Sunday, July 31, 2011

More of the same....only different

JODIE: We are into the same routine almost every day. Our major enjoyment is the use of the pool. We used to spend some time playing fetch, but the truth is that Coco's hips are a problem, but she will not ease up on her play. When the ball is thrown, she goes all out to get it and it ends up causing her some pain in the afternoon and evening. So we all play in the pool. Swimming is better for Coco.

COCO: Mom and Dad make too much of my hip problem. It does hurt a little, but I never complain.The main thing is to get the ball, and I usually do.

JODIE: Right, but I wanted to mention some other things that qualify as news. First, we found the Old Man...oops, I mean Dad in the pool. Like this is the second time in ten years that he has been in the pool, except to fix something. He would take Sandy out into the pool and let her swim to the edge of the pool. At first, Sandy would swim to the nearest edge and try to get out of the pool. That's impossible for dogs and chubby people like Dad. Then she learned to swim for the steps.

SANDY: That's right, the water is now a friend of mine.

COCO: Sandy is correct! She has come LONG way in a very short time. At first, she wouldn't get in the water at all. Then Dad and Mom put her on the first step and she became comfortable in six inches of water. It's very hot out and just wetting your feet feels good. She would venture onto the first step on her own from time to time.

SANDY: Then the put me on the second step, with my belly in the water. I was a little scared at first, but as long as my feet touched and my head was out of the water I was fine.

JODIE: Mom and Dad upped the ante even more by taking Sandy into the pool and letting her swim back. She swims very well! However, her swimming was a straight line back to the steps, until yesterday. Yesterday, she would swim toward the steps and then turn around and swim toward the folks again.

COCO: We have noticed that Sandy is getting more and more comfortable with everything around here. She is used to most of the noises and smells around our home and she doesn't seem to get rattled, except for loud thunder. Sandy has been venturing down to the first and second steps on her own, but what really caught me by surprise is that a few times today she pushed off from the steps and swam in a small circle out and back to the steps. She is getting very confident in the water.

SANDY: Well, it's very hot outside and I see you two enjoying the water,so I'm just following your lead. Actually, it's Jodie's lead as she enters the water only at the steps. Coco acts like a maniac, leaping like a darn fool off the side of the pool to chase a ball. I WILL NOT be doing that.

JODIE: So now the whole family is enjoying the pool, even Dad. Sandy started to swim on her own today, stepping off the steps and swimming in a small circle, gaining confidence every day.

SANDY: And, after the pool, we are rinsed off and dried. I was a skittish girl when I first got here and the first time Dad dried me I was scared. He blows off most of the water with an air gun and the air surprised me. Then, the compressor would start and that would scare me. Now I know what to expect and it's like going to a doggy spa. He blows most of the water off and I especially like when he does my back near the tail. Then, he gives me a vigorous rubdown with a towel. After a few hours in the pool and a good drying, Jodie, Coco, and I are down for the count. We get on our beds in the computer room and zone out for a couple of hours.

COCO: But then it's SUPPERTIME!!!!!! I REALLY come alive for suppertime.

JODIE: So as you can see, we're having a pretty good summer in spite of not traveling. Coco and I have been everywhere with the folks from Alaska to Mexico to Labrador to the Florida Keys and we always have a great time. We're looking forward to showing Sandy some of our favorite places on our next trip. Thats' it for now. Bye all!

COCO: Yes, Good bye.

SANDY: I'll chat with you later. So long!