Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Puppies are moving on!

The puppies are almost all gone. Today we have two, but one more will be leaving later today. Not all is lost, however as we still have Sandy and she is so much fun to romp with. We tried to play with the pups, but they don't play fair. I try to run around with them and make sure I don't step on one, but they run underneath me and bite my legs. They get in where I can't see them and then I feel their sharp teeth on my leg. Pretty soon I don't care about playing, I just want to get away.

Here you can see me sparring with the white tornado, though Dad calls him El Diabalo. He's murder all by himself, but when we had the other two it was impossible! You keep one away from your front feet and the others are after your rear legs or your tail. We can call him the white tornado or El Diabalo, but the bunch of them are canine piranhas.

Yes, Coco, I agree. I thought it would be fun to romp with the pups, but they're too much for me also. However, we are getting down to just one pup as the White Monster is leaving today. It seems like only yesterday that we had all nine pups in the pen and they were no trouble for us at all.

Jodie, you and Coco may feel that they were no trouble, but that's because you were not nursing them. That's especially true when they got teeth. I couldn't believe the way they pulled on me when they ate. I thought I'd be dragging my parts on the ground when I walked, but I guess it wasn't quite that bad. I'll probably NEVER get my figure back.

Seeing you with the pups, Sandy, brings out the maternal instinct in me, but when we see how they treat you, we know that motherhood is not for us.

Amen to that you two. I love having them around, as long as they're on one side of the fence and I'm on the other. This afternoon we'll just have Aria. Do you think the three of us can cope with only one pup to play with?

I don't think so Coco. She's tiny and if she gets under foot, she'll bite the heck out of our feet and we can't get at her. Two of us will be safe, but the one she picks on will have legs like hamburger.

You may be right, Jodie. You and Sandy are more agile than I am, so I would be the last one to get away. I'll have to rethink this.

Well Coco and Jodie, should we get ready to greet the people coming to adopt El Diabalo? I feel a rousing howl may make them think twice about having a dog.

No, Sandy, the fewer digs we have around here the more attention we older dogs will get. When all the pups are gone I expect to be showered with attention for awhile.

I'll second that.

You girls may be right. In my last home I shared with sixty dogs and rarely got any individual attention, except for those damn males when I came into heat.

Well, Coco and I were spayed early on, so we know nothing of that problem. We just stay so cute and adorable and get all the attention we want.

I'll second that.

My favorite ploy is to lay beside Dad when he's at the computer. I keep a close eye on him and when he turns his chair to get up, I roll over on my back and he can't help but give me a belly rub. It's either that or he'll trip over me.

I'll second that.

You'll second that. You'll second that. What do you mean ? You don't lie beside his chair and wait for him to turn.

No, I haven't in the past, but it's a good idea which I'll use in the future. How much is enough belly rub............more. Get it? More!!! Ha Ha.

Are you two always like this?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Another day in the pool

We've been having a lot of nice days in the pool. The temperature had gone down some so it's more comfortable outside, but the pool sis always fun, I don't care what the temperature is. Dad spent more time than usual with us and that had some different effects.

Dad and Sandy at play.

Here you can see dad and Sandy playing. Dad was trying to get the ball away from Sandy, but Sandy would have none of that. You know how it is when the playing gets rowdy, something happens and just after this picture was taken Sandy fell into the pool. I think she was shocked, but she didn't even get her head wet and she swims like a fish

I didn't FALL into the pool, I swear I was pushed!!! You won't catch me on the narrow side of the pool with him again. Of course I can swim, but that doesn't mean I like the water. You may have noticed that to date I have not chosen to go into the water on my own.

Well, whether she was pushed or fell, she sure showed us what a swimmer she is. She might actually like the water if she could get in very gradually, like at a pond. I don't mind getting in the water any way I can. Jumping off the side into deep water is no problem,in fact, it gives me a rush. Jodie, on the other paw, will only go in by the steps. She absolutely will not jump off the side.

I've told you before, Coco. I'm a lady, and ladies don't go jumping off the sides like some......barbarian!

A little touchy today? Jodie?

Dad and Jodie playing Tug!

My favorite thing is to play tug with Dad. He'll pull one way and I'll pull another . Then it will slip from his hand and he'll chase me all around the pool. Sometime he thinks he has me cornered, but I'll fake one way and then dash past him on the other side. If he can't catch me for awhile, I'll get close enough for him to grab the tug and we'll do it all again. I'm having a great time and the truth be known, the exercise is good for him.

The exercise is great for you too!

Do you two always argue?

Coco and Jodie swimming laps.

I have to say that I didn't have a pool at my last home, but Jodie and Coco certainly make the most of the one here. They swim and swim, and Coco will retrieve a ball until the water dish freezes over. I have never seen a pooch with such a zest for retrieving in the water.

Sandy, you ain't seen nothing yet. Wait until they drop a few toys in the shallow end of the pool. I pretend that I'm a giant sea otter going deep in the Pacific to nab an urchin or abalone.

Where is the Pacific and what are sea urchins or abalones?

You lead a sheltered life, Sandy.

Ah, ha, I've got the ball!

With all the swimming and tugging and retrieving that goes on you think that Jodie or Coco would have the ball. Nope! patience pays off and when they're not looking, I scored the ball.

Two bathing beauties taking a short break.

Here they are again. They are not really taking a break. Coco is waiting for Mom or dad to throw the ball and shell be off. Jodie waits in the water in the off chance that the ball will be thrown to her. I've only been here a few weeks, but Jodie and Coco are great. I could say that tthey are good friends, but actually, they feel like good sisters.

I guess there will be more later from the girls.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The World of Puppies

Hi Ya'll! Jodie here and yes, I'm going to complain about the puppies. While Sandy has become one of the pack, her offspring have become a pain in the tail. They get ALL the attention, ALL of the time. They poop on the floor and Mom or Pop immediately goes into action picking it up and disposing of it. Can you imagine the trouble I'd be in if I made a mess on the floor?

That's only part of the problem, Jodie. Yes, they get all the attention, but they also get to play with our toys! The stuffed pheasant that Riggs gave us has become a toy for them. They were swarming over it like a swarm of bees, yesterday.

Sandy here. I have to admit that the pups have been a bit of a pain. El Blanco, the big white male howls constantly! He's not happy in the crate, he's not happy in the outside pen, and he's not happy in the inside pen. The only time he is quiet is when he's running free. Fortunately for Momma, most of the time he can't get to me. When he's in any confined area, I'm on the other side and it's a good thing. If he can get to me he wants to latch on for a quick meal, but his fangs are so sharp that I'll have nothing to do with him.

Yesterday he found a way to climb out of the outside pen. I guess it was only a matter of time as he is constantly trying to make his escape. I actually had a nice time playing with him while he was out, but he does have very sharp teeth and claws. He thinks he can run like the wind, but I just trot up beside him and hit him with my paw and he falls over. What a riot!

Jodie and I have run into a little difficulty getting our blog done. Part of the problem is the PUPPIES! Ugh! Part of the problem is that Mom can't help us and we have to rely in Dad to do the typing, and he was away for a few days. You should have seen Mom taking care of all the puppies, Jodie, Sandy, and Me, and taking off for a while to go see Dad. We mature dogs tried our best to make her job easier, but the puppies are as labor intensive as always. Eat, sleep, poop, eat, sleep, poop, eat, poop, sleep, poop, poop, poop. What a mess.

I guess that's enough complaining for now. Just want to give a shout out to Riggs, Annie, and Tucker. Bye for now, Coco.