Friday, August 3, 2012

They got me again!

COCO: Look at the picture below. It will help explain a lot of what’s been going on.


Yup, that’s me in the lampshade, or what ever they call it. I guess I’ve been having some problem with my ear because when I shook my head, my right ear felt like a pouch swinging back and forth. When we got back from vacation I found myself on a one-way ride to the veterinarian. Hrump!!! Actually, I like Dr. Phillips, he’s kind and he doesn’t hurt me. His nurse took me into a room with Dad and the Doctor checked me out. Was I in for more shots? No! He felt my ears and then he talked to Dad. Shortly after that, they led me out back and Dad went away.

They put me on a table and shaved part of my leg and put a needle in. It just pinched a bit. They were so nice and I was being scratched nicely. Then I got REAL sleepy and the next time I opened my eyes I was in another room. I know it was another room even though I couldn’t see too well as everything was hazy. I tried to stand up or at least I thought about standing up, but nothing worked.

When I was finally able to stand and walk around, they led me out front and Dad was waiting for me. Was I ever glad to see him! I was walking pretty good, but my head was fuzzy and I don’t think I could have run, even if I wanted to, which I didn’t.

Dad took me out side and lifted me in the back of the Jeep and we rode home. Usually, I stand with my head between the front seats, to make sure that Dad knows where to go, but this time I was content to lie down on my bed in the back.

When I got home, everyone was glad to see me! Mom, Jodie, and Sandy were all over me and they were all looking at my ear, Jodie giving it a thorough sniff and a lick or two. Next thing you know, Dad has this blue thing that he wrapped around my head. OK, sometimes my ear itches, but I just can’t reach it with that blue thing on. It looks like I had a fight with a blue lamp shade and the shade won.


I suppose it’s all right. I can eat, drink, and sleep with it on, but I can’t scratch my ears and I guess that’s why I have it on. Now my ear feels a little funny, and I’d like to scratch, but it doesn’t hurt at all. Jodie says that my ear is all sewed up with bright green thread, but I can’t see it so I don’t know for sure. I did have a bandage on my leg when I came home and that was bright green so I suppose they color coordinate at the Vets.

Here’s the worst part, me and the shade are going to be buddies for THREE  people weeks or twenty-one dog weeks…….AND….there will be no pool until the shade comes off . Jodie and Sandy were very supportive at first and happy that they weren’t wearing a shade. However, when they found out that there would be NO POOL for anyone for three weeks they were not so happy. Of course they now blame me.

That’s our plight for now, but I’ll keep you posted if there is a change.

Regards and  a woof,