Thursday, March 15, 2012

We're home!

JODIE: We got home last week and things have returned to normal. Dad says the whole trip was 5827 miles, but that's PEOPLE miles. That's over 40,700 dog miles!!! Coco and Sandy sleep, but the long ride stresses me out, and it doesn't start when we start moving. The stress actually starts as soon as I recognize that a move is coming. The awnings go up or the basement is packed or the slides come in. Any of those will start me on the road to stress. Then, when the rumble of the engine shakes the camper I really go into overdrive, huffing and puffing. But, it's over for now.

Now we're back to fetching the ball in the yard or spending time in the pool. I love the pool. I mean I REALLY love the pool, but now that we've been exposed to the surf of the Pacific Ocean, the pool is not quite the same. Oh, we can swim and romp in the water a bit, but we can't take the long runs down the beach and chase a ball or a stick into the surf. I miss the long runs in the shallow water, too.

SANDY: At first, I didn't understand what Jodie and Coco were raving about when they talked about he ocean and the waves. In fact, the very first time I was at the ocean I jumped out of the Jeep and ran full speed to the water. Jodie and Coco just kept running and swimming until they were in the waves, but I came to an instant stop when my paws first hit the water. Remember, I was very hesitant to go in the pool, where the water was nice and calm. To see the breakers and surf, I was dazzled, but only for a moment.

JODIE: That's true. She came to love the surf as much as we do. Coco and I were concerned the first time a wave broke over her head, but she came right up and continued chasing a stick. The waves and the surf never fazed her. Here's the truth about Sandy, when we she moved in she was a tad smaller than Coco and me and we thought she was full grown. That was not the case. Sandy is now taller, longer, and a lot faster than us two slow old Labs. On land or in the water, she is ALWAYS the first to reach anything thrown. In addition to being fast and strong, she's as agile as can be.

By the way, Coco will not be joining in this blog because she won't come out of the motorhome. Whenever someone is working in the camper and the door is open, Coco moves right in until she eventually gets thrown out when they lock the door. She always was a bit of a doofus.

SANDY: We had visitors for a few days recently. Lorena, a friend from Canada was down for a couple of days and though she has no dog, she showers all of us with lots of attention. The Barbara from Homographs came and she ALSO gave us great amounts of attention. After that, Mom's cousin JoAnne from Massachusetts came for a visit in their motorhome and they had two dogs, Molly the Golden Retriever and Riley the Dachshund. Unfortunately, they were used to being on a leash all the time and we didn't get to play.

JODIE: I guess that's about it for now. We think that Dad's brother may be over in a couple of weeks and they should bring cousin Mya, not sure of the spelling. Then later in April we're expecting Riggs, the Missouri Wonder Dog to stay for a couple of weeks.

That's it from Jodie and Sandy. Coco will have to come in tonight.