Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our Little friends

Coco took the reins yesterday and wrote the whole blog, so now it's my turn. Actually, I have a better relationship with Sandy than Coco alludes to, but I'm just naturally more reserved. We all get along great and I will miss Sandy when she gets adopted.

The folks get a lot of calls and emails in regard to the Lab /Golden pups, but no one is giving the other pups much attention. Oh, they get plenty of attention around here, but there is no one contacting us about adopting them. It makes me sad because they are every bit as cute as the Labs.

So, if anyone can help find homes for these precious puppies, you can write to me at Below is a slide show of them.

Thanks for looking,


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Coco and Jodie and Sandy, Oh My!

Coco here trying to make some headway on a blog. I've been trying to post something for a few days now, but it is SO hard to get the big guy moving sometimes. Tonight I caught him at the computer and I'm in his way if he were to get up. A girl has do do what a girl has to do.

I'm still having a grand time with Sandy and we seem to be so much alike. Don't get me wrong. Jodie and I are a team, but sometimes Jodie can be kind of aloof, even to me. I also think she resents the fun Sandy and I have without her.

Here I just picked this toy off the bottom.

I'm still the champion swimmer and diver in the family. Jodie will go in the water, but she won't dive. I guess she's afraid to get her ears wet. Sandy walks around the pool and seems to enjoy our company, but she sure avoids the water. She will try to play with a toy from time to time.

Sandy just chillin' by the pool.

I've got my eye on the tug rope, Jodie.

And NOW I've got it, Ha, Ha.

The puppies are still here in the house. They go to such extremes to be cute that it nearly gags me. Look at this Bozo below, sitting in the dish. What's so great about that? Mom and dad thought it was just so cute! Bah!! Let me be 100% honest with you. The magic of having the puppies here is getting old. There is a saying that company and fish both smell after three days. Well, I don't know about fish or company, but these pups are starting to smell. It wasn't too bad when they were on milk, but now that they're on solid food, phew! I don't find the picture below to be "cute". It's a pathetic attempt to get attention. heck, I could sit in a dish......except that we don't have one big enough.

I KNOW I'm a cutie!

So thats my tale for today. I hope that Jodie will take over the next time, though there is not much new to tell. We swim, run, eat, sleep, and beg for cookies. Same thing tomorrow, and the next day, and.......



Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beautiful weather and a great day in the pool

It was a great day to be a dog here in Florida. They talk about the "dog days of August" but those days are really too hot. Of course, the pool makes up for it, Today Coco, Sandy and I got the chance to spend some quality time playing in and around the pool.

Here I have a ball while Sandy is keeping her eye on Coco.

Sandy, here. Yes, I'm having a good time playing with Coco and Jodie, but the pool is NOT my thing. I'll grab a ball or another toy and run around the patio, but into the pool? NO!!! Which is not to say that I don't get wet. You can't play around water with these two and not get wet. They come out of the pool soaked and run up to me and shake. So, I don't get in the pool, but I get a shower anyway.

Yup, I'm the Queen of the pool, and while I'm chasing the ball in the water, Jodie and Sandy are doing laps around the patio. Heaven forbid that they should get too wet.

Here I am following Coco around the pool. She can fetch two balls at a time and I've seen her try for three. She has a BIG mouth, but the third one just doesn't get in there. It's nice being outside with my pals and away from the pups for a little while at least. I know what's waiting for me when I go back inside. It won't be much longer, though. Their teeth are really coming and I'm not going to be chewed on, if you get my drift.

Here we are just chilling out. Shortly after this picture was taken Sandy had to go in to feed the pups. I never had pups, and when I see what they do to Sandy, I'm so glad. That much abused from the little ones is just too much!!

Jodie and I stayed out quite a while longer and played in the water and relaxed in the sun. Finally we got hosed down and dried. The only down side to this whole thing is that as we are being dried, they put something wet in our ears. Jodie and I both hate it. We know it's coming after each time in the pool, but using the pool is so much fun that we will put up with it.

That's all for now, Coco, Jodie, and Sandy signing off for now.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hello Folks, let me introduce myself. I'm Sandy and I'm hijacking Jodie and Coco's blog today. This is me:

As you can see, I'm a good looking Labrador / Golden Retriever girl. I've had some rough days in the past, but I'm having a heck of a time here with the Tempestas and Jodie and Coco.

Here I am coming back from a walk in the trails out back.

This is my main job right now. Having nine hungry puppies who have to be fed all too often. Some of them are so nice, but I have a couple who attack like piranhas.

There was a little spat between me and Jodie a couple of days ago. It was partly my fault and partly Jodie's. She was laying near the couch and I went over to say "Hi". She growled at me and I pounced on her. She shouldn't have growled and I shouldn't have over reacted. You see, I came from a home where there were so many dogs and if you let a growl go unchallenged, you quickly become the dog that they all pick on. So my actions were based on my previous experiences. Jodie is really a dear and we get along fine. Jodie and Coco go in the pool almost every day and I get to join them. I mean, I get to go out in the pool area with them. Coco is like a fish, the way she swims and chases a ball in the pool. Also the way she brings back toys from the bottom of the pool. Jodie likes to swim, too, but I don't think she likes to get her head wet. Me??? Well I like going out there and running around the pool with a toy in my mouth. I have NO interest in actually going in the water. In fact, my first bath here was a bit traumatic as I have never had a bath like that before. I had another bath a couple of days ago and I have to admit that it was much better. Jodie was telling me about the towel rubdown after and she was right. Aaaahh, a long rubdown with fresh towels is very nice.

Here we are just playing around on the patio.

So, all in all I'm having a great time here. I've only been here but I sure feel like I'm part of the pack. When we go out several times a day, the three of us dash out to the back yard together. A few days ago I saw a woman walking down the street. This was a stranger and I dashed down to the street and gave her an awful time. Jodie came with me and the two of us really terrified the lady. I guess it was a mistake because Jodie got into a lot of trouble over it. Mom and Pop told me "No" and I guess I know what that means. No barking at people in the street and no running out to the street. I can live with that.

I'm told that I will be her for about another 4 or 5 weeks. I'm not sure if I can hijack this blog again, but you can always reach me through Jodie and Coco.

Bye, All.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A little friction on the home front.

Hi Riggs, Annie, et al. Coco here still playing second fiddle to a batch of puppies. Oh, they are the cutest things you've ever seen, but they DO get almost all the attention. Originally, Jodie and I thought that we'd still get our share, but I don't think it's true. Moreover, there was a skirmish between Sandy and Jodie yesterday and it scared me to no end. See, most of the time, Jodie is a real mellow yellow lab. Most of the time. But sometimes she just wants to be left alone. When she's in one of those moods, if I get near her she growls. If one of the folks gets near her she growls. The folks ignore her and scratch her belly and Jodie just mellows out. Well, Sandy approached Jodie and Jodie growled. Next thing I know it's a real dog fight with Mom in the middle trying to break it up. It only lasted a few seconds and I didn't see much because I was running for a bedroom. Jodie went to her bed and in a few moments Mom was in there with some clear liquid and a cotton ball to wash off two places where Sandy drew blood. I've been a bit leery about being around the two of them or between the two of them, but it seems to be a one time spat and they run around together as before.

I have to admit that Sandy is one heck of a scrapper. Perhaps it's because she came from a home with so many dogs that she had to protect herself. Now, I don't think I'm unreasonable and I'm usually very easy to get along with, but when I'm tired, I'M TIRED!!! I don't want to play, I don't want to get licked. I just want to be left alone. So when Sandy approached, I let out just a little growl to let her know that she should leave me alone. I never dreamed that she would attack me. She's smaller than I am, but golly is she fast. At any rate, it's over now and we're friends again. The folks didn't seem to give it a lot of thought as they are so busy with the nine wee ones.

Yeah, well Jodie and Sandy got in trouble again this morning, but not with each other. We were just going outside to do business when a young woman came running down the street. Sandy, who has been very quiet for the most part, raced down the yard barking like crazy. She ran right down the driveway, crossing the place that bites. Being the good girl that I am, I just sat down near the garage. Jodie also ran for the street, but she ran through the woods to get there. Apparently Jodie thinks that there is no bite in the woods, but she is wrong and she will learn. The poor woman was terrified and the folks were very irate. The two yellow dogs were harshly scolded and Jodie got double. Of course, I didn't get in any trouble, but I kept out of the way anyway.

Even as I was running for the street I knew it was wrong, but with Sandy ahead of me, I just went for it. I know that there is a point in the driveway that bites me, but I think that there is a way through the woods that allows me to get to the street with out getting zapped.

Jodie, you are supposed to be the smart one here, but you are a fool if you think that you won't get zapped in the woods. I notice that you are wearing that special collar again and I promise you that if you wander through the woods near the road, you will get a good bite. I know I found just where I can go and where I can't.

What can I say? Us Labs have a special need to get into mischief once in a while.....right, Riggs?

Right now, I feel like the smart one in the family, so you can say "Good night" Jodie.

OK, I'll play the role......Goodnight Jodie.

Over and out, Folks.

Friday, September 3, 2010

We had a great day at the pool.

What a great day we had today!! Jodie, Sandy and I had the pool to play in this afternoon. Plus, Dad got some nice pictures of me and he got some pictures of Sandy and Jodie, too. Here I am leaping so gracefully into the pool to fetch a tennis ball.

And this is the splash down. I love this so much! When they don't toss the ball for me, I will sometimes drop the ball in the pool and let it float away, then I'll leap gracefully into the pool and fetch the ball.

Here I am bringing the ball back. Do you notice the fine form I display in my swimming?

Of course you can see that Coco is full of............pool water. She does jump in the pool and she seems to like it. I choose to go down the steps gracefully, like a lady. I'm secure enough that I don't have to put on a garish display. You'll notice Sandy in the pictures. She ran around the pool with us and ran outside with us, but she wouldn't go in the. We feel that Sandy is not 100% Lab, but has some Golden Retriever in her genes. She is SUPER nice, but it seems that if she doesn't swim, she can't be a Lab.

Here we are again. I'm playing Tug with Mom. Coco is waiting for a ball to be thrown in the pool and Sandy is standing by.

I'm so fast that this picture came out a little blurry, but you can see the determination on my face. You know that I MEAN to get the ball before anyone else.

Another fantastic swimming picture. I'm practically an otter.

Here we all are gathered around Mom. We were pretty pooped by the time we were done. Coco and I had a busy day in the pool and running around. Sandy had a busy time feeding the pups. She seems a little tired, but she has great spirit.

We hope that Riggs notices that there is plenty of room for one more, or twenty more for that matter.

G'bye all.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Puppy Love!

It has been a few days now since Sandy and her puppies came into the house and I can see that Coco has taken to them. Oh, she will claim that she has no interest, but when no one is watching she sits in front of their enclosure and just gazes at them. Also, Sandy has become one of the pack. She goes out to the woods with us and she chases sticks. At first, she would not come out of the pen, and would ALWAYS stay between us and the pups.

How could any dog not love a puppy? Yes, I sit and watch them. They are just so cute! Besides, all my worries about losing out on attention and treats was for nothing.

I don't know why you run off at the mouth without giving any thought. Do you feel insecure?

Insecure??? I'm the one who sleeps in Dad's room. Why would I feel insecure?

Well, just two days ago you were raving about the new dogs getting all the affection and cookies.

I guess I wasn't thinking. When I remember how it was with Molly, I feel much better. We got the chance to play with Molly and even got to play with the puppies when they got bigger.

How do you feel now, about having more dogs in the house?

The more the merrier! It really was fun when Molly was here and having Sandy now gives me someone else to play with. Sometimes you can be a stick in the mud, Jodie. Sandy is much younger and seems more playful.

You'll see how playful I am the next time we are in the woods where the folks can't see. I just may chase you and bite your tail.

Like you could catch me in the woods. Ha!

OK, tease me and see what happens.

I tremble.