Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How am I doing now, Jodie?

SANDY: Well, Mistress Jodie, how did I do today?

JODIE: You are making remarkable progress, Grasshopper. I am very much pleased with your progress, but there are still a few fine points that you must master.

SANDY: What do you wish of me, Mistress Jodie?

JODIE: First, would you please cut out that "Mistress Jodie" garbage? That would be an excellent start. next, I'd like to talk to you about your fish carcass grabbing. You did fine locating and grabbing the fish. That was really cool!!! HOWEVER.............taking the fish remains to Dad was not a good idea. Of course he took it away from you and buried it. I think that was the last straw because it was right after that when Dad called an end to beach time.

COCO: Don't worry too much about having Dad catch you. He caught me AND Jodie today, but he only caught each one of us once. They say that there are more fish in the sea, but there are more fish remains on the beach, also. Heh, heh. Dad caught me once, but he missed me the other times. It's so easy when there are three of us. He can't see what we're all doing so a quick snatch and gulp and he never has any idea what's going on. So don't give up. If he catches you, play up to him and pretend to be ashamed. Then, when he turns the other way, grab some more fish.

JODIE: Coco can be a little, but she's right. Dad is only doing what he has to do and we are doing the same. You've got to make the most of this time because the time at the beach will not last very long. Besides, this is an unusual beach because the local fishermen clean their catches right near here. Some beached are completely clean of fish and then you have to settle for the ends of hot dogs and dirty sandwiches. The bottom line, Sandy, is that you are making GREAT progress. When you start to get into trouble it takes some of the pressure off me and Coco.

SANDY: Thanks for the advice girls. I'll keep it in mind and try to do better tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


SANDY: I know that I was whining a bit as we crossed the country, but it really did seem like we were going to be driving forever. We have finally arrived at the first destination and I am flabbergasted!!!! Jodie and Coco kept telling me that it would be great when we got here, but I didn't quite believe all they told me. It is AWESOME!!!!!!

That's me on the left ! I'm having the greatest time in the surf!!

JODIE: She is really enthusiastic in the above picture, but don't think that she just jumped right in. She did not. She wouldn't even be swimming in the pool if Mom and Dad hadn't carried her in and taught her how to swim.

COCO: That's correct! When we saw the water, Jodie and I took off like there was no tomorrow and sandy was right behind. Jodie and I CHARGED into the water hoping to swim well out in the Pacific. Sandy followed us right up until she got her feet wet. Then she really put on the brakes.

SANDY: Well, it was beautiful and all, but the waves and the surf caused me a little distress. After all, this was nothing like the pool. Besides, I caught on pretty quick when Dad started to throw sticks for us to fetch.

JODIE: Yes, you did, and to be honest, Sandy, Coco and I have never seen such surf. We have been to beaches from the Florida Keys to Labrador, Mexico to Alaska, and we have never seen such a beach. It goes as far as the eyes can see and the surf was much higher than we have ever seen. I saw the waves break over your head a couple of times and you just kept swimming for the stick. You catch on quick. Of course you have me and Coco to show you the way.

COCO: Another thing in your favor is the water temperature. It's so warm I wouldn't be surprised to see Dad or Mom in the water. That was certainly NOT the situation in Canada or Alaska.

JODIE: There is one area that requires more work on your part. You may have seen me and Coco running madly along the beach, then reach down and snatch something out of the sand. We can do that without breaking stride and it drives the folks nuts. We're picking up pieces of dead fish that have reached the right stage of aging. Fresh fish is no good. Fish that has "aged" too long is only good to roll in. However, with all the fishing that goes on around here, there's a lot of fish that's just right.

COCO: The skill comes in being able to pick up the fish and swallow some without slowing down. That way, Mom and Dad can't take it away from you. It drives them crazy trying to catch you to get the fish away. But, now that I think of it, it's even better when you find a real old carcass to roll in, especially if you've just had a bath. Remember that time in Canada, Jodie?

JODIE: Do I? It was sooooo cold and we were wet but we had found a place where a number of fishermen had cleaned their catch. Mom and Dad tied us out in the cold until they could get the water heater working to give us a bath. When that warm water hit those old fish guts.....uumm, uumm, good, though the folks didn't appreciate it.

SANDY: All that sounds disgusting! I'm a more finicky lady. I'll roll in the sand, but not on a fish. I eat the food the folks provide and I adore cookies, but half rotten fish is a no no.

COCO: Whatever. We're going to be here for a month and we'll see just how much Jodie and I can train you. We'll have you eating crabs and barnacles before we're through.

JODIE: I think that's enough for now. We have more pictures to post, so lets get to it.

There's actually all three of us in this picture. What a ball!!!!

Pooches pow wow around the stick.

Sandy grabbing the big stick by herself.

Coco trying to take the stick from Sandy.

A good sand rub to get the sand down deep in the fur.

Las Tres Perras Bonita a Playa de Celestino.

Sunset comes and we can finally rest. Another wonderful day in paradise.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Catching up with some pictures

JODIE: OK, we're going to try to catch up with our blog. We haven't had pictures for awhile because Dad's computer had some problems. Thankfully, he got it back today and he was able to download some pictures.

This is the pool that we left behind. Usually, when the door opens we dash into the pool. However, we weren't paying attention to what was going on outside. When Dad opened the door we dashed out and............found.........what you see in the picture. What a MAJOR disappointment!!!!

COCO: Here is where Sandy and I ride some of the time. Some of the time I sit up front with my chin on the dash. Sometimes I lie down at Mom's feet. Once in a while I slip in behind Dad's feet, but I'm usually kicked out of there pretty quickly.

SANDY: You can see how Jodie moves down the road. She gets the sofa! I guess rank has it's privileges and Jodie is the ranking dog around here.

JODIE: Coco would have you believe that she stays only on the floor. Don't be fooled. She sleeps on Dad's bed every night and here she's caught on MY sofa. Laying out with her head on the sofa arm. It's a rough life.

SANDY: Here I am trying my paws on the driving. It's a comfortable seat and the view is terrific. Unfortunately, my paws couldn't grip the steering wheel, but the worse thing is that my feet don't get anywhere close to the throttle and brake.

JODIE: So right now we seem to be in a holding pattern somewhere north of Nogales. This is an odd campground, compared to others we have stayed. There are a lot of dogs here and a lot of smells. Some of the dogs roam free and some are walked on a leash. It doesn't seem to matter because nobody picks up after them. There is also a woman walking around here with a big bird on her shoulder. I MEAN BIG!!! And colorful!! Mom said it's some kind of parrot. We can hear him sometimes when we are out for a walk. Well, I guess that does it for now. We'll report again from Mexico.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

We're on the road to Mexico???

SANDY: Yesterday we started this "trip to Mexico", what ever that is supposed to mean. Here's what it means to me. Hours in the motorhome riding over bumpy roads and some traffic. Every couple of hours they stop at some "rest area", but w don't rest. The folks put us on a leash and are expected to "do what we have to do". A big woof!!! I'm used to being let outdoors WITHOUT A LEASH and I walk up in the woods and take care of business. Then we are herded back in the bus and ride for more hours. I don't like it!

COCO: You are just in a snit because first, you just don't like a leash, period. Second, you don't like to poop while on the leash. I guess you want a little privacy.

JODIE: I don't know why you complain so. You walk up to Mom or Dad and get the instant gratification of a pat on the head or the scratch of your belly. You have all the comforts of home, with soft beds all over the place. The folks even took out the recliner to give us and YOU more room. We get our meals, cookies, and even ice cream.

SANDY: You two are brain washed. I want to know when we're going to play ball again. When are we going to go swimming? Where's all the "surf" you talk about?

JODIE: I will be the first to admit that I don't like the long ride, but I do it without whining. I know that the fun at the other end is worth the ride. I also admit that I am under some stress, but when you INSISTED in invading my spot under the table you were asking for it, and you got it. I'm sorry that I d rew blood, but you were being such a bitch.

COCO: Yes, Sandy, you were being a bitch!

JODIE: Wait a second Coco, you were there right in the middle of everything. Were you trying to help me or Sandy?

COCO: I was just trying to get in on some action. The long ride is a bit boring and this was a nice break in the lack of action.

JODIE: I don't know who is worse. Sandy in her immaturity or Coco just being stupid.

SANDY: I'm sorry. I just thought that you looked so comfortable under there that I thought I'd give it a try. I really didn't mean to start a fight.

JODIE: OK, we have to respect each other's boundaries. That's all I'm saying!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We Finally Have Something To Post!!!

JODIE: It has been a long time since we've posted anything and although we have been three busy girls, it has been the same thing every day. How many times can we show you pictures of us in the pool or chasing the ball. Last weekend we all went in the motorhome to the east coast.

SANDY: Yes! It was just a year ago when we went to Palm Bay to visit Dad's brother and his family. The picture you see above is the one taken a year ago. It was just after I finished nursing nine hungry, pulling puppies and I was not nearly in the shape I am now.

How's that for beauty? I'm not quite in the shape I was before I became a Mom, and I don't think I will ever be. I was a very, very young female when I became a Mom, so I'm in great shape, I mean REALLY great shape, but I'm more mature now. Part of the change is my being much more sure of myself and my position in the Tempesta pack.

COCO: She can say that again! She used to be so shy. Well, I guess she still is around strangers, but she is a ball of fire around our house. She and I raise quite a ruckus rough housing in the computer room. Sandy is full of energy and something of a devil, so we enjoy the rough play. That is until Mom or Dad gets nervous and shuts us down. Jodie is older and doesn't like to play as rough as we do.

This is me running around the dog park in Palm Bay on the second day. The first day it really rained, but we'll tell you more of that later.

Here, Jodie is sniffing around the park.

This older girl is Rosie. She may be old, but she played like a much younger dog. Her people were tossing a ball and she would keep fetching it to be thrown again. The Dad-person wouldn't throw the ball anymore because it was too slimy, but Rosie's Mom-person took over and continued to toss the ball. They were very nice people and had at least one more dog with them.

JODIE: Coco mentioned the rain the first day. Actually, except for a short spell on Sunday, it was very rainy and windy all weekend. We went down to the dog park on Saturday and had the whole park to ourselves. As I said, it was rainy and windy and cold. Dad disappeared for awhile and we later found out that he was in the men's room keeping warm under the hand dryer. I could have used a little of that myself. When we got back to the camper, we were each given a very brisk rubdown with warm, dry towels. We each also got a cookie.

SANDY: Something funny is going on around here. Our swimming pool has a big gray cover on it. Dad opened the door to the pool area and Jodie, Coco, and I dashed over to the pool..........only to find this gray thing that keeps us out of the water. Why is that????

COCO: Please excuse Sandy, she's new to a lot of things around here. The gray cover on the pool means that we are going away from here for a while.......a long while. However, it has been my experience that better times are ahead. In the past, when the pool is covered we get to go swimming someplace exotic, like down the Keys, or in Canada, or Alaska, or California, or even Mexico. I hear rumors that we're going to Mexico. At least Mom and Dad are doing a lot of babbling in Spanish.

JODIE: Coco is right again, Sandy. We're heading for a long ride in the motorhome. Oh Joy!!!!

SANDY: Jodie, I thought you didn't like to ride in the motorhome.

JODIE: What was the clue, my panting all the way to Palm Bay and back?

SANDY: Well, yes. But when we got there you seemed to have a good time.

JODIE: Oh, once I get there I have a GREAT time. Wait until you see the ocean, with real waves and beaches that go further than you can see. With seagulls that you can chase and sticks you can find. If we're really lucky, we can find a dead fish to roll in.

COCO: Don't be fooled Sandy. Rolling in the fish is nice for a short while, but it means a long warm bath with that sweet smelling stuff that Mom loves. The fish smell doesn't last long, though I confess that a little of the odor remains long after the bath. We may smell OK to Mom, but us dogs, with our keen sense of smell can still detect a bit of the fish.

SANDY: OK. It all sound like an adventure to me. I guess that's all for now then?

JODIE, COCO, and SANDY Over and Out.