Tuesday, December 25, 2012

WOW!!!!! What a Christmas

COCO: Did we EVER have a GREAT Christmas!!! But, It wasn’t anything we had planned in advance.  See, Dad was in a good mood and thought that he would take us three girls for a ride to Playa. Hew made a couple of stops, each time stopping where he could park in the underground parking so we were shaded and cool.

JODIE: Yes, he is actually a pretty nice guy, but SO naïve. Still, he should have known better!

SANDY: You two are being cruel!!

COCO: Eh? You’ll get over it. I’ll start from the beginning. Dad wanted to take us for a ride. That’s simple enough to understand, right?

SANDY: OK, right, so far.

COCO: And we behaved ourselves pretty much, right?

SANDY: Well, except for Jodie always crawling onto Dad’s seat and drooling all over the window, steering wheel and the seat.

JODIE: Whoa there Sandy. Don’t take that tone with me! I ALWAYS jump in the front seat. I keep it warm for Dad.

COCO: Sure you do……and you even drool for him and rub your snout all over the window for him……gimme a break!

JODIE: Why not leave me alone and get back to your story.

COCO: OK…….so to get going, Dad opened the back of the Jeep and let us out of the camper. With great agility, we three leapt into the back of the Jeep and the trip began. It was a nice ride and we enjoyed being with Dad. As we returned, Dad mentioned “SUPPER”. Usually that really gets us going because there is NOTHING in the world more important than supper.

JODIE: Amen!

SANDY: Amen!

COCO: So now, Dad has us in a lather just waiting for our supper, or so he believes. Like Jodie said, so nice, but sooo naïve.

SANDY: Oh, boy, here comes the good part………

COCO: So Dad drove the Jeep up to the camper, got out of the car and opened the door to the camper……all the whi,e he kept mentioning “SUPPER”. I KNOW that he fully expected us to race into the motorhome for our food. SURPRISE……….SURPRISE!!! We three BOLTED for the beach!!!

SANDY: It was really a little mean…

JODIE: How can you say that, Sandy? You were in the lead!!! As I rounded the dive shop, you were already in the water!!!

SANDY: OK, ok, I admit it, I was off and running and I never looked back. I heard him yell for us and I can imagine what he looked like, standing there with his mouth wide open in disbelief.

COCO: Yessiree, it was quite a coup. I have been waiting and waiting for just such an opportunity and today fate looked down on us. AND….. we had a great time, did we not?

JODIE: Oh, we had a great time for a while. We were the center of attention on the beach until Dad arrived with the leashes.

SANDY: And the plastic bags.

COCO: Yeah, when that guy came over and told Dad that one of us had left “A DEPOSIT” near his kite-board, I could almost see the steam coming out from Dad’s ears.

SANDY: You have no compassion for the man!

COCO: I do, too, but sometimes you have to grab for the gusto.

JODIE: Perhaps, Coco, perhaps. But if you think about it, Dad and Mom always take us to the beach during the week and early in the morning, so we do not offend too many people. They also take us way down the beach where we are more secluded, except for a few people walking the beach.

COCO: Are you implying that there was something wrong with invading the beach, right in front of the restaurant, with hundreds of people , on a Christmas Day?

JODIE: I’m not IMPLYING….I’m STATING A FACT. I know, I’m in the same boat as you and Sandy and I ran to the beach also, but I suspect that this INCIDENT is going to come back to haunt us and we will not get the chance to bolt away again.

COCO: Wanna bet? We’ve done similar stunts before and eventually Dad forgets or trusts us more than he should………..and the next time that happens……I’m off. I could add that you and Sandy can join me or not, but I know and you know and I bet Sandy knows………….given the opportunity, a little opening, a lapse in Dad’s attention, and we are off, all three of us.

SANDY: Oh, now I feel so bad. I didn’t think. The door was open and I ran…………and it felt so good. It WAS nice playing with all the people in the water and having so many people take my picture.

JODIE: Well, that was our Christmas celebration. We had a nice ride in the car, a fast and furious romp to the shore, a bath, and supper. Aah, that all important supper……..Now…….I …….want……..to…….sleep.

JODIE, COCO, SANDY: Feliz Navidad!!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Coco…….in trouble AGAIN!!!

SANDY: Don’t tell me that Coco is in trouble again!

JODIE: Of course, you know that she’s NEVER out of trouble for long. This time she has Dad a bit upset with her.

SANDY: Why is that?

JODIE: OK, do you know how you and I get to be “Walked” off leash?

SANDY: Sure…….Mom or Dad puts on the collar and leash and leads us to the road, then they unhitch the leash and off I go.

JODIE: Same here. I get to run free to “take care of business”, run a little and explore a little.

SANDY: Right, and for our Last Out before bedtime, I go out with out a collar or leash. In fact, I’m pretty sure that you do, too.

JODIE: Correct again! Do you notice that Coco ALWAYS goes out with a collar and leash, ALWAYS?

SANDY: Now that you mention it, yes. Why is that?

JODIE: The first reason is that without the leash, Coco would make a break for the beach in a heartbeat. This not MAYBE she would head for the beach this is that she MOST DEFINITLTY would head for the beach, and Mom and Dad don’t like to always be washing us off and drying us.

SANDY: OK, I get that, but I often head in the direction of the beach when I’m not on the leash myself.

JODIE: Then what happens?

SANDY: Then Mom or Dad calls me to go up the road and I turn and run up the road.

JODIE: Precisely!! That’s what I do, too. But Coco runs to another voice in her head and once she heads for the beach she is unstoppable. She puts her head down and races like a guided missile around campers, buildings, cars, whatever until she makes a bee line to the water. Then she races in the water and turns toward Mom or Dad or who ever is trying to catch her and she has this look that says “Aha, I made it and you couldn’t stop me, ha, ha.” Of course that tends to rile Mom and Dad because she will absolutely not come back until she is in the water. Now, on land, she may roam ahead a bit in the woods or trail, but when the folks say “Come”, she’ll come back. When water is in the area, she gets a bug up her butt and will only head for the water and nothing, but NOTHING will deter her.

SANDY: So, that’s why Dad’s a little cross with her the last few days?

JODIE: Oh, no! Coco went above and beyond to reach that point.

SANDY: So gimme the rest of the story.

JODIE: Well, only because you asked. We all get taken out several times a day for a pee or a poop. Right?

SANDY: Right!

JODIE: A couple of days ago, Dad walked Coco up the road and decided to try her off the leash, and Coco had a poop.

SANDY: So, that’s what I do every day.

JODIE: Let me explain. When we go out we make a poop. When Dad let Coco off the leash, she immediately went to the side of the road and HAD a poop, as in HAD a cookie, or HAD a snack.

SANDY: Surely you don’t mean that she ate………………

JODIE: That’s exactly what I mean. Now I might have had a bite of that once or twice myself, but NEVER in front of the folks, it grosses them out!

SANDY: Ugh, Ugh, Ugh, It grosses ME out. I’m kind of finicky about what I eat, and I’m gonna keep it  that way.

JODIE: Well, it seems to me that you were not quite as finicky last year at Hacienda Contreras after they got the Burro.

SANDY: As far as I’m concerned, this conversation is OVER!

JODIE: Fine, but it is what it is, like it or not!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

It doesn’t get much better than this!

JODIE: I think that the girls and I have hit the jackpot here in Mexico. Most of you know that we’ve been swimming all over North America, but this place is Dog Heaven.

COCO: Yup, it’s heaven and there sure are a LOT of dogs here. Most of the dogs run free and there are no fights.

SANDY: Well, there is that little black dog that barks at us and the little brown one that bares his teeth………

JODIE: That was when we first got here, but they know us now and we all seem to get along. Some of them have been here a long time and we are new to them. Once we were introduced (sniffed) we all became friends.

SANDY: And the beach here is about as nice as a beach could be…


COCO: And the surf is….is…..fantastico! How do you like that little Mexican flair, fantastico?

JODIE: I think you’re losing it, Coco. If you think about it, we can hear English, Spanish, French, and German spoken by the people here. However, we three and all the other dogs here only speak Woof.

SANDY: Only speak Woof? How can you say that? I understand Mom and Dad when they say “cookie”, or “come”, or especially “supper”. Would we understand them if they spoke one of the other languages? They NEVER say “woof”.

COCO: Sandy has you there, Jodie. You are pretty smart, but sometimes you try to be too smart and you actually look stupid.

JODIE: OK, OK you two. I was trying to slip that one through. The truth is I do understand Mom and Dad, but I don’t understand Nicole, the French lady next door. I also don’t understand Deiter, the German guy two campers away. But I do understand what I’m supposed to. Now lets get back to the beach.


Here we are crashing through the surf!


And this is Jodi body surfing. Can you imagine what she could do on a surfboard?


And what is really great is that we will have at least another month of this. We wish all our friends, Riggs, Patch, Sadie, Tucker, and all the rest could be here with us. There is enough beach here for all of us, and then some. Woof at ya again.

Friday, November 23, 2012

We know it’s been awhile

JODIE: Yes, it HAS been a while since we last posted and it has been VERY difficult for the three of us. After Isla Aguada, where we had a SWELL time, our swimming opportunities just dried up.

COCO: Dried up? Our swimming stopped completely! Our next stop was Progreso, Yucatan. We were in a campground just two blocks from the beach and yet we never got to see the water.

SANDY: That’s not true, Coco. We could see the water from the camper window as we approached the coast.

COCO: Would you like a couple of fat lips? You know what I mean. We never got to the beach to swim and play ball.

SANDY: Heck, Coco, don’t get so insulted. I was only pulling your leg.

JODIE: Oh, I thought you were pulling all four of ‘em.

COCO: Make fun of me if you want, but the truth is that we didn’t get to a beach or lake in a long time. I would languish (like that word?) in the motorhome, pining for a day at the beach. I had to settle for a walk from time to time and that was all.

JODIE: I heard Mom and Dad talking about it. When Dad went into town to get something, Mom took a walk to the beach with Robb and Percilla. She told Dad that the beach was no place to take us because of all the rocks and broken glass. They actually look out for us, you know!

SANDY: Well, I don’t want any cut feet or broken bones. I love the beach, but I don’t want to get hurt.

COCO: Yeah, I know, but I get cabin fever if I spend two much time alone with you two. We spent almost a week in Progreso and never got to swim. Then we went to Chicken Pizza and we didn’t get to go swimming there either, but Mom put on her bathing suit and came home wet.

JODIE: Yes, Coco, I noticed that too and I was waiting for her to take us someplace to swim, but it didn’t happen, Oh, by the way, the place is Chichen Itza. It’s a famous old Mayan ruins.

SANDY: Well, it’s all in the past. We’re camped near Cancun and we’ve been to the beach twice. A couple of days ago and again today.

COCO: Yes, wasn’t it an odd day today? I saw Mom gathering towels and our leashes, and Dad getting our water dish and a cooler. He opened the back of the Jeep and in we went. As he started up the street I KNEW that we were headed for that same beautiful beach.

JODIE: Sure, but your wild, out-of-control, ear shattering whine almost had Dad turn back. That noise is not making it any easier for Dad to take us somewhere.

SANDY: And we didn’t even go to the beach, at least not then. Dad drove into a parking lot near the water, but there was a fence between us and the water. In a little while a man motioned for Dad to drive forward and he DID! Right onto a BOAT. There were other cars and some trucks and some men in uniforms and we waited on the boat for a while.


This is the boat and all those cars are coming off to make room for us. We were heading for Isla Mujeres and the beautiful beaches there! You know how I am about noises, well after a while the whole boat started to tremble and shake, and so did I. I would have liked to be under Dad’s legs, but that wasn’t going to happen.

JODIE: And soon we were at the island. Now, we could see the water and the island is very small, so Dad started driving down one side of the island looking for the beautiful beaches. We didn’t see any as all the land between the road and the water was privately owned by people or hotels or resorts. Dad came to the end of the island and headed up the other coast.

COCO: JOY!!! The waves were breaking as big waves washed to shore. At first there was no place to park and then Dad pulled over and Mom went down to check the water. She said NO!!! Too dangerous for the dogs! Jagged coral rocks that would tear our feet and break our bones.


SANDY: Ooh, the thought of torn feet and broken bones scares me. I’d hate to get hurt on vacation.

COCO: Big deal, you’re afraid of almost everything anyway. But to continue, Dad drove up this coast and all of it was the same, rocks, rocks ,rocks. He got to the north end of the island, but it was not easy. There were a bunch of roads that showed up on his navigation thingy, but we would suddenly come to a dead end. But we got as far as we could and started back done the first coast again. We saw some AWESOME beaches, but they were for people only. Can you imagine? They could have a LOT more fun playing with a dog.

JODIE: Long story,short, we ended up back at  the boat which I believe they call a ferry. It was supposed to have already returned to the mainland, but had been delayed for some reason. Dad turned into the lot and asked an hombre (that’s Mexican for man) if there was still time and he said yes. So we were back on the ferry and having another ocean voyage.

COCO: Here comes the good part. When we got off the boat, Dad didn’t turn to go back to the campground, but turned the OTHER way. I was puzzled at first because we were a bit forlorn at not going to a beach, but soon I recognized the road.

SANDY: Yes, she certainly did, and she started again with the whines and squeaks of a mad dog .  If there was another dog on or near the road, Coco would raise such a ruckus!!! Mom and Dad were becoming angry and Jodie and I were becoming deaf. When she gets into that mind set, she is OUT OF CONTROL!

JODIE: In spite of Coco’s lunacy, we got to the beach OK, and we did have a marvelous time.






So, you can see that we were having a marvelous time. Finally we were worn out, me more than the other two. We went back to the camper and got an after ocean bath and were towel dried. After we had supper, we were three zonked girls. I think that the dry spell for swimming is over as I think our route in the foreseeable future is down the coast staying at ocean front campgrounds.

SANDY: I think you’re right. We should be seeing more frequent swimming, but Coco is in hyper mode at the beach and she gets sore in her back end, so if we have a busy day, like today, we probably will not be visiting a beach tomorrow.

JODIE: That suits me just fine. I’m not a spring puppy anymore.

SANDY: Well, I’m the mother of nine, so I’m not a spring puppy either!

COCO: Ugh…….wimps!


Monday, November 12, 2012

More and more of the same

COCO: Yup, same ole, same ole, different day. It’s getting so…………..

JODIE: What in the world are you having Dad write now? Same ole? What same ole?

COCO: Well, you know, we ride and ride and then were walked and walked and then more ride. It gets old after a while.

JODIE: Are you nuts? Has someone been slipping something in with your cookies? Sandy, do you hear the line of bull Coco is trying to pass by Dad?

SANDY: Yes, I heard her, but I thought she was having Dad write down some fictional story that she thought up. It SURE hasn’t been the same ole, same ole. The rides the last few days have been bumpy with some areas of sheer terror. That’s when I was trying to hide under Dad’s legs.

JODIE: I can agree with you on that. Mexico has some of the worst roads we’ve ever been on, but you can’t hide under Dad’s legs, He’s driving. What if he needed to hit the brakes and you were in the way? Did you happen to look out and see the cliffs that we were near? Brrr! No way I would interfere with the driver.

SANDY: Yes, but that was only part of what Coco had in mind. Certainly she’s can’t be thinking same ole, same ole when were camped 20 feet from a beautiful beach that we have to ourselves.

COCO: Private beach…phooey!  Where’s the surf?. It’s not much of a beach without surf. Last year we stayed at TWO campgrounds by the ocean. OK, we weren’t 20 feet from the water, but when we got to the water we had SURF, beautiful surf, surf to run into, surf to chase sticks in, surf that breaks over my head. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.


JODIE: The picture above doesn’t show a dog pining for the fun of surf. She’s kicking up a wake, chasing the ball.

COCO: I was just making the best of a ho-hum situation. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

SANDY: I do believe that you are a little addled. You were enjoying yourself as much as we were. Oh, I like the surf, too, but I’ve had a grand time at this beach. I get to roll on my back and wiggle back and forth getting  the coarse sand well into my coat. It sure feels good, though Mom has a hard time getting it all out when we’re washed.

JODIE: You younger girls may not have noticed, but there has been a male around here the last couple of nights. I’ve noticed and even Dad noticed. I smelled a male! Dad complained that some male had “marked all the tires on the Jeep and motorhome”.

SANDY: So, we’re had two days in a row at the beach with no riding in between and you’re complaining.

COCO: OK, sometimes I just like the attention. Can we drop it now?

JODIE: OK, we’ll drop it. I’m just going to have Dad add a few pictures.





That’s all until later. Dad says this can’t actually go out until we have the internet again. What does that mean?

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Barkin’ at ya from Cholula

SANDY: I thought I’d start this blog from a place that’s supposed to be a small city in Mexico. It may be a small city here, but it’s HUGE compared to Inverness. The folks have been doin’ a bit of sight seein’, but I’m not sure what they’ve actually seen. There have been no foreign objects brought back to the camper.

COCO: We have been three lucky pooches in the campgrounds that the folks have found. We are in a campground that is like a central courtyard with buildings and walls all around it. The only way in is through a gate and it’s closed at night. The best part is that we can spend so much time here off leash and get to play a lot of fetch, and we all love that!


This us the back part of the campground. LOTS of room to play fetch.

JODIE: I have to agree that we’ve been having a great time. Most of the campgrounds have allowed us to run off leash. Do you have any idea how hard it is to play fetch with a leash on? If it’s Mom, it’s not too bad and I can drag her right along, but chubby old Dad is an anchor!

COCO: Oh, come on! We never play fetch while we are on a leash.

JODIE: Hold your Frisbee, Coco. it was only a joke.

COCO: It didn’t sound like a joke to me!!!

SANDY: You guys don’t think I’m too bright, but I knew it was a joke. Ha Ha Just the thought of dragging Dad around makes me laugh.

COCO: Well, brain of the pack, you were not with us one time in Canada when Dad walked me and Jodie on the leashes. We saw a long eared bunny and both of us took off like a flash, pulling Dad behind us until he fell. Then without him dragging us down, we really tore after that rascally rabbit.

JODIE: Oh, we took after that rabbit all right. He just made fools of us. He zigged and zagged through the woods until you got all tangled up in the trees.

COCO: Yeah, I remember. It’s a good thing the collar slipped over my head, or I’d still be in the wood yelping my tail off.

SANDY: So you guys had some cool adventures before I joined the pack.

JODIE: THAT is a fact, Sandy, and we’re still having adventures. Remember last year in Mexico when we spent so much time at the beach? Or the trip last summer when we went to Massachusetts and swam in the ponds there? How about DOG BEACH in Pensacola? Together, the three of us always seem to have a great time.

COCO: Except that when we play fetch, Sandy always gets the first two balls because she has such a BIG mouth.


Here’s the picture to prove it.

JODIE: Actually Coco, at home in the pool you OFTEN have two balls in your mouth and then you have one more along the side of the pool trying to make it three.

COCO: What can I say? I’m good!


Here we are playing the fetchin’ game the way it should be played.


And here’s Mom trying to pry the second ball out of Sandy’s throat.

SANDY: Not my throat, stupid, my mouth! Mom INSISTS on taking the two balls at one time, but I can keep one in my mouth and still fetch another.

JODIE: Actually, Sandy, you DO kind of hog the balls. Just because you’re younger and faster than we are and you have such a BIG mouth, you try to do all of the fetchin’

COCO: Yeah, but Mom’s cool. She throws one ball one way and while Sandy is chasing that one she throws another the other way just for me.

JODIE: Well, what about me?

COCO: I really didn’t want to go there, but what you do is fetch ONE ball and keep it in your mouth. Then, as I try to fetch you keep bumping my side trying to keep me from getting the ball’

JODIE: That’s because I don’t really like to play fetch, I like to play keep-away and I want you to try to get the ball away from me, like we do with sticks.

SANDY: Seems to me that we’ve got to play the game we’re given. If it’s chasing balls in a yard, then it’s fetch. If we’re all going after one stick in the surf, then its keep-away.

JODIE: For a dumb blond, that was a most intelligent statement. I think we’ll end on that note.

WOOFS to all from Las Tres Perras en Mexico

Saturday, October 27, 2012

We’re on the Road Again!!!

COCO: Yup, it’s true. We’ve been on the road over a week now and all is still going well. We were in some nice campgrounds and we NEVER raised a ruckus.

JODIE: You and Sandy seem to have a good time, but I don’t like riding that far. I don’t even like long drives in the car.

COCO: I’d think that you’d be used to it by now. You’ve been to Alaska, Newfoundland/Labrador, Florida Keys. and the Pacific shore of Mexico. How bad can it be??

JODIE: Oh, I LOVED all those places, I just don’t like driving there. We had a ball in all those places, swimming in new waters and enjoying a whole range of new smells. I could smell animals that I can’t even recognize.

SANDY: What’s that about Alaska, and those other places? I only know about the dog park in Palm Bay, Florida and the trip to Mexico last year.

COCO: Well, that was all before you came into the pack, Sandy. The fact is that Jodie and I have been EVERYWHERE!!!! We’ve snagged fowl things off the plains of Yellowstone National Park and dried stinky fish off the shores of Labrador. Heck, we’ve rolled in things you haven’t even seen.

JODIE: Oh, yeah! Coco, remember that fish camp in Prince Edward Island, where we found the rotten fish?

COCO: Of course, that was one of my greatest triumphs. It wasn’t all fun though. I remember being tied to a picnic table outside until they could heat water to wash us with. I never shivered so much.

JODIE: Yeah, about as much as Sandy shivers when she hears fireworks or loud noises.

SANDY: I’m just sensitive. You don’t know where I came from and how frightening loud noises were.

JODIE: Oh…..boo …hoo.

SANDY: Laugh if you want, both of you, but I am what I am. And what about you Jodie, panting like crazy all the time were on the road. You weren’t complaining or laughing when I was trying to calm you down yesterday.



JODIE: I’m sorry, Sandy, you’re right and I thank you for helping me out during the trip yesterday. I just couldn’t handle another day of riding. At least we’ve been in the same spot two days in a row, and that feels good.

COCO: OK, is this cuddle fest over?? Remember, we’ll be on the road again tomorrow, so don’t get too comfortable.

JODIE: I feel well rested now. I can take another days ride. Beside I heard that there is a possibility of spending two, three, or possibly more days at the next stop.

SANDY: Then we’re ready to roll.

JODIE: I guess that’s all for now, but now that we’re actually doing something we should have more to write. WOOF TO ALL.


Friday, September 21, 2012

We’re Back!!

JODIE:Hello all! Jodie here finally getting a chance to update our blog. Dad moans and groans about helping us with our blog, but it doesn’t hold water with me. He has PLENTY of time to do his crossword puzzles and computer games. He spends HOURS checking weather, Facebook, emails, and other peoples’ blogs, yet he complains that he’s TIRED. Bah!!!

COCO: I’m with you, Jodie. I got to him last month only because I looked so bad and he had to humor me.

SANDY: In fact, Jodie and I never got to comment about your……..er…..condition. We couldn’t even make fun of you wearing that blue lamp shade.

COCO: You’re pushing your luck, dopey.

JODIE: No fighting between us, we have a lot to talk about so lets not squabble. First, much of the summer at home has been spent in the pool and it has been grand!!! You know we all love the water and will get in the pool every chance we get. Unfortunately, Coco has had her share of woes, actually, more than her share and when she can’t go in the pool, we can’t either. So it hurts me to see Coco in such distress, but more so because we can’t go in the pool either. In fact, yesterday and today, Dad spent his time covering the pool for the winter. September 21st and the pool is covered for the winter, how fair is that.

SANDY: I think Dad’s reason is that since Coco can’t use the pool we shouldn’t as it would only torment her. Besides, he and Mom are gearing up for another trip south of the border.

JODIE: I know, I know. So, Coco, how are you doing?

COCO: This has been a miserable summer for me. I LOVE the water and I am the MOST water loving dog in the family. I run, I swim, I dive, I  fetch off the bottom and I’m the ONLY one who can do that. Come to think of it, that may be part of my problem. Since my head is sometimes four feet underwater, I constantly get water in my ears. Then when I come up, I shake my head VERY vigorously to get the water out. I think that’s how I originally got that fat ear flap. Mom says a blood vessel burst and filled my ear with fluid. You guys know I was at the Vets for an operation, but I don’t remember much. They took me in and gave me a shot. Later I woke up a little dizzy with my ear shaved and sewn together. What’s with that? Then I come home and Dad put that damn lamp shade on my head. Try as I might, I couldn’t scratch that itch.

SANDY: That’s why you wear the lamp shade. If you can’t scratch, you can’t make it worse.

COCO: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You should try wearing that darn thing. I try to squeeze through as place and I get caught. I try to sniff something as I run across the yard and I about hang myself. AND…..NO SWIMMING!!!!!

JODIE: So what happened after that. We were in the pool for a while.

COCO: Well it goes back to the same problem. Dive in the water, shake my head, break some blood vessels and it’s back to the Vet. This time he wrapped my ear so it looked like I had a sausage sticking out of my head.


SANDY: To be honest, Coco, you were kind of funny to look at. We, or at least I couldn’t help but snicker and if it bothered you, then I’m sorry. It was still funny, though.

COCO: The sausage wrap wasn’t the end, though. When Mom unwrapped the bandage, the ear was puffing up again. So it was BACK to the Vets…..AGAIN! I got shots…AGAIN. I went to sleep….AGAIN. And this time, when I woke up, my head was wrapped in bandages. Not just my ear, but my WHOLE HEAD!!! Then I come home and Dad gets me again with the lamp shade.



SANDY: Golly, you look like you had a fight with a pit bull and came out on the losing end.

JODIE: OK, OK, enough. Coco has had a tough time of it and I certainly don’t envy her, except that I see Dad  slip her an extra cookie from time to time, but we have more  news. We have a guest for a couple of weeks. We have another chocolate lab to keep Coco company. Molly, once known as Freckles when she was here a few years ago with her puppies, is visiting and has resumed her position in the pack, sort of. When she was here in 2009, she was #3, but since then, Sandy has become #3 and Sandy wants to make sure that Molly knows that Molly is #4.




MOLLY: May I add a woof or two?

JODIE: Sure, go right ahead.

MOLLY: Fine. I thank you for the hospitality and Sandy has made it plain to me that she is really a permanent pack member and I am only a guest. I enjoy playing with all of you anyway, but find that you are not as……….I’m searching for the right phrase………ACTIVE as I am. You three are more like couch potatoes. I’m used to getting a LOT more exercise and being a LOT more active than you three. Oh, I know that Coco has her problems and I feel bad for her, but you, Jodie, and you, Sandy, should be running more, walking more, chasing more. Oh, I know that I haven’t caught a squirrel either, but I sure get a LOT closer than you two, since Coco isn’t into chasing right now.

JODIE: Well, Molly, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, but I’m in my mid 60s in people years and I enjoy a more laid-back life style. Oh, I make a show of chasing birds and squirrels, but I have no idea what I’d do if I caught one. I like to swim. I LOVE beaches, especially when there are a lot of waves and I can play there for HOURS. The same seems to be true of Sandy and especially Coco when she’s feeling better. I will admit that Sandy has a lot more energy than I do or Coco does, but she is also a LOT younger. We live a comfortable life and hope to continue. There is little competition between us even when we play fetch. When Mom or Dad throws the first ball, Coco and I wait, because Sandy is so fast that she ALWAYS gets the first ball. When the second ball  is thrown we still wait, because big mouth Sandy gets the second ball, too. I take off with the third ball and Coco waits because Coco can’t run as fast as I can. When that fourth ball goes out, Coco gives it all she has to get to it. Unlike me and Sandy, Coco returns the ball to be thrown over and over until Mom or Dad calls it quits. Coco never gives up.

SANDY: Nope, Coco never gives up, but if she runs too much, she’s sore at night. She had a problem with her ears at one end and her hips at the other end, but I’ll tell you what, if someone should drop a cookie or any morsel of food around us, Coco WILL get to it first, GUARANTEED. She may wait her turn with the ball, but it’s always her turn when food is concerned.

COCO: Ha, ha, you guys are funny. I do my best to get to anything edible before anyone else. What can I say, it’s what I do!

JODIE: And I guess that says it all for the rest of us. We live a mellow life with people we cherish and who cherish us. It really doesn’t get any better than that. So long for now. I probably won’t write again until we have something to say.

Woofs to all!!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

They got me again!

COCO: Look at the picture below. It will help explain a lot of what’s been going on.


Yup, that’s me in the lampshade, or what ever they call it. I guess I’ve been having some problem with my ear because when I shook my head, my right ear felt like a pouch swinging back and forth. When we got back from vacation I found myself on a one-way ride to the veterinarian. Hrump!!! Actually, I like Dr. Phillips, he’s kind and he doesn’t hurt me. His nurse took me into a room with Dad and the Doctor checked me out. Was I in for more shots? No! He felt my ears and then he talked to Dad. Shortly after that, they led me out back and Dad went away.

They put me on a table and shaved part of my leg and put a needle in. It just pinched a bit. They were so nice and I was being scratched nicely. Then I got REAL sleepy and the next time I opened my eyes I was in another room. I know it was another room even though I couldn’t see too well as everything was hazy. I tried to stand up or at least I thought about standing up, but nothing worked.

When I was finally able to stand and walk around, they led me out front and Dad was waiting for me. Was I ever glad to see him! I was walking pretty good, but my head was fuzzy and I don’t think I could have run, even if I wanted to, which I didn’t.

Dad took me out side and lifted me in the back of the Jeep and we rode home. Usually, I stand with my head between the front seats, to make sure that Dad knows where to go, but this time I was content to lie down on my bed in the back.

When I got home, everyone was glad to see me! Mom, Jodie, and Sandy were all over me and they were all looking at my ear, Jodie giving it a thorough sniff and a lick or two. Next thing you know, Dad has this blue thing that he wrapped around my head. OK, sometimes my ear itches, but I just can’t reach it with that blue thing on. It looks like I had a fight with a blue lamp shade and the shade won.


I suppose it’s all right. I can eat, drink, and sleep with it on, but I can’t scratch my ears and I guess that’s why I have it on. Now my ear feels a little funny, and I’d like to scratch, but it doesn’t hurt at all. Jodie says that my ear is all sewed up with bright green thread, but I can’t see it so I don’t know for sure. I did have a bandage on my leg when I came home and that was bright green so I suppose they color coordinate at the Vets.

Here’s the worst part, me and the shade are going to be buddies for THREE  people weeks or twenty-one dog weeks…….AND….there will be no pool until the shade comes off . Jodie and Sandy were very supportive at first and happy that they weren’t wearing a shade. However, when they found out that there would be NO POOL for anyone for three weeks they were not so happy. Of course they now blame me.

That’s our plight for now, but I’ll keep you posted if there is a change.

Regards and  a woof,


Monday, July 30, 2012

Another day at Dog Beach


JODIE: Coco and I were discussing our day at the dog park and compared it to other days at other dog parks. The only one that can compare is Dog Beach in San Diego. Is it just a coincidence that San Diego and Pensacola are Navy towns? We don’t think so!


COCO: It really doesn’t matter because we have a good time anyway. Throw a ball and we’ll fetch. We’ll play with all the dogs and have a sniffing good time.


Sandy: Well, I had a good time. Having Keaton and Kyle throw the ball is a good thing. Dad’s arm isn’t what it used to be and I like a good swim to get the ball. Heck, if it’s too close to shore any dog can get it.



COCO:  You guys see me with the K’s out on the raft? I swam out myself when I saw them and got on all by myself! I gave them a ball and they’d throw it and I’d swim and fetch. Then I’d swim back and do it all over again. It’s a bit hard getting up on the raft, but I  did it.





SANDY: Well, I think we all ahd a great time and the bath and the toweling was a bonus. When we got home, I was ready for the sack.


COCO: Me, too!


JODIE: The problem with you Coco, is that you do too much at one time. You should take it a little easier.


COCO: What do you mean, take it easier??? I’m fine!!


JODIE:  You say you’re fine, but after such a hectic day, you can’t jump up on the bed. You sit there and whimper until Dad comes over and helps you up. Isn’t that a problem?


COCO: Well, Dad has to help Sandy up, too.


JODIE: Sandy can jump higher than I can, she just doesn’t know it and she’s afraid. Have you seen how fast she can jump up there when there’s a thunder storm?


SANDY: Who’s afraid?


COCO: Oh, come on!!!! When it thunders, you shake like a leaf while Jodi and I just chill out in bad.


JODIE: Leave her alone, Coco. We don’t know what she’s been through before she came to live with us. She is easy to live with and gives us no problems. I think we’re lucky to have Sandy with us.


SANDY: Thanks, Jodie. I don’t know why loud noises bother me but they do. And, I know I don’t have the devil-may-care attitude of Coco because I’m more of a lady and Coco is more of a bulldozer running amok.


COCO: What does she mean, Jodie?


JODIE: Don’t worry about it, Coco. It’s over your head. Lets just say that we’ve been having a good time on this vacation and soon we’ll be heading home to the pool.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

We’re Back !!!


JODIE: Hello folks and fellow quadrupeds (DOGS). We finally have something to report as news. I know that we haven't posted much lately, but there has been nothing out of the ordinary. Today I had to wait until Dad came back from visiting Wifi. I guess he was supposed to meet Wifi at “Peg Leg Pete’s”, but Wifi wasn’t there. Then he tried to meet Wifi at a McDonald’s, but Wifi wasn’t there either. He finally found Wifi at another McDonalds. Coco and I were chatting and we wonder who Wifi is and if Mom knows about it.

COCO: I don’t know anything at all about Wifi. The fact is that I know very little about very much that is human. This is what I hear all day, woof, woof, woof, COOKIE, woof, woof, woof, woof, RIDE, woof, woof, woof, woof, SUPPER, woof, woof. I think you get the idea. I’d like to tell you about the last few days, because that’s where we have the news. A few days ago, we made another road trip in the motorhome. it wasn’t too bad as it was only a day and not a very long day at that.

JODIE: Speak for yourself Coco! I don’t like even a short ride in that bus.

COCO: OK, I’m not talking for you. Did you have nay problems with the ride, Sandy?

SANDY: No, I didn’t mind the ride. They stop from time to time and walk us. We have water and treats, and get scratched whenever we get near Mom or Dad. In fact, this was a very good trip because we also had Keaton and Kyle with us, so we got even more attention. As a matter of fact, I remember seeing Jodie cuddled up on the sofa with Kyle.

JODIE: OK! OK! I suppose you’re both right. The ride is a lot easier when I have someone to cuddle with.

COCO: Fine. We were riding to the campground and we passed over some big lakes or something.


Of course I was delighted ‘cause I knew we were heading for a beach. Swimming!!! OH BOY!!! As we continued, I saw even more water and I could smell the ocean.


Then we stopped and Dad went into a building near a campground. When he came out, He told Mom that there was no place where the dogs could go in the water. I thought, rats, another vacation cooped up in the motorhome.

SANDY: Huh??? We went swimming yesterday.

JODIE: Well, Dad went off yesterday to look up “dog parks” on his computer and found the Bayview Dog Beach, where we went yesterday.

COCO: Yes, we went to the Dog Beach and had a GRAND time.






COCO: Did you notice how Sandy completely dominated the ball fetching? When someone would throw a ball for their dog, Sandy would out swim the dog and get the ball. She wouldn’t even let the puppies get the ball.


SANDY: Heh, Heh!!! I was like a shark out there! Oh, if only Riggs were there with us. He would have had a great time.




JODIE: But you have to admit that a lot of those puppies were so cute, and that brown one had a lot of pizzazz! He gave his best, trying to get the ball and he didn’t hesitate to put his head underwater to find something.

SANDY:  Oh, I agree, and if you look at the picture above, you’ll see I didn’t even try to get that ball that time.


COCO: You faker!!! You weren’t in that picture because you were busy steeling another ball from another dog.!!!!


SANDY: Uh….I NEVER stole a ball from a dog, NEVER. I DO beat them to the ball and get it before they can.


JODIE: I think we’ve had enough of the ball argument. On to something else. Did either of you notice that Kyle and Keaton seemed to be having a good time? And, did either of you see the little dog that jumped up where Mom was sitting and shook water all over her? Then Dad laughed and the little dog ran over and jumped on Dad, soaking his pants while the water dripped into his shoes. It was a riot!


COCO: I didn’t see that.

SANDY: Neither did I.





JODIE: Well, I REALLY enjoyed our day at the beach. Then mom washed us off on one of the wash platforms. Dad walked me out and tied me to a railing in the shade of a tree. Then he got the Jeep and drove over to me with towels and dried me off. He left the Jeep running so it was nice and cool when I jumped in. Also, since he moved the Jeep into the shade, I didn’t have to walk across any hot pavement.

COCO: Yup, me and the young chick got the same royal treatment.

SANDY: Young chick….? YOUNG CHICK…?

COCO: Yup, young chick. You ARE the young chick. Jodie is the old Hen, and I’m just about perfect.

JODIE: This has gone far enough, but I’ll remember your comment, Coco. Now it’s time to end this for today. If we chat too long, our typist is less likely to help us again soon. So, from the three princesses from Inverness, Fl, So long and Happy Tails to You

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We’re still here!

JODIE: Yes, we are still here, It’s just that our blog person has been having a heck of a time with the changes in the blogging system and he has had little patience with our demands.

COCO: Well, it’s not like he had been avoiding us. We still play in the pool almost every day.

SANDY: And we still play fetch and he even takes us for a ride in the car from time to time, if it’s not too hot.


COCO: As  you can plainly see, I’m still enjoying MYSELF in the pool. Dad still comes out and tosses my toys in the water so I can fetch, especially underwater. Plus, he tosses the ball for Sandy and plays tug with you, Jodie.

JODIE: Oh, I’m not complaining, I’m just explaining why no one has heard from us in a while. We’re busy and having fun, but we’re also taking life a little easy in the hot Florida weather.

SANDY: Did we ever post anything while we were up north?

JODIE: Yes we did, but Dad wasn’t able to include any pictures and he was getting mad. Here’s a picture of us running free at Wompatuck State Park. That was when Dad was still letting us run free.


SANDY: You know that Dad still let me run free even when he had you two on the leashes the last week because you found some deep mud someplace and he had to give the two of you a bath…TWICE! I was such a neat, well behaved girl that Dad unclipped my leash so he could concentrate on you two.

JODIE: Well…..I think you’ve said enough for today, Sandy. Do you have anything to add, Coco?

COCO:  No, I think enough has been said for today. Someday I’ll report on the mischief that Sandy gets into, but for today I’ll just say “Bye” from the girls of Inverness.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We's been swimmin'

SANDY: Today we got a special surprise as Dad took us swimming. This was my first time swimming in this area and it was a bit different that anything I've done in the past. I swim in the pool and the surf. This was a pond. There were no steps and there were no waves, and it wasn't so much fun.

JODIE: I know that you may be disappointed, and to be honest, it was a bit of a let down for me, too. I mean.......no ball to fetch. No waves!

COCO: I knew where we were when Dad turned off the paved road. Didn't you hear me whining? I just knew that the pond was just around the corner. There was a lot of noise coming from over the hill, just beyond the pond and that was distracting.

SANDY: Yes, there were a lot of big yellow machines moving back and forth and eating big bites of dirt. If Dad wasn't right there, I would have been SO scared.

COCO: The best of the day was yet to come. When we got home, Dad gave us our supper and took us for a walk in the woods. Silly Dad attached bells to our collars so he could hear us in the woods. Surprise on him, the bells are not too loud and the wind in the trees made it difficult for him to hear.

JODIE: He was keeping a close eye on us, though, not letting us get too far away. It was lucky for us that Mom called him on the cell phone. He got distracted for only a moment and we were GONE!!!

SANDY: Well, I didn't go. I stayed close to Dad. You two try to get me into trouble and I would rather keep on Dad's good side. He was a bit mad at you two for finding that mud hole yesterday.

COCO: Yes, he was! He was even MORE tweaked when we found the mud hole again today. Two baths in two days, is that great or what.

JODIE: You know what REALLY gets Dad? When we come back all smelly and black with mud and we have the look of two deliriously happy dogs. I mean if we looked guilty or contrite he might not get so mad, but the look of sheer glee on our faces drives him to distraction.

SANDY: Well, I'm having a good time having Dad to myself. You notice that after today's bath, you two were tied out to dry off. Who do you think was getting the attention and cookie while you were out? Me!!! And I love it!!!

JODIE: You know, Sandy may have a point. Dad was pretty mad today and I think that maybe two days of mud in a row are two much. If we don't play our cards right we may find ourselves on the leash again.

COCO:  Never going to happen. Lets face it. Dad has gotten too old and too lazy to walk us on the leash, so as long as we're here and we are allowed to go off leash we will.

JODIE: I don't know, Coco. At most campgrounds we are walked on the leash and Dad could decide at any time that he would rather walk us on the leash than give us each a bath later.

COCO: Could he really do that?

SANDY: Well girls, if you'e talking about how lazy Dad is,and I AM NOT SAYING THAT, then it might be more work bathing and drying you two than walking with us.

COCO: OK, I'm not saying I will or won't go back to the mud hole. Whatever moves me at the time.

JODIE: I think I'll try a little harder to be good. Why ruin a good thing?

SANDY: You two can do what ever you want. Go mudding, I don't care. I'll be inside with Dad being scratched and eating cookies. I think that says enough.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Woe is me!!! Woe is me!!!

COCO:  Woe is me! We were all having a great time, swimming in the pool every day and then just like tha.......just like tha.......just like tha....

JODIE: Are you having some kind of a problem Old Nutty One?

COCO: Yes, I'm trying to make a point like Dad does when he says "Just like that!" and snaps his fingers.

JODIE: Please don't tell me that that you are trying to make the snap sound.

COCO: Well, of course I am. I want to explain how everything was just fine and just like that (snap) it all changed.

JODIE: Oh, our little Numb One, you are something else. You can't make the snap sound because you don't have the fingers to do it. You can't make a snap sound with your paws, silly goose. Whet's got you going, anyway?

COCO: Can't you see that????? Our pool is covered again!!! No swimming, no diving, no fun.

JODIE: Of course it's covered, we're getting ready to go away again and Dad always covers the pool when we go away.

COCO: Are we going away tomorrow?

JODIE: I'm not sure. Sandy, do you know?

SANDY: Well, I'm not 100% positive, but I think we'll be leaving in about a week.

JODIE: How did you arrive at that?

SANDY: A few days ago I saw Dad counting our cans of food. He left a few on the shelf and took the rest to the motorhome. When he wasn't looking I looked at what was left and if I counted right it will last us until next Thursday.

COCO: Wow!! I'm impressed!! I didn't think you were that sneaky.

SANDY: I resent being called "sneaky". I just happen to be quiet and unobtrusive. And.....I am VERY observant. I pick up a lot of good information by watching Mom, Dad, and the two of you.

JODIE: Such as?????

SANDY: Ok, such as you, Jodie. Don'y you think I haven't noticed how you lie beside Dad when he's on the computer and keep your eyes on him? Then, as he turns to rise, you roll over on your back wagging your tail, begging for a belly rub.

JODIE: So???

SANDY: So....when you're not there I get in your position and when Dad goes to get up I roll over on my back and wag my tail like crazy. I squint my eyes at him and he's a goner. Belly rub supreme.

COCO: Ya, blah, blah, blah. If we're not leaving for a week, why did he cover the pool so soon? Why couldn't he cover the pool the day before or even the night before? That would let us get in every last swim.

SANDY: If you haven't noticed Coocoo....


SANDY: Sorry, a mere slip of the tongue. As I was saying, if you had noticed, Dad has been pretty busy working on the Jeep, the motorhome and the house. In addition, they've been going out a lot, so Dad is doing the best he can to get everything ready. It makes sense to me. I'm excited because I have never been to Massachusetts before.

JODIE: We've been there several times and I think you'll have great time. In the past they have brought us to several lakes to swim and it's a lot different than the pool. We often see fish and ducks and even get to chase geese.

COCO: Well, I'll find something to do until it's time to travel

SANDY: Yes, I know. You'll sit in front of Mom and stare at her until you get a cookie!

JODIE: Ooh, that's what I was going to say! I guess we know Coco too well.

COCO: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You bozos should talk. When I get a cookie, you get a cookie. You get the cookie without begging because I do all the work.

JODIE: When Coco is right, she's right. I'm sorry Coco. Sandy and I are both grateful that you are so diligent in your pursuit of another cookie, bone, or whatever is being put out for us. How about if we just take it ease for the next few days and we'll be on the road. Coco will have her head on the dashboard looking ahead. Sandy, you'll be curled up on a rug sleeping, and as usual, I'll be huffing and puffing in my normal state of travel stress.

SANDY: That works for me. Bye all

COCO:  Yeah, me too. Bye all and woof at ya later.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Life after Riggs

JODIE: Well, Riggs has been gone for over a week and we've wanted to mention him in our blog, but, as usual, it took some doing to get Dad off his butt. Or perhaps I should say get his butt in front of the computer to take our dictation. Today, everything fell into place.

COCO: Are you going to tell our friends how much we miss Riggs?

JODIE: That was the general idea, but we have more to say than just that.

SANDY: I have to admit that it was nice to have such a handsome guy around the pool. At the very beginning I had to snap at him once when he was giving me a lot of attention, but he never bothered me again and turned out to be a real gentleman.

JODIE: You're still suffering from the trauma of getting, knoc.....er...pregnant at your last home. Do not worry, you have been "fixed" so no male will ever be able to that to you again. In addition, I have it on good authority that Riggs has also been "fixed" so he will not be producing any new puppies either.

COCO: We've had so many males pass through here in the last few years that a girl can't be sure.

JODIE: Oh, we can be sure. It doesn't matter about the males because we three beautiful Labs have ALL been "fixed" and WE will not produce more puppies. Another thing, Riggs was not just another dog passing through on his way to a forever home. He is in his forever home with Sam and Donna and he was here for a week. Didn't you enjoy swimming and playing with Riggs?

COCO: Well, my thing is jumping and diving and I rely on a Human to throw my toys in the water. You like to play tug and chase, so you had more fun with Riggs than Sandy or I.

SANDY: I think it was  nice to have such a hunk of male Labrador running around our pool. It gave our pool some class! Besides, he was so gentle that you wouldn't think a guy that big could be so gentle with us girls. He never played rough and he even let Jodie win at Tug.

JODIE: Whoa there, Sandy. What do you mean he LET me win at Tug?

COCO: Get real, Jodie! He out weighs you by thirty pounds. If he wanted, he could tug you from here to the dog pound.

JODIE: Not so! Not so! I can even pull the toys away from Dad and he outweighs me by a ton!

SANDY: Sorry Jodie, but I have to agree with Coco. I've seen you play with Dad, and I'm SURE that he lets you win, then chases you around the pool. It's the only way he and you get any exercise. As for Riggs, if you haven't noticed, he is el primo, heavy with MUSCLE. Her chooses to be a gentleman because he is just a nice guy.

JODIE: I'm shocked, shocked, I say!

COCO: Oh, don't go all dramatic on us. Let's just say that Riggs was being extra nice to an old lady lab and let it go at that.

JODIE: OLD????  OLD????

SANDY: Give it up Jodie. You are in dog years what Dad is in people years. And you were calling him The Old Man since I came on the scene, probably earlier. I'm the baby in the family and closer to Riggs' age than either of you. If you look, you will see that, like Riggs, I'm in my prime.

JODIE: I'm old, huh? Well with age comes wisdom. I know who I am and what I can and cannot do. I get along with nearly all people and dogs and I'm generally welcome anywhere. One more thing, I AM THE ALPHA DOG AROUND HERE! And you'd better believe it. Now this conversation is over.

COCO: But....


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Welcoming Riggs!!!

JODIE: Hello all! We have a visitor this week and we've been looking forward to seeing him again for quite some time.

COCO: Yeah, but he can't dive.

JODIE: Coco, please shut your cookie trap for a little while. We'll get to the swimming later.

COCO: But he can't dive!

JODIE: Coco, HUSH!!!  Now, I'll continue. We met Riggs a couple of years ago on our way back from Alaska and spent an afternoon with him at a dog park in Missouri. I guess he wasn't fully grown back then because he has grown a LOT bigger since then. You will notice that he is a very handsome specimen.

Riggs, the wonder dog! Running around the pool with his favorite toy.

SANDY: I didn't know Riggs until he showed up on Friday. There was a lot of sniffing and such and we all got along pretty well, but I had to snap at him once when he was over doing the sniffing thing. That can be such a problem with males, but he got the message and we coexist in peace.

COCO: Still.....he can NOT dive!

JODIE: Coco, you can be a real pain in the butt!!! OK, lets address Riggs as a water dog. First of all, he has never seen a swimming pool until Friday and he's used to a pond where the water gradually gets deeper. Second, the water in the pond is not as clear as the pool, so he can't see how deep it is. Third, although he can't dive, (and you are the ONLY one who can), he can swim circles around you.

COCO: So what, he can swim in circles.........

JODIE: You're getting on my nerves, Coco. That's an expression. It means that he can swim much faster than you can.

SANDY: And he can swim much faster than I can, and I used to be the fastest swimmer in the family. And he's handsome.


JODIE: And, besides Dad, he's the only one who plays Tug with me.

Here's Riggs cruising back to the steps with his toy

JODIE: Here I am trying to tease him into playing Tug with me again

SANDY: I was having fun by myself chasing my favorite ball when Mom would throw it in the pool

COCO: Hey, Riggs!!! This is the way a REAL dog jumps off the side of the pool!! HA HA.

JODIE: My apologies to Riggs and our readers. Coco can be such a ...........well........such a jerk sometimes. Yes, she can jump off the side of the pool and yes she can dive to the SHALLOW end of the pool to retrieve toys. But, she cannot swim as fast as Riggs, she's not as sweet as Sandy, and she certainly is not as smart as I am. Riggs will be here a while longer, so we'll see just how fast he learns. He is much bigger that Sandy, Coco, or me, but he is really a well behaved, mild mannered gentleman and it's nice having him around.