Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We's been swimmin'

SANDY: Today we got a special surprise as Dad took us swimming. This was my first time swimming in this area and it was a bit different that anything I've done in the past. I swim in the pool and the surf. This was a pond. There were no steps and there were no waves, and it wasn't so much fun.

JODIE: I know that you may be disappointed, and to be honest, it was a bit of a let down for me, too. I mean.......no ball to fetch. No waves!

COCO: I knew where we were when Dad turned off the paved road. Didn't you hear me whining? I just knew that the pond was just around the corner. There was a lot of noise coming from over the hill, just beyond the pond and that was distracting.

SANDY: Yes, there were a lot of big yellow machines moving back and forth and eating big bites of dirt. If Dad wasn't right there, I would have been SO scared.

COCO: The best of the day was yet to come. When we got home, Dad gave us our supper and took us for a walk in the woods. Silly Dad attached bells to our collars so he could hear us in the woods. Surprise on him, the bells are not too loud and the wind in the trees made it difficult for him to hear.

JODIE: He was keeping a close eye on us, though, not letting us get too far away. It was lucky for us that Mom called him on the cell phone. He got distracted for only a moment and we were GONE!!!

SANDY: Well, I didn't go. I stayed close to Dad. You two try to get me into trouble and I would rather keep on Dad's good side. He was a bit mad at you two for finding that mud hole yesterday.

COCO: Yes, he was! He was even MORE tweaked when we found the mud hole again today. Two baths in two days, is that great or what.

JODIE: You know what REALLY gets Dad? When we come back all smelly and black with mud and we have the look of two deliriously happy dogs. I mean if we looked guilty or contrite he might not get so mad, but the look of sheer glee on our faces drives him to distraction.

SANDY: Well, I'm having a good time having Dad to myself. You notice that after today's bath, you two were tied out to dry off. Who do you think was getting the attention and cookie while you were out? Me!!! And I love it!!!

JODIE: You know, Sandy may have a point. Dad was pretty mad today and I think that maybe two days of mud in a row are two much. If we don't play our cards right we may find ourselves on the leash again.

COCO:  Never going to happen. Lets face it. Dad has gotten too old and too lazy to walk us on the leash, so as long as we're here and we are allowed to go off leash we will.

JODIE: I don't know, Coco. At most campgrounds we are walked on the leash and Dad could decide at any time that he would rather walk us on the leash than give us each a bath later.

COCO: Could he really do that?

SANDY: Well girls, if you'e talking about how lazy Dad is,and I AM NOT SAYING THAT, then it might be more work bathing and drying you two than walking with us.

COCO: OK, I'm not saying I will or won't go back to the mud hole. Whatever moves me at the time.

JODIE: I think I'll try a little harder to be good. Why ruin a good thing?

SANDY: You two can do what ever you want. Go mudding, I don't care. I'll be inside with Dad being scratched and eating cookies. I think that says enough.