Saturday, June 25, 2011

The News of the Week

JODIE: Hello, all. Just wanted to catch up on all the news that's fit to print. It has been really hot day after day and it's a good thing that we have the pool. You know that Coco and I are in the water all the time, but Sandy doesn't like it too much. On day Sandy was trying to reach a ball in the water and reached out a little too far, thinking that the step extended further than it really did. SPLASH, she was in the water and in half a second she was out again. She didn't even use the steps, she went right up the side! I thought that she would stay further away from the pool, but that's not the case. She has started wading on the top step. It's very shallow, but it is a start.

SANDY: Yes, it was quite a surprise when the step wasn't there. Did you notice that I came up with the ball? And it's true that I walk on the top step. I may not like to swim, but the water is cool on my feet. Besides, I've been watching Coco and I'm playing like she does. I get on the step and drop my ball in the water. Then I watch while the current in the pool takes the ball away. I follow the ball and fetch it when it gets close to the side. later on, I'll do it again.

COCO: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Wait 'til I tell you what happened to me! The folks took me to the vets Wednesday. I usually don't mind and I like the vet that attends to me, Kelly Maxwell.

SANDY: Oh, Kelly! She is sooooo sweet and she's the one that took care of me and all my pups. She was so nice to all of us.

COCO: Yes, Sandy we know all about that, ancient history. If you don't mind I'll finish my story.

SANDY: I was just say............

COCO: Yeah, I know you were just INTERRUPTING!!! Now, where was I...oh yes, at the vets. Well, it seems that I had a problem with something called anal glands. Dr. Kelly and her helper took me into a back room where the folks couldn't see. Dr. K put on rubber gloves and the helper held me down. Then Dr. K did to me that are probably illegal in 20 states. They left me without shred of modesty. Was I happy to get back in the car!

SANDY: Can I speak now?

COCO: Sure, I'm done.

SANDY: OK. Jodie and Coco don't seem to mind thunderstorms. At least they don't get rattled the way I do. When I hear that first loud crack of thunder, I want to run and hide someplace safe. To me, that someplace is Dad's bed. I WILL NOT BE DENIED!!! They tell me no, but I won't listen. They put up gates, but I just mow them down. I guess I've finally gotten my point across as there have been several storms yesterday and today and there are no gates at all. I did have to scratch the bedroom door once, but Dad opened it in a second. I feel safe on the bed, and pretty soon it was also occupied by Jodie, Coco, and Dad, too.

JODIE: There's more to this story, but I think you'll have to read it on Dad's blog. Essentially, the summer is filled with days of running in the woods, playing in the pool, getting dried off (which I REALLY like) eating, sleeping and getting the occasional ice cream. So we really can't complain, but I would prefer to be touring Canada or Alaska and seing some of the cooler parts of this continent.

That's all, from Jodie, the self appointed moderator. Over and out

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Same thing...different day...almost

JODIE: We seem to be in the dog days of summer and here is is only early June. We get in the pool almost every day and I really enjoy it. I don't fetch too much and I don't run around the pool too much, but I have a good time and go in for a swim from time to time. It really takes the edge off the heat and humidity.

COCO: I LOVE to fetch, but I'm not getting all the activity that I like. I want someone to throw the toys over and over and over and I leap from the patio into the pool and bring the toys back so we can do it again. Lately, we are allowed in the pool, but there is no tossing and retrieving.

TYPIST: I have to butt in here to explain our dilemma with Coco. She is all heart and she will not stop chasing the ball. She is relentless and she charges off the edge of the pool each time. At the end of the day she is really hurting due to her hip problems, so we curtail her over exertion.

SANDY: I'm the one who runs around and around. I enjoy my time outside and I really like playing with Jodie and Coco, but I'm not really a water dog. I like to drink cool, clear water and I certainly enjoy a bath, but to jump in the siree!

We had a little excitement last night. You might have heard that the girls of Delta Gamma are not allowed in Dad's room anymore. It's true. Oh, we get in there every once in a while, but not as a rule and we don't sleep there either. Well, last night a thunderstorm came by and the noise was TERRIBLE!!! I'm the new girl in the house, but I wasn't going to wait for Jodie or Coco to take the lead. I charged through the family room and kitchen, knocked down the gate, ran into Dad's room and jumped on his bed. I was quickly joined by Coco and Jodie and in the process we woke Dad up. He told us to get down and go back to our beds, in fact, he insisted. Jodi and Coco got down, but I had my claws embedded in the covers and I was not going to leave. Dad had other ideas and he picked me up and put me on the floor, but I jumped up again. Surprise!! Then he picked me up and carried me to the computer room and placed me in my bed. Coco and Jodie were with me and Dad INSISTED that we stay, so we did.

JODIE: Well, we did until the next boom echoed through the house. I have to hand it to Sandy, she's fast. I was behind her and ahead of Coco, but she just mowed down the fence and lurched against Dad's door. I think she was on the bed before I got to the kitchen. She is usually quite the serene lady, but a loud noise can make that girl MOVE.

COCO: The second time didn't go any better than the first. Again DAD had to carry Sandy back to our room. This time he was huffing and puffing. I think he's getting old or he's out of shape, or Sandy is getting heavy. This time we stayed in the room as the storm had passed What Dad didn't know was that Mom stayed with us for a little bit at the beginning of the storm, but when the noise subsided she went to bed.

SANDY: OK, I'm a bit upset by loud noises. I don't like thunder storms. I don't like people shouting. I don't even like the TV on too loud. I don't like loud motorcycles or trucks. I don't like fireworks or guns. I don't like green eggs and ham........where did that come from? I'm a gentle girl and I like it quiet.

JODIE: There has been some talk of going over to St. Augustine for a few days. Coco and I were there a while back and we really had a great time. I mean really great! The beaches we went to allow dogs off leash, so we could chase seagulls and run in the water. Like I said, there has been some talk, but so far, little action. I shouldn't complain, we have the pool and the woods, but the beach and the seagulls are much better.