Thursday, August 25, 2011

DAD'S BACK ! ! !

COCO: Yo, everybody. Dad has come home!!! We didn't tell anyone that he was going away because we didn't want everyone to know that there would be all us females here with no man to protect us.

JODIE: Some of us were not the least bit perturbed about being here with out Dad. Don't get me wrong, I sure missed him, but I wasn't afraid of being here without him. Last night Mom came home and pulled in the garage. We were used to her coming home alone and were not surprised to see her come in alone again. Then we saw a figure coming up the driveway and WE WENT INTO OVERDRIVE!!!! I mean Coco, Sandy and I charged down to driveway to accost the intruder. We had the hair on our backs up and we were barking like mad dogs. Then we heard Dad call us and we jumped with joy. We literally jumped and jumped and jumped some more. We were so glad to see him.

SANDY: Actually, not much changed when we went away. We were still fed on time. We still got in the pool almost every day. We even got to sleep on his bed. Thinking about it, I had a LOT more room with him not in the bed.

COCO: Well, he IS home and I like it better when he's here, and I did more jumping than anybody.

JODIE: I like it better, too. We could stay on his bed, but we didn't get scratched, and nobody scratches me like Dad.

COCO: I agree! I guess Dad was up visiting relatives, because he brought back pictures of Mya, our cousin in Pembroke, Ma, and a new cousin, Harley, who we've never met. Harley is cousin Tammy's new dog.

JODIE: If I understand correctly, Harley was rescued like the three of us. When Tammy got him, his backside had nearly no hair because he was infested with fleas and was allergic to their bites. With Tammy's care he got rid of the fleas, put on some weight and now is a handsome character.

Harley, a terrier mix, part being a Jack Russell.

He doesn't look too dangerous, but he is an excellent mouser!

JODIE: Yes, we understand that he is one excellent mouser, having one mouse to his credit already. He also a chipmunker, but so far, the chipmunks have eluded him.

This is Mya, a petite Maltese, who always wants her belly scratched.

SANDY: Yes, we understand that Mya is always trying to get Dad to scratch her belly. She's just as bad as Jodie.....and ..Coco.........OK......and me, too. Nothing beats a belly rub.

COCO: Not so! Not so! A cookie beats a belly rub every time.

JODIE: No, not every time.

COCO: Oh, yes indeed!!! Every time a cookie is better than a belly rub.

SANDY: You two live for a cookie. Personally, I'd rather have the belly rub, most of the time.

COCO: Speaking of cookies, it's time for our evening cookie..........I'm out of here!

JODIE: Out of the way, Sandy, too!!!

SANDY: Honestly, those two would sell their tails for something else to eat. I guess that finishes us up for the day. We're still in the pool almost every day and generally staying out of the awesome Florida heat. I'm the new dog on the block and from what I see, life is good. We three will chat with you later.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


SANDY: Holy Mackerel, what a day! Mom let us out of the garage and as I rounded the corner I saw a WHOLE BUNCH OF EAGLES!!!

JODIE: Nope! They were turkeys!

SANDY: I ran after them, and was way ahead of Jodie and Coco, and all the eagles just soared up through the trees.

JODIE: No, Sandy, they were not eagles, they were turkeys!!

SANDY: Well, I think they were eagles!

COCO: Jodie if she wants to believe they were eagles let her. I know they were turkeys, you know they were turkeys, and Mom told Dad they were turkeys. You and I saw real eagles, up close and personal in Alaska, but Sandy never had the chance. If we go back next summer, she will see the eagles and then she'll see the difference.

JODIE: I must be losing my mind, Coco. You are actually making sense.

COCO: Perhaps you've been under stress. I'll continue this blog, if you don't mind.....

JODIE: No, go right ahead.

COCO: Fine. Summer has been continuing along pretty much the same, day after day. We go swimming almost every day. Sandy has become QUITE the water dog. Of course she can't keep up with me, what dog can? I think she swims at least as good as Jodie and spends more time in the water than Jodie does. She will swim to all ends of the pool to retrieve a ball, but she doesn't seem to realize yet that she can't fit three balls in her mouth. She will stay in the corner trying over and over to fit the third ball in, but unless she can swallow one, it will not happen. Also, there is only ONE dog that can swim to the bottom and fetch toys, and that's ME, ME, ME!!! I'm saying that as humbly as I can, but when you're great, you're great.

JODIE: Coco is correct, she is the only one who can retrieve off the bottom. Or at least she is the only one who wants to. She is also the only one who jumps off the side. She's the only one who froths at the mouth to get a ball. She's the only one who wheezes after a while from being over active. Besides, she the one the folks watch and slow things down to keep her from hurting herself. Sandy and I will play a little, then relax. I will just lay down and rest while Sandy goes into a corner and peels the fuzz off the tennis balls.

COCO: Is THAT why the tennis balls are getting bald??? I thought they caught something from Dad.

SANDY: Yeah, I chew on the tennis what?

JODIE: So nothing. If the folks don't reprimand you for destroying the balls, what do I care?

COCO: Back to my blog. As I was saying, we are in the water almost every day, but are quickly taken out and dried when a thunder storm approaches. Jodie and I don't mind the thunder, but Sandy goes bananas. We've had Mom or Dad or sometimes both in the pool some days. That will give you some idea of how hot it is, because DAD, big strong DAD will not go into the water until it's a warm warm as......well, bath water.

JODIE: There is some talk about going to the beach in St. Augustine, but so far it's just talk and we don't seem to be making any progress in setting up the trip. I'd really like to get back to the beach as Coco and I have a great time in the surf and we want to show Sandy how much fun it is. Until later.........Jodie and the other two.