Monday, July 30, 2012

Another day at Dog Beach


JODIE: Coco and I were discussing our day at the dog park and compared it to other days at other dog parks. The only one that can compare is Dog Beach in San Diego. Is it just a coincidence that San Diego and Pensacola are Navy towns? We don’t think so!


COCO: It really doesn’t matter because we have a good time anyway. Throw a ball and we’ll fetch. We’ll play with all the dogs and have a sniffing good time.


Sandy: Well, I had a good time. Having Keaton and Kyle throw the ball is a good thing. Dad’s arm isn’t what it used to be and I like a good swim to get the ball. Heck, if it’s too close to shore any dog can get it.



COCO:  You guys see me with the K’s out on the raft? I swam out myself when I saw them and got on all by myself! I gave them a ball and they’d throw it and I’d swim and fetch. Then I’d swim back and do it all over again. It’s a bit hard getting up on the raft, but I  did it.





SANDY: Well, I think we all ahd a great time and the bath and the toweling was a bonus. When we got home, I was ready for the sack.


COCO: Me, too!


JODIE: The problem with you Coco, is that you do too much at one time. You should take it a little easier.


COCO: What do you mean, take it easier??? I’m fine!!


JODIE:  You say you’re fine, but after such a hectic day, you can’t jump up on the bed. You sit there and whimper until Dad comes over and helps you up. Isn’t that a problem?


COCO: Well, Dad has to help Sandy up, too.


JODIE: Sandy can jump higher than I can, she just doesn’t know it and she’s afraid. Have you seen how fast she can jump up there when there’s a thunder storm?


SANDY: Who’s afraid?


COCO: Oh, come on!!!! When it thunders, you shake like a leaf while Jodi and I just chill out in bad.


JODIE: Leave her alone, Coco. We don’t know what she’s been through before she came to live with us. She is easy to live with and gives us no problems. I think we’re lucky to have Sandy with us.


SANDY: Thanks, Jodie. I don’t know why loud noises bother me but they do. And, I know I don’t have the devil-may-care attitude of Coco because I’m more of a lady and Coco is more of a bulldozer running amok.


COCO: What does she mean, Jodie?


JODIE: Don’t worry about it, Coco. It’s over your head. Lets just say that we’ve been having a good time on this vacation and soon we’ll be heading home to the pool.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

We’re Back !!!


JODIE: Hello folks and fellow quadrupeds (DOGS). We finally have something to report as news. I know that we haven't posted much lately, but there has been nothing out of the ordinary. Today I had to wait until Dad came back from visiting Wifi. I guess he was supposed to meet Wifi at “Peg Leg Pete’s”, but Wifi wasn’t there. Then he tried to meet Wifi at a McDonald’s, but Wifi wasn’t there either. He finally found Wifi at another McDonalds. Coco and I were chatting and we wonder who Wifi is and if Mom knows about it.

COCO: I don’t know anything at all about Wifi. The fact is that I know very little about very much that is human. This is what I hear all day, woof, woof, woof, COOKIE, woof, woof, woof, woof, RIDE, woof, woof, woof, woof, SUPPER, woof, woof. I think you get the idea. I’d like to tell you about the last few days, because that’s where we have the news. A few days ago, we made another road trip in the motorhome. it wasn’t too bad as it was only a day and not a very long day at that.

JODIE: Speak for yourself Coco! I don’t like even a short ride in that bus.

COCO: OK, I’m not talking for you. Did you have nay problems with the ride, Sandy?

SANDY: No, I didn’t mind the ride. They stop from time to time and walk us. We have water and treats, and get scratched whenever we get near Mom or Dad. In fact, this was a very good trip because we also had Keaton and Kyle with us, so we got even more attention. As a matter of fact, I remember seeing Jodie cuddled up on the sofa with Kyle.

JODIE: OK! OK! I suppose you’re both right. The ride is a lot easier when I have someone to cuddle with.

COCO: Fine. We were riding to the campground and we passed over some big lakes or something.


Of course I was delighted ‘cause I knew we were heading for a beach. Swimming!!! OH BOY!!! As we continued, I saw even more water and I could smell the ocean.


Then we stopped and Dad went into a building near a campground. When he came out, He told Mom that there was no place where the dogs could go in the water. I thought, rats, another vacation cooped up in the motorhome.

SANDY: Huh??? We went swimming yesterday.

JODIE: Well, Dad went off yesterday to look up “dog parks” on his computer and found the Bayview Dog Beach, where we went yesterday.

COCO: Yes, we went to the Dog Beach and had a GRAND time.






COCO: Did you notice how Sandy completely dominated the ball fetching? When someone would throw a ball for their dog, Sandy would out swim the dog and get the ball. She wouldn’t even let the puppies get the ball.


SANDY: Heh, Heh!!! I was like a shark out there! Oh, if only Riggs were there with us. He would have had a great time.




JODIE: But you have to admit that a lot of those puppies were so cute, and that brown one had a lot of pizzazz! He gave his best, trying to get the ball and he didn’t hesitate to put his head underwater to find something.

SANDY:  Oh, I agree, and if you look at the picture above, you’ll see I didn’t even try to get that ball that time.


COCO: You faker!!! You weren’t in that picture because you were busy steeling another ball from another dog.!!!!


SANDY: Uh….I NEVER stole a ball from a dog, NEVER. I DO beat them to the ball and get it before they can.


JODIE: I think we’ve had enough of the ball argument. On to something else. Did either of you notice that Kyle and Keaton seemed to be having a good time? And, did either of you see the little dog that jumped up where Mom was sitting and shook water all over her? Then Dad laughed and the little dog ran over and jumped on Dad, soaking his pants while the water dripped into his shoes. It was a riot!


COCO: I didn’t see that.

SANDY: Neither did I.





JODIE: Well, I REALLY enjoyed our day at the beach. Then mom washed us off on one of the wash platforms. Dad walked me out and tied me to a railing in the shade of a tree. Then he got the Jeep and drove over to me with towels and dried me off. He left the Jeep running so it was nice and cool when I jumped in. Also, since he moved the Jeep into the shade, I didn’t have to walk across any hot pavement.

COCO: Yup, me and the young chick got the same royal treatment.

SANDY: Young chick….? YOUNG CHICK…?

COCO: Yup, young chick. You ARE the young chick. Jodie is the old Hen, and I’m just about perfect.

JODIE: This has gone far enough, but I’ll remember your comment, Coco. Now it’s time to end this for today. If we chat too long, our typist is less likely to help us again soon. So, from the three princesses from Inverness, Fl, So long and Happy Tails to You

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We’re still here!

JODIE: Yes, we are still here, It’s just that our blog person has been having a heck of a time with the changes in the blogging system and he has had little patience with our demands.

COCO: Well, it’s not like he had been avoiding us. We still play in the pool almost every day.

SANDY: And we still play fetch and he even takes us for a ride in the car from time to time, if it’s not too hot.


COCO: As  you can plainly see, I’m still enjoying MYSELF in the pool. Dad still comes out and tosses my toys in the water so I can fetch, especially underwater. Plus, he tosses the ball for Sandy and plays tug with you, Jodie.

JODIE: Oh, I’m not complaining, I’m just explaining why no one has heard from us in a while. We’re busy and having fun, but we’re also taking life a little easy in the hot Florida weather.

SANDY: Did we ever post anything while we were up north?

JODIE: Yes we did, but Dad wasn’t able to include any pictures and he was getting mad. Here’s a picture of us running free at Wompatuck State Park. That was when Dad was still letting us run free.


SANDY: You know that Dad still let me run free even when he had you two on the leashes the last week because you found some deep mud someplace and he had to give the two of you a bath…TWICE! I was such a neat, well behaved girl that Dad unclipped my leash so he could concentrate on you two.

JODIE: Well…..I think you’ve said enough for today, Sandy. Do you have anything to add, Coco?

COCO:  No, I think enough has been said for today. Someday I’ll report on the mischief that Sandy gets into, but for today I’ll just say “Bye” from the girls of Inverness.