Saturday, March 19, 2011

A visit from Molly!

Coco: yesterday was a very special day at the Tempesta household. We had a visit from our old friend Freckles......oops......MOLLY. Yes, She's Molly now, and she looks TERRIFIC!!! Olive and Frank brought her over for a "play date" and we sure had a great time. She even brought us T-Bones, which are our favorite treat.

Sandy: Yes, she does look fabulous and I would not have recognized her if not for the sniff test. Yup, she's Molly, but she has come a very long way from the skinny mom with all the new puppies. We've got some pictures to show you.

This picture was not taken from a very good angle, but it does show how good Molly looks.

This is a little better, but Molly is still a little up-tight, but this is early in the visit.

Now she's approaching Mom.

Hugs from Mom!!!

More hugs from Mom!

This may be going too far!!!!

Oh, OK! Olive and Frank are going to take care of us.

Here are most of us getting attention. Coco must be off looking for a treat.

Aaahhh, three handed petting. Just what I like, though four hands is even better.

Taking it easy and enjoying the cool tile floor.

More of the same.

I'm glad that Molly is enjoying herself on the floor. Coco, Sandy and I are being petted around the corner by the sofa.

A couple of times I thought she was Coco, but the shiny collar was a dead give-a-way.

Olive and Molly having a quiet moment.

She's one good looking Lab.

This is just before she left. You'll notice how much the chocolate shows in the sunlight.

The meeting started with all us dogs howling up a storm and Molly fit right in. Humans don't appreciate the communication and bonding that goes with a great pack howl. Molly is welcome in our pack anytime.

Sandy and Coco, over and woof.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Notes from Sandy

SANDY: I know it's been a long time since we canines have blogged, but I'm sure that you know that we don't do the typing. We get The Old Man to do the typing and it has been difficult to get him to do it. Hold on a sec......

JODIE: Uh, Sandy, we are not allowed to refer to Dad as The Old Man. Please don't get us in trouble. It's hard enough to get him to type for us.

SANDY: Oh, OK. It's The Dad who does our typing. At any rate, I wanted everyone to know that I was spade...spaded......sprayed........spayed, yup that's it, spayed a couple of weeks ago and I'm feeling as frisky as ever. They say this mean that I will be having no more puppies, but that's fine with me. A lot is said about motherhood, but it must be a lot different for humans than us dogs. As I recall, having a whole pack of whimpering rats pulling and pulling at me with no let up. Then the little beasts get teeth and still want to latch on to dear old mom. NO WAY!!! The folks get some pictures of past puppies from time to time, but to be honest, I'm MUCH closer to Jodie and Coco than I would be to the pups. This is especially true of Coco who is my BFF.

Here I am strutting around the pool.

I discovered the joy of the Dad's bed.

Dad took this picture, but I was not about to move!!!

Plenty of room for the three of us, if the folks don't plan on joining us.

Caught in the act!!!

This was a good one. Whenever the folks go out, Coco gets in this position on the sofa. This was last weekend when Paul, Jr. was here. The folks went out and Coco got in position. She didn't realize that here was a spy in the house, not that it mattered. She just looked at Paul and stayed right where she was. What a goof!!!!

This is Mya, our cousin from up north.

I'm referring to the dog on the back of the sofa. The human in front is Linda and she is the one who does all of Mya's bidding. Mya was getting fresh chicken while we were getting dogfood. We need to unionize.

This is Talulah!

She is one of the puppies from the litter before mine. Of course I don't know her, but Jodie thought I should put he picture in for those who might remember her. She was know as "Mittens" because she had white paws and she was the largest of the litter. I think she turned into a real beauty, and she's not even mine.

I guess that's about it. Jodie had nothing she wants to say right now and Coco is asleep.

Signing off for now,