Thursday, May 24, 2012

Woe is me!!! Woe is me!!!

COCO:  Woe is me! We were all having a great time, swimming in the pool every day and then just like tha.......just like tha.......just like tha....

JODIE: Are you having some kind of a problem Old Nutty One?

COCO: Yes, I'm trying to make a point like Dad does when he says "Just like that!" and snaps his fingers.

JODIE: Please don't tell me that that you are trying to make the snap sound.

COCO: Well, of course I am. I want to explain how everything was just fine and just like that (snap) it all changed.

JODIE: Oh, our little Numb One, you are something else. You can't make the snap sound because you don't have the fingers to do it. You can't make a snap sound with your paws, silly goose. Whet's got you going, anyway?

COCO: Can't you see that????? Our pool is covered again!!! No swimming, no diving, no fun.

JODIE: Of course it's covered, we're getting ready to go away again and Dad always covers the pool when we go away.

COCO: Are we going away tomorrow?

JODIE: I'm not sure. Sandy, do you know?

SANDY: Well, I'm not 100% positive, but I think we'll be leaving in about a week.

JODIE: How did you arrive at that?

SANDY: A few days ago I saw Dad counting our cans of food. He left a few on the shelf and took the rest to the motorhome. When he wasn't looking I looked at what was left and if I counted right it will last us until next Thursday.

COCO: Wow!! I'm impressed!! I didn't think you were that sneaky.

SANDY: I resent being called "sneaky". I just happen to be quiet and unobtrusive. And.....I am VERY observant. I pick up a lot of good information by watching Mom, Dad, and the two of you.

JODIE: Such as?????

SANDY: Ok, such as you, Jodie. Don'y you think I haven't noticed how you lie beside Dad when he's on the computer and keep your eyes on him? Then, as he turns to rise, you roll over on your back wagging your tail, begging for a belly rub.

JODIE: So???

SANDY: So....when you're not there I get in your position and when Dad goes to get up I roll over on my back and wag my tail like crazy. I squint my eyes at him and he's a goner. Belly rub supreme.

COCO: Ya, blah, blah, blah. If we're not leaving for a week, why did he cover the pool so soon? Why couldn't he cover the pool the day before or even the night before? That would let us get in every last swim.

SANDY: If you haven't noticed Coocoo....


SANDY: Sorry, a mere slip of the tongue. As I was saying, if you had noticed, Dad has been pretty busy working on the Jeep, the motorhome and the house. In addition, they've been going out a lot, so Dad is doing the best he can to get everything ready. It makes sense to me. I'm excited because I have never been to Massachusetts before.

JODIE: We've been there several times and I think you'll have great time. In the past they have brought us to several lakes to swim and it's a lot different than the pool. We often see fish and ducks and even get to chase geese.

COCO: Well, I'll find something to do until it's time to travel

SANDY: Yes, I know. You'll sit in front of Mom and stare at her until you get a cookie!

JODIE: Ooh, that's what I was going to say! I guess we know Coco too well.

COCO: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You bozos should talk. When I get a cookie, you get a cookie. You get the cookie without begging because I do all the work.

JODIE: When Coco is right, she's right. I'm sorry Coco. Sandy and I are both grateful that you are so diligent in your pursuit of another cookie, bone, or whatever is being put out for us. How about if we just take it ease for the next few days and we'll be on the road. Coco will have her head on the dashboard looking ahead. Sandy, you'll be curled up on a rug sleeping, and as usual, I'll be huffing and puffing in my normal state of travel stress.

SANDY: That works for me. Bye all

COCO:  Yeah, me too. Bye all and woof at ya later.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Life after Riggs

JODIE: Well, Riggs has been gone for over a week and we've wanted to mention him in our blog, but, as usual, it took some doing to get Dad off his butt. Or perhaps I should say get his butt in front of the computer to take our dictation. Today, everything fell into place.

COCO: Are you going to tell our friends how much we miss Riggs?

JODIE: That was the general idea, but we have more to say than just that.

SANDY: I have to admit that it was nice to have such a handsome guy around the pool. At the very beginning I had to snap at him once when he was giving me a lot of attention, but he never bothered me again and turned out to be a real gentleman.

JODIE: You're still suffering from the trauma of getting, at your last home. Do not worry, you have been "fixed" so no male will ever be able to that to you again. In addition, I have it on good authority that Riggs has also been "fixed" so he will not be producing any new puppies either.

COCO: We've had so many males pass through here in the last few years that a girl can't be sure.

JODIE: Oh, we can be sure. It doesn't matter about the males because we three beautiful Labs have ALL been "fixed" and WE will not produce more puppies. Another thing, Riggs was not just another dog passing through on his way to a forever home. He is in his forever home with Sam and Donna and he was here for a week. Didn't you enjoy swimming and playing with Riggs?

COCO: Well, my thing is jumping and diving and I rely on a Human to throw my toys in the water. You like to play tug and chase, so you had more fun with Riggs than Sandy or I.

SANDY: I think it was  nice to have such a hunk of male Labrador running around our pool. It gave our pool some class! Besides, he was so gentle that you wouldn't think a guy that big could be so gentle with us girls. He never played rough and he even let Jodie win at Tug.

JODIE: Whoa there, Sandy. What do you mean he LET me win at Tug?

COCO: Get real, Jodie! He out weighs you by thirty pounds. If he wanted, he could tug you from here to the dog pound.

JODIE: Not so! Not so! I can even pull the toys away from Dad and he outweighs me by a ton!

SANDY: Sorry Jodie, but I have to agree with Coco. I've seen you play with Dad, and I'm SURE that he lets you win, then chases you around the pool. It's the only way he and you get any exercise. As for Riggs, if you haven't noticed, he is el primo, heavy with MUSCLE. Her chooses to be a gentleman because he is just a nice guy.

JODIE: I'm shocked, shocked, I say!

COCO: Oh, don't go all dramatic on us. Let's just say that Riggs was being extra nice to an old lady lab and let it go at that.

JODIE: OLD????  OLD????

SANDY: Give it up Jodie. You are in dog years what Dad is in people years. And you were calling him The Old Man since I came on the scene, probably earlier. I'm the baby in the family and closer to Riggs' age than either of you. If you look, you will see that, like Riggs, I'm in my prime.

JODIE: I'm old, huh? Well with age comes wisdom. I know who I am and what I can and cannot do. I get along with nearly all people and dogs and I'm generally welcome anywhere. One more thing, I AM THE ALPHA DOG AROUND HERE! And you'd better believe it. Now this conversation is over.

COCO: But....