Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You should have seen the look on their faces!

Hi, Jodie here and I want to tell you what happened today. I'm a pretty good Labrador Retriever. No, I'm a GREAT Labrador Retriever. However, I have one vice that drives the folks crazy. I like to roll in what they feel is awful, stinky stuff. Well, I'm not too fond of his after shave or her perfume, either. Nothing smells quite as good as a well-rotted squirrel carcass. After supper I went outside to wander the yard and I found a delightful spot and rolled. Coming into the house I didn't get ten feet in before Mom noticed my new scent. Actually, I never get to wear a scent very long and I was SUMMONED to the laundry room for a bath. This is nothing new and I've been in here dozens of times. In fact, if I can find that spot tomorrow, I may be back to the laundry room tomorrow, too.

The folks have a double set tub that Dad took the middle from years before I came here. It was so they could wash a couple of Labs that were before my time. The sink sits to the right of the washer and dryer. Usually, Dad picks me up and puts me in the sink. Tonight, Mom said that I would have to be put in the sink and before they could react, I jumped up on the dryer and then stepped down into the sink. The folks were flabbergasted!!!!

Now, some dogs may think of a bath as punishment, but consider the facts. I'm a Lab, so water is my element. Mom runs warm water over me and scrubs me with a shampoo that really doesn't smell TOO bad. She works the suds into my coat and massages my fur. Then she rinses me off with more warm water, still running her fingers through my fur. When she is finished, Dad takes me out of the tub and dries me down with the air hose, and does THAT feel good. Finally, he uses a few big fluffy towels to dry me off. That means more rubbing. Gosh, a doggie spa couldn't be any better. I think I remember where that carcass is located. Going through this again tomorrow would be pretty nice, especially if it's cold out.

Sandy is about at the end of her heart worm treatment and is starting to go out with me and Coco. The folks don't let her run too much, so that limits what Coco and I can do. We like to play ball, but we really get into it and it's a rough work out and the folks won't do it while Sandy is out with us. That's OK, the pack still gets to run around the woods out back and check out what animals have been passing through.

That's about all for now.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

We're back!

Well, I'm back. I don't know about Coco and Sandy. It has been awhile, but our "scribe" has been very busy and it was impossible to get his attention. Things around here are almost the same with the major change being Sandy. She has been undergoing treatment for heart worm and it has affected me and Coco more than we would have thought. Sandy cannot be involved in any running, heavy exercise, or horseplay. I guess Mom thinks that it should apply to me and Coco too, as we haven't been in the pool in eons.

Another thing is that our "puppy machine" is ready to go again. Mom refers to it as being in "heat", but I'll tell you, it's driving me crazy. She keeps making these goo goo eyes at me and acting as if I was a male that would take advantage of the situation. I'm female. I'm spayed, and if she makes goo goo eyes at me one more time I'm going to bite her.

Jodie may be hassled by the new attention she's getting from Sandy, but the folks and I think it's a riot!! Sandy will prance over to Jodie and strut her stuff in Jodie's face. Then she'll offer herself to Jodie and Jodie just sits there and growls. Sandy will perk up her ears and move a very short distance away and start all over again.

I'm glad that you're enjoying it, Coco. Dad finally took down the gate and let me on his bed. Then he shut the gate to keep Sandy out. If she were doing the goo goo eyes at you, see what you'd do.

Face it Jodie, she's after you because you are more the "masculine " type.

You are playing with fire, Coco. You keep this up and I'll be putting the big bite on both of you.

Are you two talking about me? I can't help what's happening to me. The last time this happened I was living in that place with all the other dogs and I sure got a lot of attention. Now, I'm hot, I'm cold, I tingle, or I hurt. Mom says it's my hormones, whatever that is. She also says to hold on, it won't last too long, and then it should never happen again as I will be "tutored" early next month.

This hasn't been an easy time for me either. Before this session of "heat", I've been restricted to the leash since the start of heart worm treatment. Do you know how much I want to join you two when you run out in the yard. You two get to go out on your own and then I'm leashed and slowly walked out back to do my business. It's down right degrading!

Well, as I understand it you've got about three more weeks before you're spayed, then a couple of weeks to heal before your ready to rock and roll. So, five more weeks and it'll be the three musketeers again.

One for all and all for one! ....... At least until supper time.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm Home!! I'm Home!!

Sandy here, again. I kind of got a scare yesterday when Mom took me to the vets. Actually, I didn't get the scare going to the vet, as I've been there several times already and they treat me oh so well. What scared me was that Mom went away and left me there. I thought "Oh, NO!!! here we go again. I got a shot yesterday and another this morning. I was fed both days and I was walked. I really was treated very well, but when I wasn't the center of attention, I was placed in a crate. Again, I'm used to a crate, but at home where I can see Mom and Dad and go in and out when ever I want. At the vets, when I was in the crate, the door was shut! Locked in like a rabid raccoon!

Late this afternoon an aid came and got me and took me out front and there was Mom and Dad. I never wagged so hard in all my life. Of course they gave me a lot of attention. After all, I'm so cute that they could hardly help it. I wanted to see Jodie and Coco too, but they weren't there. However, they were waiting for me at home and we had a REAL friendly reunion.

The important thing is that I feel GREAT!! The heart worm problem, whatever that is, should be behind me. I don't know what that means as I feel really super and I'm full of energy. I can't wait until I can go outside off-leash and really tear around the yard. Since I got here, I was able to EASILY out run Jodie and Coco. When I'm allowed off the leash, I will DAZZLE them with my speed and energy.

OK, just wanted to keep y'all in the loop.