Sunday, December 4, 2011

Another day at the Recycle Resort

JODIE: Hello again, we've been trying to keep up with the blog, but we're having a problem with Dad. Most of you know that we rely on him to do the typing and he has been in a foul mood as far as the computer and internet are concerned. He CLAIMS that the wifi that was supposed to be available at this campground doesn't exist. Problems with the equipment made the owner suspend internet connections for this year. Therefore, Dad got some kind of stick that goes in the laptop to access the internet.

COCO: And very shortly after he gets on the internet he curses and shuts the computer down. So It's been hard to pin him down. Our only problem, though, is with the computer/internet service. We are all still having a ball down here.

SANDY: So true. I got to really like swimming in the pool, but I had never seen the ocean. We have good surfing every day and today was particularly neat as there is a strong wind making even bigger waves. Running in and out of the surf is so cool. Below is a picture of the three of us chasing a stick in the surf. You might notice that as Jodie and Coco are in the surf, looking for the stick, I already have it and am making my way back to Mom.

JODIE: Yup, Sandy got the jump on us that time, but each time a stick is thrown it's anybody's game. I have to admit, though, that I am no longer willing to put in the amount of effort that the younger girls can. Pacing myself works for me so I may not always play as hard, I always play as long as the other two. Below is a picture of the three of us having a great time.

SANDY: Another great thing is that after the swim, Mom and Dad bring us back to the camper and wash all the salt water and sand off and towel us down. Mom does the washing with the hose, then Dad takes over and dries us very well using a lot of fluffy towels. He does it briskly and it sure feels great. A swim, a wash, and a massage....a dogs life isn't so bad!

JODIE: There is a reason why we referred to this as the Recycle Resort is because all the dogs here have been recycled. Every one of them is a shelter dog. The park host, Bryan, has Asker, a purebred Mexican Multibreed. Next is Marilyn and her pooch, Shelty, for Shelter dog. Next would be the three of us. Further down toward the beach is Taylore and her dog Sierra. Then there is Chica, more about her later.

COCO: Did you mention Pirate and the white dog?

JODIE: I will, I will. Pirate, we believe, is a local dog. He doesn't seem to belong to anyone but he has attached himself to a guy further down the park. Pirate looks like a full blooded Rottweiler, but you'd never know it from his disposition. He is so quiet and gentle that the people here are amazed at his temperament. He is often in the company of another local dog we call the white dog because he is white but so shy no one ever gets near him. We see him in the distance and then he has gone.

SANDY: Now I will fill you in on Chica. Marilyn, our neighbor to the left, takes Shelty for a walk every morning. She has a route that she takes, out to the road, a path to the beach, along the beach, and then back to the campground. A few days ago, on her walk, Marilyn noticed a puppy caught in some wood on the beach. The situation was that the puppy would not have survived an incoming tide, so Marilyn took her home. The puppy had no tail, nothing at all. Marilyn was going to take the puppy to a shelter in Mazatlan, but was able to find a home for her with another camper, Chantelle. A visit to a local vet let them know that the puppy was in excellent health and the lack of a tail was not due to it being cut off. This particular breed has no tail. We have some pictures below.

This is Shelty, Marilyn's trusty friend.

And...Sierra, loyal pet of Taylore.

And this little cutie is Chica.

JODIE: There is one more story I want to tell. A year or so ago, when Taylore was down here. One of the locals had left for a vacation of 19 days and left his dog tied outside. Someone was supposed to take care of the dog, but the care was insufficient at best and cruel at worst. Taylore simple went over and took possession of the dog, cared for it for a while and gave it to a good home. When the owner came back, she went over to him and told him what she did and paid the guy for his dog. These are the kind of people that Coco, Sandy, and I have met in Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida. We are having a GREAT time because some people went out of their way to care. It's nice to be surrounded by more of them down here. That's all for me.

COCO: I don't have much to add but agree with Jodie. We have met some of the nicest people down here. They are not from the US, but British Columbia.

SANDY: That's true, but they all woof in English, except for Chica who still yips in Spanish.