Saturday, October 8, 2011

A note from Jodie

Hello All, Jodie here just to let y'all know that we're all doing well. We don't post to the blog much because we have nothing new to add. Each day we go out in the yard, spend a few hours in the pool, and have our meals. Nothing special.

Rumor has it that this will change at the end of the month. We're supposed to be going to the east coast to spend some time with cousin Mya and her people, who are Dad's kin. We did this last year and had a marvelous time and expect to do so again. Then, we're off to Mexico for several months. Coco and I were in Mexico back in 2008 and had a GRAND time. We were camped right on the beach and Coco and I had a blast in the surf. This will be a new experience for Sandy, but I'm sure she'll adapt to it quickly, as she has everything else.

Sandy would't go in the pool for the longest time until Mom and Dad actually carried her into the water. You wouldn't believe that she's the same dog. She's the first in the pool and she stays in the longest. Coco and I cannot keep up with her on land or in the pool, plus, she has become quite the retriever. It seems like she's always has two tennis balls in her mouth and is trying to fit number three.

OK, I just wanted you to know that we're still out here and most likely add to our blog more often as we have something to bark.

Woof at ya later,