here. They are not from the US, but British Columbia.

SANDY: That's true, but they all woof in English, except for Chica who still yips in Spanish.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How am I doing now, Jodie?

SANDY: Well, Mistress Jodie, how did I do today?

JODIE: You are making remarkable progress, Grasshopper. I am very much pleased with your progress, but there are still a few fine points that you must master.

SANDY: What do you wish of me, Mistress Jodie?

JODIE: First, would you please cut out that "Mistress Jodie" garbage? That would be an excellent start. next, I'd like to talk to you about your fish carcass grabbing. You did fine locating and grabbing the fish. That was really cool!!! HOWEVER.............taking the fish remains to Dad was not a good idea. Of course he took it away from you and buried it. I think that was the last straw because it was right after that when Dad called an end to beach time.

COCO: Don't worry too much about having Dad catch you. He caught me AND Jodie today, but he only caught each one of us once. They say that there are more fish in the sea, but there are more fish remains on the beach, also. Heh, heh. Dad caught me once, but he missed me the other times. It's so easy when there are three of us. He can't see what we're all doing so a quick snatch and gulp and he never has any idea what's going on. So don't give up. If he catches you, play up to him and pretend to be ashamed. Then, when he turns the other way, grab some more fish.

JODIE: Coco can be a little, but she's right. Dad is only doing what he has to do and we are doing the same. You've got to make the most of this time because the time at the beach will not last very long. Besides, this is an unusual beach because the local fishermen clean their catches right near here. Some beached are completely clean of fish and then you have to settle for the ends of hot dogs and dirty sandwiches. The bottom line, Sandy, is that you are making GREAT progress. When you start to get into trouble it takes some of the pressure off me and Coco.

SANDY: Thanks for the advice girls. I'll keep it in mind and try to do better tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


SANDY: I know that I was whining a bit as we crossed the country, but it really did seem like we were going to be driving forever. We have finally arrived at the first destination and I am flabbergasted!!!! Jodie and Coco kept telling me that it would be great when we got here, but I didn't quite believe all they told me. It is AWESOME!!!!!!

That's me on the left ! I'm having the greatest time in the surf!!

JODIE: She is really enthusiastic in the above picture, but don't think that she just jumped right in. She did not. She wouldn't even be swimming in the pool if Mom and Dad hadn't carried her in and taught her how to swim.

COCO: That's correct! When we saw the water, Jodie and I took off like there was no tomorrow and sandy was right behind. Jodie and I CHARGED into the water hoping to swim well out in the Pacific. Sandy followed us right up until she got her feet wet. Then she really put on the brakes.

SANDY: Well, it was beautiful and all, but the waves and the surf caused me a little distress. After all, this was nothing like the pool. Besides, I caught on pretty quick when Dad started to throw sticks for us to fetch.

JODIE: Yes, you did, and to be honest, Sandy, Coco and I have never seen such surf. We have been to beaches from the Florida Keys to Labrador, Mexico to Alaska, and we have never seen such a beach. It goes as far as the eyes can see and the surf was much higher than we have ever seen. I saw the waves break over your head a couple of times and you just kept swimming for the stick. You catch on quick. Of course you have me and Coco to show you the way.

COCO: Another thing in your favor is the water temperature. It's so warm I wouldn't be surprised to see Dad or Mom in the water. That was certainly NOT the situation in Canada or Alaska.

JODIE: There is one area that requires more work on your part. You may have seen me and Coco running madly along the beach, then reach down and snatch something out of the sand. We can do that without breaking stride and it drives the folks nuts. We're picking up pieces of dead fish that have reached the right stage of aging. Fresh fish is no good. Fish that has "aged" too long is only good to roll in. However, with all the fishing that goes on around here, there's a lot of fish that's just right.

COCO: The skill comes in being able to pick up the fish and swallow some without slowing down. That way, Mom and Dad can't take it away from you. It drives them crazy trying to catch you to get the fish away. But, now that I think of it, it's even better when you find a real old carcass to roll in, especially if you've just had a bath. Remember that time in Canada, Jodie?

JODIE: Do I? It was sooooo cold and we were wet but we had found a place where a number of fishermen had cleaned their catch. Mom and Dad tied us out in the cold until they could get the water heater working to give us a bath. When that warm water hit those old fish guts.....uumm, uumm, good, though the folks didn't appreciate it.

SANDY: All that sounds disgusting! I'm a more finicky lady. I'll roll in the sand, but not on a fish. I eat the food the folks provide and I adore cookies, but half rotten fish is a no no.

COCO: Whatever. We're going to be here for a month and we'll see just how much Jodie and I can train you. We'll have you eating crabs and barnacles before we're through.

JODIE: I think that's enough for now. We have more pictures to post, so lets get to it.

There's actually all three of us in this picture. What a ball!!!!

Pooches pow wow around the stick.

Sandy grabbing the big stick by herself.

Coco trying to take the stick from Sandy.

A good sand rub to get the sand down deep in the fur.

Las Tres Perras Bonita a Playa de Celestino.

Sunset comes and we can finally rest. Another wonderful day in paradise.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Catching up with some pictures

JODIE: OK, we're going to try to catch up with our blog. We haven't had pictures for awhile because Dad's computer had some problems. Thankfully, he got it back today and he was able to download some pictures.

This is the pool that we left behind. Usually, when the door opens we dash into the pool. However, we weren't paying attention to what was going on outside. When Dad opened the door we dashed out and............found.........what you see in the picture. What a MAJOR disappointment!!!!

COCO: Here is where Sandy and I ride some of the time. Some of the time I sit up front with my chin on the dash. Sometimes I lie down at Mom's feet. Once in a while I slip in behind Dad's feet, but I'm usually kicked out of there pretty quickly.

SANDY: You can see how Jodie moves down the road. She gets the sofa! I guess rank has it's privileges and Jodie is the ranking dog around here.

JODIE: Coco would have you believe that she stays only on the floor. Don't be fooled. She sleeps on Dad's bed every night and here she's caught on MY sofa. Laying out with her head on the sofa arm. It's a rough life.

SANDY: Here I am trying my paws on the driving. It's a comfortable seat and the view is terrific. Unfortunately, my paws couldn't grip the steering wheel, but the worse thing is that my feet don't get anywhere close to the throttle and brake.

JODIE: So right now we seem to be in a holding pattern somewhere north of Nogales. This is an odd campground, compared to others we have stayed. There are a lot of dogs here and a lot of smells. Some of the dogs roam free and some are walked on a leash. It doesn't seem to matter because nobody picks up after them. There is also a woman walking around here with a big bird on her shoulder. I MEAN BIG!!! And colorful!! Mom said it's some kind of parrot. We can hear him sometimes when we are out for a walk. Well, I guess that does it for now. We'll report again from Mexico.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

We're on the road to Mexico???

SANDY: Yesterday we started this "trip to Mexico", what ever that is supposed to mean. Here's what it means to me. Hours in the motorhome riding over bumpy roads and some traffic. Every couple of hours they stop at some "rest area", but w don't rest. The folks put us on a leash and are expected to "do what we have to do". A big woof!!! I'm used to being let outdoors WITHOUT A LEASH and I walk up in the woods and take care of business. Then we are herded back in the bus and ride for more hours. I don't like it!

COCO: You are just in a snit because first, you just don't like a leash, period. Second, you don't like to poop while on the leash. I guess you want a little privacy.

JODIE: I don't know why you complain so. You walk up to Mom or Dad and get the instant gratification of a pat on the head or the scratch of your belly. You have all the comforts of home, with soft beds all over the place. The folks even took out the recliner to give us and YOU more room. We get our meals, cookies, and even ice cream.

SANDY: You two are brain washed. I want to know when we're going to play ball again. When are we going to go swimming? Where's all the "surf" you talk about?

JODIE: I will be the first to admit that I don't like the long ride, but I do it without whining. I know that the fun at the other end is worth the ride. I also admit that I am under some stress, but when you INSISTED in invading my spot under the table you were asking for it, and you got it. I'm sorry that I d rew blood, but you were being such a bitch.

COCO: Yes, Sandy, you were being a bitch!

JODIE: Wait a second Coco, you were there right in the middle of everything. Were you trying to help me or Sandy?

COCO: I was just trying to get in on some action. The long ride is a bit boring and this was a nice break in the lack of action.

JODIE: I don't know who is worse. Sandy in her immaturity or Coco just being stupid.

SANDY: I'm sorry. I just thought that you looked so comfortable under there that I thought I'd give it a try. I really didn't mean to start a fight.

JODIE: OK, we have to respect each other's boundaries. That's all I'm saying!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We Finally Have Something To Post!!!

JODIE: It has been a long time since we've posted anything and although we have been three busy girls, it has been the same thing every day. How many times can we show you pictures of us in the pool or chasing the ball. Last weekend we all went in the motorhome to the east coast.

SANDY: Yes! It was just a year ago when we went to Palm Bay to visit Dad's brother and his family. The picture you see above is the one taken a year ago. It was just after I finished nursing nine hungry, pulling puppies and I was not nearly in the shape I am now.

How's that for beauty? I'm not quite in the shape I was before I became a Mom, and I don't think I will ever be. I was a very, very young female when I became a Mom, so I'm in great shape, I mean REALLY great shape, but I'm more mature now. Part of the change is my being much more sure of myself and my position in the Tempesta pack.

COCO: She can say that again! She used to be so shy. Well, I guess she still is around strangers, but she is a ball of fire around our house. She and I raise quite a ruckus rough housing in the computer room. Sandy is full of energy and something of a devil, so we enjoy the rough play. That is until Mom or Dad gets nervous and shuts us down. Jodie is older and doesn't like to play as rough as we do.

This is me running around the dog park in Palm Bay on the second day. The first day it really rained, but we'll tell you more of that later.

Here, Jodie is sniffing around the park.

This older girl is Rosie. She may be old, but she played like a much younger dog. Her people were tossing a ball and she would keep fetching it to be thrown again. The Dad-person wouldn't throw the ball anymore because it was too slimy, but Rosie's Mom-person took over and continued to toss the ball. They were very nice people and had at least one more dog with them.

JODIE: Coco mentioned the rain the first day. Actually, except for a short spell on Sunday, it was very rainy and windy all weekend. We went down to the dog park on Saturday and had the whole park to ourselves. As I said, it was rainy and windy and cold. Dad disappeared for awhile and we later found out that he was in the men's room keeping warm under the hand dryer. I could have used a little of that myself. When we got back to the camper, we were each given a very brisk rubdown with warm, dry towels. We each also got a cookie.

SANDY: Something funny is going on around here. Our swimming pool has a big gray cover on it. Dad opened the door to the pool area and Jodie, Coco, and I dashed over to the pool..........only to find this gray thing that keeps us out of the water. Why is that????

COCO: Please excuse Sandy, she's new to a lot of things around here. The gray cover on the pool means that we are going away from here for a while.......a long while. However, it has been my experience that better times are ahead. In the past, when the pool is covered we get to go swimming someplace exotic, like down the Keys, or in Canada, or Alaska, or California, or even Mexico. I hear rumors that we're going to Mexico. At least Mom and Dad are doing a lot of babbling in Spanish.

JODIE: Coco is right again, Sandy. We're heading for a long ride in the motorhome. Oh Joy!!!!

SANDY: Jodie, I thought you didn't like to ride in the motorhome.

JODIE: What was the clue, my panting all the way to Palm Bay and back?

SANDY: Well, yes. But when we got there you seemed to have a good time.

JODIE: Oh, once I get there I have a GREAT time. Wait until you see the ocean, with real waves and beaches that go further than you can see. With seagulls that you can chase and sticks you can find. If we're really lucky, we can find a dead fish to roll in.

COCO: Don't be fooled Sandy. Rolling in the fish is nice for a short while, but it means a long warm bath with that sweet smelling stuff that Mom loves. The fish smell doesn't last long, though I confess that a little of the odor remains long after the bath. We may smell OK to Mom, but us dogs, with our keen sense of smell can still detect a bit of the fish.

SANDY: OK. It all sound like an adventure to me. I guess that's all for now then?

JODIE, COCO, and SANDY Over and Out.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A note from Jodie

Hello All, Jodie here just to let y'all know that we're all doing well. We don't post to the blog much because we have nothing new to add. Each day we go out in the yard, spend a few hours in the pool, and have our meals. Nothing special.

Rumor has it that this will change at the end of the month. We're supposed to be going to the east coast to spend some time with cousin Mya and her people, who are Dad's kin. We did this last year and had a marvelous time and expect to do so again. Then, we're off to Mexico for several months. Coco and I were in Mexico back in 2008 and had a GRAND time. We were camped right on the beach and Coco and I had a blast in the surf. This will be a new experience for Sandy, but I'm sure she'll adapt to it quickly, as she has everything else.

Sandy would't go in the pool for the longest time until Mom and Dad actually carried her into the water. You wouldn't believe that she's the same dog. She's the first in the pool and she stays in the longest. Coco and I cannot keep up with her on land or in the pool, plus, she has become quite the retriever. It seems like she's always has two tennis balls in her mouth and is trying to fit number three.

OK, I just wanted you to know that we're still out here and most likely add to our blog more often as we have something to bark.

Woof at ya later,


Friday, September 2, 2011

Changes in the Pecking Order

JODIE: There have been some changes in the pecking order here at Tempesta's Hacienda. No, it's not what you think, I'm still the TOP DOG, the ALPHA FEMALE. Coco is still number two and that makes Sandy number three. The change is sort of performance related. See, I could always out run Coco and Coco could always out swim me. Now that Sandy is part of our pack, she has come to dominate the field in running and swimming. OK, with her long legs and lean body the running was a no brainer, but the swimming?

Here's how Sandy got her start.

Sandy would have no part of the pool for the longest time. Coco and I would swim and Sandy would pick up a ball and run around the patio, lap, after lap, after lap. She couldn't be coaxed in the water by any means. Then Mom and Dad started picking her up and carrying her into the pool. The first few times were hilarious as Sandy would swim to the nearest side and try to climb out. Dogs can't get out that way. Neither can Dad. Eventually she realized that the steps were the only way out.

COCO: Well, there's the ladder, too.

JODIE: Yes, Coco. You are the only one who can get out using the ladder, at least the only dog. I can't see how you do it, bad hips and all. Now, back to Sandy.

She used to get the balls out of the pool by waiting for them to get close to a side and she would lean over and get a ball.

Sandy's old way of fetching the ball.

Then she started going in the pool to get her special ball. Her ball is the spit covered ball with some of the fuzz taken off.

COCO: Yes, Sandy actually peels the yellow covering off the tennis balls. I watch her to make sure that she doesn't eat any of the stuff, but she just peels it off and spits it out.

JODIE: Thanks for the help Coco. I'd be lost without you.

OK, so Sandy starts fetching some of the balls herself and this is no big deal. When a ball is thrown in the water, Coco is always first on the scene because she runs around the pool to get close and leaps into the pool. Sandy and I only enter and exit the pool from the steps. I didn't notice how fast she was getting. Finally, Dad threw a few balls up the far end of the pool while Coco and Sandy were side by side in the pool. They both raced for the balls and I was flabbergasted to see Sandy out swim Coco. Her paws are not as big as mine, but they're webbed. So the long legs that give her the speed on land also give her the speed in the water. Of course,Sandy is only part Golden Retriever, the other part is Lab.

Sandy in true swimming form.

COCO: I'm the only one who dives and I'm the only one who jumps into the pool.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Note from Sandy

SANDY: Hello all, Riggs, Sadie, Tucker, Harley, Mya, et al. I want you to know that I celebrated my first anniversary as a Tempesta. Yup, I was taken from a shelter with my pups a year ago Tuesday. I would never have believed how much my life has changed. I share the house with my two Folks and Jodie and Coco. This much nicer than sharing with 60 other animals. I get SO MUCH attention. I'm also learning so much from Jodie and Coco, like playing fetch, swimming in the pool, and running in the woods. One of the nicest things is where I'm allowed to sleep.

Don't I look comfy??? And cute....don't forget cute.

So here I am, living the royal life. Getting to run, play, and swim with Jodie and Coco. I eat well, sleep well and really enjoy my new life. Another thing that is fairly new is the treatment I get after swimming. I watched this happen to Jodie and Coco, but didn't pay much attention. After spending a couple of hours in the pool, I get washed off with a hose and then I go in the garage. There, Dad dries me off with a jet of air from a hose. He also puts something in my ears, and I'n not too keen on that. Last, he gives me a super toweling with big bath towels. I get a brisk rub down from nose to tail and it really feels great.

OK, that's all for now. I just wanted to tell you all about my year's celebration.

Oh, wait......Coco wants to say something.

COCO: This is mostly addressed to Riggs, but it's good information for all of you. Riggs had a bad time due to eating stuff he is not supposed to eat. I can relate to that. When I was first adopted, I found a treasure trove of stuffed animals and toys. I guess Jodie used to play with them, but they we still in one piece.

JODIE: I loved those stuffed animals. Dad and I would play "chase" with them, until you came and ruined them all.

COCO: Ahem,,,well....that's beside the point. What I'm trying to explain is that in the course of tearing the toys apart, I would swallow a lot of the stuffing. For some reason, the stuffing doesn't make it all the way through and I was taken to the Vets. I was at the Vets for several days and they gave me all kinds of stuff to make me go. If they couldn't make me go, they were going to cut me open like a gutted fish and remove the stuffing. That's enough to make me shiver still. Fortunately, they didn't have to cut the stuffing out of me, but I heard Dad complaining very loudly about how much it cost.

So the bottom line, Riggs, is stick with the food and treats that your people get for you. I'm glad that they were able to fix you without cutting you open. Just remember the image of a gutted fish and how you don't want that to happen to you.

We are all looking forward to seeing you in October,,,,we hope.

Your pal,


Thursday, August 25, 2011

DAD'S BACK ! ! !

COCO: Yo, everybody. Dad has come home!!! We didn't tell anyone that he was going away because we didn't want everyone to know that there would be all us females here with no man to protect us.

JODIE: Some of us were not the least bit perturbed about being here with out Dad. Don't get me wrong, I sure missed him, but I wasn't afraid of being here without him. Last night Mom came home and pulled in the garage. We were used to her coming home alone and were not surprised to see her come in alone again. Then we saw a figure coming up the driveway and WE WENT INTO OVERDRIVE!!!! I mean Coco, Sandy and I charged down to driveway to accost the intruder. We had the hair on our backs up and we were barking like mad dogs. Then we heard Dad call us and we jumped with joy. We literally jumped and jumped and jumped some more. We were so glad to see him.

SANDY: Actually, not much changed when we went away. We were still fed on time. We still got in the pool almost every day. We even got to sleep on his bed. Thinking about it, I had a LOT more room with him not in the bed.

COCO: Well, he IS home and I like it better when he's here, and I did more jumping than anybody.

JODIE: I like it better, too. We could stay on his bed, but we didn't get scratched, and nobody scratches me like Dad.

COCO: I agree! I guess Dad was up visiting relatives, because he brought back pictures of Mya, our cousin in Pembroke, Ma, and a new cousin, Harley, who we've never met. Harley is cousin Tammy's new dog.

JODIE: If I understand correctly, Harley was rescued like the three of us. When Tammy got him, his backside had nearly no hair because he was infested with fleas and was allergic to their bites. With Tammy's care he got rid of the fleas, put on some weight and now is a handsome character.

Harley, a terrier mix, part being a Jack Russell.

He doesn't look too dangerous, but he is an excellent mouser!

JODIE: Yes, we understand that he is one excellent mouser, having one mouse to his credit already. He also a chipmunker, but so far, the chipmunks have eluded him.

This is Mya, a petite Maltese, who always wants her belly scratched.

SANDY: Yes, we understand that Mya is always trying to get Dad to scratch her belly. She's just as bad as Jodie.....and ..Coco.........OK......and me, too. Nothing beats a belly rub.

COCO: Not so! Not so! A cookie beats a belly rub every time.

JODIE: No, not every time.

COCO: Oh, yes indeed!!! Every time a cookie is better than a belly rub.

SANDY: You two live for a cookie. Personally, I'd rather have the belly rub, most of the time.

COCO: Speaking of cookies, it's time for our evening cookie..........I'm out of here!

JODIE: Out of the way, Sandy, too!!!

SANDY: Honestly, those two would sell their tails for something else to eat. I guess that finishes us up for the day. We're still in the pool almost every day and generally staying out of the awesome Florida heat. I'm the new dog on the block and from what I see, life is good. We three will chat with you later.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


SANDY: Holy Mackerel, what a day! Mom let us out of the garage and as I rounded the corner I saw a WHOLE BUNCH OF EAGLES!!!

JODIE: Nope! They were turkeys!

SANDY: I ran after them, and was way ahead of Jodie and Coco, and all the eagles just soared up through the trees.

JODIE: No, Sandy, they were not eagles, they were turkeys!!

SANDY: Well, I think they were eagles!

COCO: Jodie if she wants to believe they were eagles let her. I know they were turkeys, you know they were turkeys, and Mom told Dad they were turkeys. You and I saw real eagles, up close and personal in Alaska, but Sandy never had the chance. If we go back next summer, she will see the eagles and then she'll see the difference.

JODIE: I must be losing my mind, Coco. You are actually making sense.

COCO: Perhaps you've been under stress. I'll continue this blog, if you don't mind.....

JODIE: No, go right ahead.

COCO: Fine. Summer has been continuing along pretty much the same, day after day. We go swimming almost every day. Sandy has become QUITE the water dog. Of course she can't keep up with me, what dog can? I think she swims at least as good as Jodie and spends more time in the water than Jodie does. She will swim to all ends of the pool to retrieve a ball, but she doesn't seem to realize yet that she can't fit three balls in her mouth. She will stay in the corner trying over and over to fit the third ball in, but unless she can swallow one, it will not happen. Also, there is only ONE dog that can swim to the bottom and fetch toys, and that's ME, ME, ME!!! I'm saying that as humbly as I can, but when you're great, you're great.

JODIE: Coco is correct, she is the only one who can retrieve off the bottom. Or at least she is the only one who wants to. She is also the only one who jumps off the side. She's the only one who froths at the mouth to get a ball. She's the only one who wheezes after a while from being over active. Besides, she the one the folks watch and slow things down to keep her from hurting herself. Sandy and I will play a little, then relax. I will just lay down and rest while Sandy goes into a corner and peels the fuzz off the tennis balls.

COCO: Is THAT why the tennis balls are getting bald??? I thought they caught something from Dad.

SANDY: Yeah, I chew on the tennis what?

JODIE: So nothing. If the folks don't reprimand you for destroying the balls, what do I care?

COCO: Back to my blog. As I was saying, we are in the water almost every day, but are quickly taken out and dried when a thunder storm approaches. Jodie and I don't mind the thunder, but Sandy goes bananas. We've had Mom or Dad or sometimes both in the pool some days. That will give you some idea of how hot it is, because DAD, big strong DAD will not go into the water until it's a warm warm as......well, bath water.

JODIE: There is some talk about going to the beach in St. Augustine, but so far it's just talk and we don't seem to be making any progress in setting up the trip. I'd really like to get back to the beach as Coco and I have a great time in the surf and we want to show Sandy how much fun it is. Until later.........Jodie and the other two.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

More of the same....only different

JODIE: We are into the same routine almost every day. Our major enjoyment is the use of the pool. We used to spend some time playing fetch, but the truth is that Coco's hips are a problem, but she will not ease up on her play. When the ball is thrown, she goes all out to get it and it ends up causing her some pain in the afternoon and evening. So we all play in the pool. Swimming is better for Coco.

COCO: Mom and Dad make too much of my hip problem. It does hurt a little, but I never complain.The main thing is to get the ball, and I usually do.

JODIE: Right, but I wanted to mention some other things that qualify as news. First, we found the Old Man...oops, I mean Dad in the pool. Like this is the second time in ten years that he has been in the pool, except to fix something. He would take Sandy out into the pool and let her swim to the edge of the pool. At first, Sandy would swim to the nearest edge and try to get out of the pool. That's impossible for dogs and chubby people like Dad. Then she learned to swim for the steps.

SANDY: That's right, the water is now a friend of mine.

COCO: Sandy is correct! She has come LONG way in a very short time. At first, she wouldn't get in the water at all. Then Dad and Mom put her on the first step and she became comfortable in six inches of water. It's very hot out and just wetting your feet feels good. She would venture onto the first step on her own from time to time.

SANDY: Then the put me on the second step, with my belly in the water. I was a little scared at first, but as long as my feet touched and my head was out of the water I was fine.

JODIE: Mom and Dad upped the ante even more by taking Sandy into the pool and letting her swim back. She swims very well! However, her swimming was a straight line back to the steps, until yesterday. Yesterday, she would swim toward the steps and then turn around and swim toward the folks again.

COCO: We have noticed that Sandy is getting more and more comfortable with everything around here. She is used to most of the noises and smells around our home and she doesn't seem to get rattled, except for loud thunder. Sandy has been venturing down to the first and second steps on her own, but what really caught me by surprise is that a few times today she pushed off from the steps and swam in a small circle out and back to the steps. She is getting very confident in the water.

SANDY: Well, it's very hot outside and I see you two enjoying the water,so I'm just following your lead. Actually, it's Jodie's lead as she enters the water only at the steps. Coco acts like a maniac, leaping like a darn fool off the side of the pool to chase a ball. I WILL NOT be doing that.

JODIE: So now the whole family is enjoying the pool, even Dad. Sandy started to swim on her own today, stepping off the steps and swimming in a small circle, gaining confidence every day.

SANDY: And, after the pool, we are rinsed off and dried. I was a skittish girl when I first got here and the first time Dad dried me I was scared. He blows off most of the water with an air gun and the air surprised me. Then, the compressor would start and that would scare me. Now I know what to expect and it's like going to a doggy spa. He blows most of the water off and I especially like when he does my back near the tail. Then, he gives me a vigorous rubdown with a towel. After a few hours in the pool and a good drying, Jodie, Coco, and I are down for the count. We get on our beds in the computer room and zone out for a couple of hours.

COCO: But then it's SUPPERTIME!!!!!! I REALLY come alive for suppertime.

JODIE: So as you can see, we're having a pretty good summer in spite of not traveling. Coco and I have been everywhere with the folks from Alaska to Mexico to Labrador to the Florida Keys and we always have a great time. We're looking forward to showing Sandy some of our favorite places on our next trip. Thats' it for now. Bye all!

COCO: Yes, Good bye.

SANDY: I'll chat with you later. So long!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The News of the Week

JODIE: Hello, all. Just wanted to catch up on all the news that's fit to print. It has been really hot day after day and it's a good thing that we have the pool. You know that Coco and I are in the water all the time, but Sandy doesn't like it too much. On day Sandy was trying to reach a ball in the water and reached out a little too far, thinking that the step extended further than it really did. SPLASH, she was in the water and in half a second she was out again. She didn't even use the steps, she went right up the side! I thought that she would stay further away from the pool, but that's not the case. She has started wading on the top step. It's very shallow, but it is a start.

SANDY: Yes, it was quite a surprise when the step wasn't there. Did you notice that I came up with the ball? And it's true that I walk on the top step. I may not like to swim, but the water is cool on my feet. Besides, I've been watching Coco and I'm playing like she does. I get on the step and drop my ball in the water. Then I watch while the current in the pool takes the ball away. I follow the ball and fetch it when it gets close to the side. later on, I'll do it again.

COCO: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Wait 'til I tell you what happened to me! The folks took me to the vets Wednesday. I usually don't mind and I like the vet that attends to me, Kelly Maxwell.

SANDY: Oh, Kelly! She is sooooo sweet and she's the one that took care of me and all my pups. She was so nice to all of us.

COCO: Yes, Sandy we know all about that, ancient history. If you don't mind I'll finish my story.

SANDY: I was just say............

COCO: Yeah, I know you were just INTERRUPTING!!! Now, where was I...oh yes, at the vets. Well, it seems that I had a problem with something called anal glands. Dr. Kelly and her helper took me into a back room where the folks couldn't see. Dr. K put on rubber gloves and the helper held me down. Then Dr. K did to me that are probably illegal in 20 states. They left me without shred of modesty. Was I happy to get back in the car!

SANDY: Can I speak now?

COCO: Sure, I'm done.

SANDY: OK. Jodie and Coco don't seem to mind thunderstorms. At least they don't get rattled the way I do. When I hear that first loud crack of thunder, I want to run and hide someplace safe. To me, that someplace is Dad's bed. I WILL NOT BE DENIED!!! They tell me no, but I won't listen. They put up gates, but I just mow them down. I guess I've finally gotten my point across as there have been several storms yesterday and today and there are no gates at all. I did have to scratch the bedroom door once, but Dad opened it in a second. I feel safe on the bed, and pretty soon it was also occupied by Jodie, Coco, and Dad, too.

JODIE: There's more to this story, but I think you'll have to read it on Dad's blog. Essentially, the summer is filled with days of running in the woods, playing in the pool, getting dried off (which I REALLY like) eating, sleeping and getting the occasional ice cream. So we really can't complain, but I would prefer to be touring Canada or Alaska and seing some of the cooler parts of this continent.

That's all, from Jodie, the self appointed moderator. Over and out

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Same thing...different day...almost

JODIE: We seem to be in the dog days of summer and here is is only early June. We get in the pool almost every day and I really enjoy it. I don't fetch too much and I don't run around the pool too much, but I have a good time and go in for a swim from time to time. It really takes the edge off the heat and humidity.

COCO: I LOVE to fetch, but I'm not getting all the activity that I like. I want someone to throw the toys over and over and over and I leap from the patio into the pool and bring the toys back so we can do it again. Lately, we are allowed in the pool, but there is no tossing and retrieving.

TYPIST: I have to butt in here to explain our dilemma with Coco. She is all heart and she will not stop chasing the ball. She is relentless and she charges off the edge of the pool each time. At the end of the day she is really hurting due to her hip problems, so we curtail her over exertion.

SANDY: I'm the one who runs around and around. I enjoy my time outside and I really like playing with Jodie and Coco, but I'm not really a water dog. I like to drink cool, clear water and I certainly enjoy a bath, but to jump in the siree!

We had a little excitement last night. You might have heard that the girls of Delta Gamma are not allowed in Dad's room anymore. It's true. Oh, we get in there every once in a while, but not as a rule and we don't sleep there either. Well, last night a thunderstorm came by and the noise was TERRIBLE!!! I'm the new girl in the house, but I wasn't going to wait for Jodie or Coco to take the lead. I charged through the family room and kitchen, knocked down the gate, ran into Dad's room and jumped on his bed. I was quickly joined by Coco and Jodie and in the process we woke Dad up. He told us to get down and go back to our beds, in fact, he insisted. Jodi and Coco got down, but I had my claws embedded in the covers and I was not going to leave. Dad had other ideas and he picked me up and put me on the floor, but I jumped up again. Surprise!! Then he picked me up and carried me to the computer room and placed me in my bed. Coco and Jodie were with me and Dad INSISTED that we stay, so we did.

JODIE: Well, we did until the next boom echoed through the house. I have to hand it to Sandy, she's fast. I was behind her and ahead of Coco, but she just mowed down the fence and lurched against Dad's door. I think she was on the bed before I got to the kitchen. She is usually quite the serene lady, but a loud noise can make that girl MOVE.

COCO: The second time didn't go any better than the first. Again DAD had to carry Sandy back to our room. This time he was huffing and puffing. I think he's getting old or he's out of shape, or Sandy is getting heavy. This time we stayed in the room as the storm had passed What Dad didn't know was that Mom stayed with us for a little bit at the beginning of the storm, but when the noise subsided she went to bed.

SANDY: OK, I'm a bit upset by loud noises. I don't like thunder storms. I don't like people shouting. I don't even like the TV on too loud. I don't like loud motorcycles or trucks. I don't like fireworks or guns. I don't like green eggs and ham........where did that come from? I'm a gentle girl and I like it quiet.

JODIE: There has been some talk of going over to St. Augustine for a few days. Coco and I were there a while back and we really had a great time. I mean really great! The beaches we went to allow dogs off leash, so we could chase seagulls and run in the water. Like I said, there has been some talk, but so far, little action. I shouldn't complain, we have the pool and the woods, but the beach and the seagulls are much better.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Last weekend with Molly

JODIE: Most of you know that we had an old friend over for the weekend. We knew her as Freckles, but her new people call her Molly, so Molly it is. We saw her a few weeks earlier so her appearance didn't surprise us this weekend, but we were surprised at how great she looked when we saw her a few weeks ago. At any rate, it was a very busy week for Dad and we have to rely on him to do our typing. That's why we're so late. Also, he claims that we want too many pictures posted, so he's putting the pictures in a slide show.

You know me and Sandy and you also know Coco, but Coco and Molly look so much alike that the folks even got confused at who was who. See, they don't sniff-greet and they don't see as well as we do either.

SANDY: I only met Molly briefly a few weeks ago, but Jodie and Coco remember her and her pups from when they lived here. I was a bit apprehensive about having a strange dog live with us for a while, but it worked out really well. Molly was well behaved and we never really got into a fight. There was one time when I was leaning W A Y out over the pool to get a ball and she was behind me barking furiously. Barking and barking right behind me until I snapped at her. She shut up and I got the ball. I can swim, but I don't like the water and I want to get the ball without falling in. There was some justice when Molly tried to get a ball by leaning out over the pool. Now, I wasn't behind her barking,so it wasn't my fault. She reached out further and further to get a ball.........then oops......she fell in! She is also a very good swimmer, but, like me, she prefers to play outside the pool. I wouldn't mind if we dog sat for Molly again.

COCO: I also had a good time with Molly, Jodie, and Sandy. We filled the floor of the Delta Omega room. When four Labs stretch out on the floor, a lot of room is required. There are other pictures of Molly that you can find. Up on the right, just below the picture you will find a list of Other Blogs. Click on Jodie and Coco's old blog. Click on November 2009 and read the three blogs there. You can also read the later blogs to see what happened with Molly (Freckles) and the pups. OK, that's it for now. The pool awaits.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's Freckles and I'm Back!

Hello everyone. My name is actually Molly, but the Tempesta's used to call me Freckles when I was here with my puppies back in November and December of 2009. My last post was on December 16th 2009, when I said goodbye. You see, my folks, Olive and Frank have some function out of state and they felt that I would be more comfortable here with Jodie and Coco than I would be in a cage in some kennel. They are exactly right!!! Not only do I play with Jodie and Coco, but they have another gal to play with, Sandy. Like me, the Tempesta's took her in with her puppies and she just stayed on. I suppose that it's nice, but with Olive and Frank, I get ALL the attention. The folks here have been taking a lot of pictures and Jodie, Coco, Sandy, and I will be writing again tomorrow and will include some of the hundreds of pictures taken. That is not an error. Between Paul and Helen, over two hundred pictures were taken of us four special canines.

I never saw a swimming pool before today, and when I reached out to touch it with my foot, I fell in. WAS THAT A SHOCK!!! I swam for the nearest side but Paul headed me for the stairs. Once I got to the steps, getting out was a breeze, but I was sure not going back in the water again. It's a funny situation. Jodie and Coco can not be kept out of the water while Sandy (and now me) can't be coaxed into the water. Different strokes for different dogs.

I was welcomed with wagging tails into the Delta Omega Gamma sorority and spent the night sleeping with the other gals in the the sorority room (It's really the computer room and doggy sleep area) The food had been good, the cookies frequent, the ice cream often enough and the three other dogs to play with has been divine. We'll be posting more later.

You can see old pictures of me on Jodie and Cocos old BLOG, but you'll have to go back to 2009.

See y'all later,


Thursday, May 19, 2011

What's Up?

COCO: Coco here and I want to advise my friends of some changes around here. You can be sure that they were made without any input from me, Jodie, or Sandy. The Delta-Omega_Gamma sorority has been moved out of Dad's bed. We now have to meet in "His" computer room.

SANDY: I heard Mom and Dad talking about tossing us out of the room and it has something to do with Dad and al-er-gees. They were watching one of those doctor shows and the doctors were discussing al-er-gees. One man in the audience was complaining and they asked him if he had a dog and he said yes. Then they asked if the dog was allowed in the bedroom and he said yes, in fact, the dog sleeps on the bed. They told him that the dog should never be allowed in the bedroom or on the bed if the man had al-er-gees. I don't know about the al-er-gees, but often all three of us sleep on Dad's bed.

JODIE: Well, I've noticed that Dad has been sneezing an awful lot lately.

COCO: Yup, watery red eyes and a runny nose every morning. That's the way he has been when I wake him up in the morning. Am I the problem?

JODIE: Well, Coco, you would be the problem if you were the only one on the bed, but all three of us gather in there and it might be because the three of us overload his al-er-gee defenses.

SANDY: I, for one get plenty of attention and food and stuff when he and Mom are awake, so I don't have to sleep on his bed.

JODIE: Actually, I rarely spend the night. I get on the bed and get close to his chair while he reads. After we've had our last outside time and get our "Good night" cookie, I'm ready to turn in on my bed in the computer room.

COCO: I can see where that leaves me because I've been sleeping on his bed for YEARS. FOR YEARS!!! When we're in the camper, I still sleep with Dad? Is that going to change, too?

JODIE: It's a small price to pay to have a Dad who is health and well rested.

SANDY: We Delta Omegas will just have to meet in the computer room.

JODIE: It works for me!

COCO: OK, it works for me too.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Just venting!

JODIE: Some strange goings on around here lately. Dad took off for several hours yesterday and came home smelling of DOG. Not Coco and not Sandy. Surely not me. Plus, he was especially nice to us today. Guilty conscience do you think?

SANDY: I don't see what's so wrong. Today we played ball, swam in the pool, and went for a ride in the car. That's three good things in one day. After we got back to the house after the ride, Coco and I just crashed at the sorority bed.

COCO: Even the car smelled of strange dog. I wonder what's been going on.

JODIE: Yes, I noticed the strange dog smell. Now, it's as if Dad is trying to make up to us. Did you notice Dad in his bathing suit? I thought that he was going to join us in the pool. He RARELY gets into the pool. In fact, he rarely goes in the water. On vacation, it's Mom who joins us in a swim.

SANDY: That's when Coco called him the white whale!

COCO: NO, NO, NO! I said that he was quite pale. QUITE PALE!! Other than his head and his arms he was very pale. Besides Sandy, can't you keep your flap shut?

SANDY: Well, you also mentioned Moby Dick.

JODIE: Talk your way out of that one, Coco.

COCO: Are you girls trying to get me in trouble?

Jodie: Nope, you're doing a good job of doing it yourself. The water is getting warmer and soon I suppose he will join us for a swim. Mom came in last week, but she can take water a lot cooler than dad.

COCO: Yeah, he's quite pale and a sissy.

JODIE: I think we'd better quit before Coco gets us in trouble. If we find out about the other dogs in Dad's life, we'll post.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We be swimmin'

SANDY: Yeah, we be swimmin all right! Not today! A few days ago I got snookered into the pool and I'm not sure that I like it. I'm not sure that I don't either. I don't like that you're either in the pool or out. What's wrong with going to a lake or something where I could go in a little at a time?

COCO: hoo. You are such a sissy. So you went in the water the other day. You didn't even get your head wet.

SANDY: I was tricked. The old man...

JODIE: Ooh noo, you're not supposed to call Dad that!

SANDY: Bullshoes!!! You saw what he did. He took MY ball and threw it in the water. First it was close enough for me to get it with out getting my feet wet. Then...he threw it out a little farther and I got down on the first step. Next is was still further out and when I reached for it there was no place to put my feet so I had to swim.

JODIE: Yes, we saw that, and you swam very well. You are a natural, you know. Why were you trying to climb up the side?

COCO: Yeah, why were you trying to climb up the side. Jodie only uses the stairs. I can use the stairs or the ladder, but nobody tries to get up the side.

SANDY: Well, frankly, I panicked! I was concentrating on my ball and when my feet didn't touch bottom I just tried to get out the fastest way I could.

COCO: Didn't work, did it?

SANDY: But then the old...I mean Dad got me by the scruff and pulled my to the steps and I was OK.

JODIE: You realize that you were in no danger. Dad was watching you and he would never let anything happen. I remember when he jumped in to save a foster dog. His name was Baccardi and he followed Coco into the water, only he couldn't swim. Dad had to jump in and pull him out by the collar.

COCO: You should have seen that, Sandy. Now that was a riot. You may not be very comfortable in the water, not like me and Jodie. You have also seen Mom in the water yesterday, but you NEVER see Dad in the water until the pool is like 90 degrees.

JODIE: Coco's right, Dad never goes in the water until it's very, very warm. So you can imagine our surprise when he jumped in in December when the water was in the 50s. I was shocked that the old guy could move that fast.

SANDY: Well, Mom tried to coax me into the pool yesterday and I may have been close, but that next step had me afraid. Besides, I'm having a great time with things the way that they are. Coco, you like to have someone keep throwing things in the water so she can retrieve them. And Jodie, you keep running around and around with those rings in your mouth. You think Coco or I want them, but the only one who chases you is Dad.

JODIE: Well, Coco, I think Sandy has a point. As long as each one of us is having a good time, it doesn't matter what we're doing. I like playing chase with Dad. Sometimes he gets close and we get to play tug, but then I slip away. He throws the ball and toys for you until you start to wheeze. Then he quits so you won't get sick. And, for the most part, Sandy, he takes your ball and throws it where you can get it. You must like that because you run right back to him.

SANDY: Oh I do, I just don't like going in the water. How about if we sigh off with a few pictures?

JODIE: OK with me!

COCO: OK with me too.

Mom, trying to lure me into the pool!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

It has been awhile!!!

JODIE: Yup, it has been awhile, but we three girls are not to blame. If our twelve paws could use the computer you'd read a lot more from us. However, the ten fingers of our typist / transcriber are slow to get going. We've been hounding him....(get it?) but he always has an excuse. He's busy. He's tired. His fingers ache. He has a head ache. It's too late. The one he uses the most is that he claims that we have nothing new to tell. We get up, eat, go out, chase the ball, play in the pool, dry off, eat, and sleep. A lot he knows.

Coco:Yeah, a lot he knows! No one is naming names, but all of us canines and one of the two humans are FEMALE, so we all know how the "He" is. He doesn't understand females of any species.

Sandy: I don't know, he treats me very nice, scratches my back and belly and gives me treats. I think you two have gotten spoiled and are "catty".....(get it?) My life has SO improved over the past year that I certainly can't complain.

JODIE: What is this, you ask??? You are asking aren't you? This is our new Tempesta Canine Sorority. The letters are Delta Omega Gamma. Thats Delta Omega Gamma.

So now we are the D O Gs. We meet where ever we want, but so far it has been on Dad's bed. He doesn't mind as long as were not too rowdy when he wants to sleep. So far that hasn't been a problem, but it might change next month as were having a sleepover weekend around the third weekend. Molly, who lived with us for a short time a year and a half ago will be spending the weekend and we can hardly wait.

Sandy: I don't really know Molly well. She was here for an afternoon several weeks ago and she seems nice enough, but I don't know her like Jodie and Coco do. However, any friend of theirs is a friend of mine.

Coco: This is Molly. You will notice that she is that BEAUTIFUL color of Lab, Chocolate. Not that I'm biased, but she is a real beauty. When she lived with us she was burdened with a litter of pups and they had us ALL going. It will be interesting to see how she is now that she is SGNP, Single Girl No Pups.

JODIE: So what was all that chatter about us doing the same thing every day? Again the Dad fails to understand the complexities of being canine and female.

Everyday we have breakfast, then bring in the newspapers, and go back in the woods to take care of business. Is that all???? Good gracious, no!!! Every morning we patrol the back 40, sniffing and cataloging all the new smells of animals that have come through in the night. Sometimes we have to scare away some crows or a squirrel or two. From time to time we have to chase a few deer out of the yard.

SANDY: Here I am near the pool looking absolutely beautiful. Now Coco may prefer Chocolate. but Jodie and I do very well in yellow. Besides blonds have more fun, right? That may be partly true. Jodie and I do very well chasing the ball in the yard. Today Dad threw us a curve, bringing out a flying disk. The three of us couldn't get the hang of it. When a ball is thrown, we are away even before the ball is cast. The ball passes us and bounces in front and we run for it. With the disk, Dad would start the throw and we'd be off, but we never see the thing as it always lands behind us. Then one of us would pick it up and bring it back to be thrown again. It wasn't much fun and it didn't last long. Then we went into the pool area. I know I said that blonds have more fun, but at the pool, nobody has more fun than Coco. She goes absolutely nuts chasing anything that is thrown in the water. I don't even like to get my feet wet, but Coco not only jumps in, but she dives down to get toys off the bottom.

COCO: Coco's the name and water's my game! I can't help it. Something inside me drives me to do these things. Mom and Dad think I'm obsessive, but I don't think that's true. It's just that I really come alive around water. I like to swim, but my passion is retrieving toys thrown in the water, whether in the pool, lake, or ocean. Throw a toy and I'm off.

JODIE: Sandy and Coco are both correct. When something is thrown in the pool, don't get in Coco's way. She's an ANIMAL!! If Sandy has a ball and Coco doesn't, Coco will just take it from her, right out of her mouth. Today at the pool Coco was in a particular frenzy. Dad was taking pictures and Coco wanted him to throw a toy. I mean she REALLY wanted him to throw a toy. She was like a mad dog barking furiously and would not stop. Check out some of the pictures below.

She barked and barked until we were almost deaf, but Dad didn't throw anything until he got his pictures and put the camera away.

COCO: I hate to admit it, but I'm glad it took Dad a few minutes to put the camera away and come back. The barking got away from me and I needed a few moments to regain my composure. I'm sure that he realizes that I'm not to be denied!!!

JODIE: Oh I'm certain. That's why he took the time to put the camera away before playing again. Did you notice that you were RELATIVELY calm when he came back.

SANDY: The photos below show Jodie and me just watching Coco's tantrum.

Shortly after this episode it was time to go in. Now I don't usually get wet, but today we all got a bath from Mom. I'm not a swimmer, but I like the attention of a bath. After the bath, dad took us into the garage to dry off. He uses an air hose from a compressor to blow us down. I was terrified the first time he used it, but now I like it as much as Jodie and Coco. He blows most of the water off, then gets nice fluffy towels to further dry us. Oh how I love that! As if that wasn't enough, he took me inside and gave me a thorough brushing. Heavenly!!!

COCO: After supper, we adjourned to the sorority bed to sack out. Dad was with us, but I don't know what he did to warrant a nap.

JODIE: To be honest, it was quite a day and I am pretty tired. I notice that my sorority sisters are out cold. Live well. Play hard. Sleep soundly. AAAHHHH