Thursday, December 30, 2010

We hate to end the year on a bad note, but.....

OK, I'm the new girl in the house and I have a few gripes concerning the holiday season. I've been living here with Jodie and Coco for several months and they told me about the great time we were going to have around Christmas. They mentioned getting toys and treats wrapped up in fancy paper that they would tear open to enjoy what was inside. THAT WAS A LIE!!

No, Sandy, it wasn't a lie. Coco and I always got some stuff at Christmas that was under the tree. Possibly a toy or two, but always a box of treats of some kind. Isn't that true, Coco?

That's true! I don't know what happened this year, but there was nothing under the tree for us. That's OK, though. What I really miss is Christmas Dinner with all the kids. You see. Sandy, all the adults eat in the dining room and all the little kids eat at a low table in the kitchen. They droop about as much on the floor as they eat, maybe more, and Jodie and I always stayed close to clean up.

I won't admit saying this, but the table is so low and the kids so busy fooling around that it's just so easy to grab a quick bite right off their plate.

Why is it that I only have to hear about the good old days? Did all this change because of me?

No, Sandy, this is the result of changing dynamics in the family. You just came in at the wrong time. Are there any other problems?

I have a gripe! Look at the following two pictures.

Did you notice the outside temperature? 17 degrees. 17 degrees!!!! Here in Florida!!!

Now look at the second picture and you'll see Sadie and Riggs in their winter coats. WINTER COATS!!! DO we have coats???? NO!!! 17 degrees and we have no winter coats!

OK, Coco, I'll admit that it has been cold, but we don't go out for very long and we're back in the house in just a moment or two.

You'd say that, you have an extra layer of hair to keep you warm. I get cold out there. What do you say, Sandy?

Well, last year was a cold winter and I didn't have a coat then either. I only go outside for as long as it takes to do my business and when it's cold, I don't waste any time.

Another problem is that the pool is so cold they won't let me swim! Some people have pool heaters, but do we? NO!!

You're really on a tear now, Coco. Anything else while you're into the ranting and raving?

Yeah, as a mater of fact there is. I've been sleeping on Dad's bed for eons. Just me and Dad. He has his side and I had the rest. It was nice. Then the weather turned cold and suddenly you and Sandy also want to spend the night on Dad's bed. He has most of his side, but I have to share the rest with the two of you. Who gave you two dibs on Dad's bed?

I'm sorry, I didn't know I wasn't allowed on the bed.

Sandy, don't listen to Coco. she has no say as to whether you can go on the bed or not. If Mom says to get off, or if Dad says to get off, then we'd have to get off the bed. Since the people make the rules around here, they are the ones who could forbid us to keep off the bed. I don't know if you've noticed, but just as soon as the folks leave, Coco jumps up in the love seat and lays on her back with her head hanging over the arm. It's as if she's in a coma. BUT, when the garage door starts to open, she's back on the floor so she doesn't get caught. Who does she think she's kidding?

I noticed that, but wondered why she'd get up there when there are so many beds and carpets around.

OK, make fun of me. I get bored. Life would be better if the folks would leave the door to the cookies open. A cookie now and then would sure pass the time and even help stave off the cold.

Yeah, and soon she'd be so fat that she'd never get on the bed or the sofa.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A note from the pack

Jodie here, trying to write something on the blog. The problem is that there has not been a lot going on. Sandy started heat worm treatment a couple of weeks ago and she cannot frolic with me and Coco for a while. Generally, Coco and I go out together and then when we come on Sandy goes out on the leash.

Well, Jodie and I run way out in the back and bark at something that's out there. WE could tell by the smell that it was some kind of cat, but Dad thought it was a coyote. We just can't make Dad understand what we're barking about.

He knows when he catches us barking at Marshmello, the cat across the street, but if he can't see what we see, he hasn't a clue.

I started my shots for heart worm and I have to be kept quiet for a total of eight weeks. All the quiet is driving me crazy, but you have to do what you have to do. The shot wasn't too bad, but they shaved a spot on my backside and it sure looks silly. In another couple of weeks I have to go for two more shots and I understand that they will shave a spot on my other side. I hope it grows back fast.

Well, we miss running around the yard with Sandy, but most of all I miss getting into the pool. Even though Sandy won't jump in the pool, she runs around the deck all the time Jodie and I are swimming. Since she's not allowed to run she can't go out with us and I guess the folks don't want to tease her by letting us in the pool.

We're also up on Riggs and Sadie and know that Riggs must be getting all the attention he missed while Sam was away. WE know that Sam's a real nice guy and Sadie aught to warm up to him very quickly.

I know how Sadie feels. I was very timid when I first came to the Tempesta house, but now I'm one of the pack and get all the attention that Jodie and Coco get. I'm still a bit shy, being timid when friends come over, but once we get to know each other all is well. When Rita and Barb first came over I was shy, but now I know them and I'm sure to get close to get my share of the petting. Rita and Barb are dog people and are not dismayed to have the three of us all over them.

Truth be told, we act as if we are starved for attention, but that's not the case. It's just that a dog has to do what a dog has to do, and if that means being a hog for cookies or attention, so be it.

Has anyone mentioned that Sandy is finding her way to Dad's bed on her own? The other day I went to chill out there and found that Sandy had beat me to it. No problem as there's plenty of room for the three of us AND Dad. If we dumped Dad, we'd have room for two or three more labs or twenty Sadies. Yorkies don't take up much room.

I guess That's all for now. We didn't have any new pictures to add this time, but we'll work on it.

Barks to all!

Friday, December 3, 2010

News from the girls.

There's not a lot going on right now. We've been going out and playing fetch with the tennis balls, but we don't go in the pool when it's so cold. Even a tough Lab like me doesn't like the cold and when I'm ready to come in I bark to come in, and I bark loud. LET ME IN! LET ME IN!!

Being the new girl in town, I haven't had to do anything to come in. When I get to the door, it opens and I'm back in where it's nice and warm. I'm doing much better about getting on the big bed and now join Jodie and Coco there. It's warm and comfortable and Dad is usually there to scratch all of us.

When I want to come in I look through the window next to the door. It's foggy, so I can't see well, but I can see if someone is coming. If I don't see anyone I scratch on the door and pretty soon Mom or Dad opens the door. Like Jodie, I don't care much for the cold weather. Mostly I don't like the cold weather because we don't get to use the pool, but I also don't like the cold weather because I don't have the deep fur that Jodie has.

We've been reading a lot lately about Riggs exploits. Riggs is a big, powerful male Lab and he lives with Sadie, a very small female. We love Riggs, but us girls have to stick together and we want Riggs to be more careful around the little lady. We three are all about the same size and we can't rough-house the way Riggs can. Which is not to say we can't get into trouble.

Ooh, ooh, can I tell?

Sure, go ahead.

OK. Each night, after we've made our last trip outside we get a special T-BONE cookie as a treat. When we get the treat we know that it's the end of our day and we should go to bed. The folks let us out and when all three of us are back in, they take the treats from the edge of the counter and give them to us.

They never saw me take anything!!!

Well, Jodie and I were in and we were waiting for Coco. A few minutes later Coco came in and Mom reached for the treats, but they were gone. Jodie was already in bed, which is unusual as we all wait for the treat. Now, I didn't see Jodie take the treats, but I know I didn't take the treats.

And they disappeared while I was still outside, so it wasn't me.

Be honest, nobody saw who took the treats, so why blame me?

It's circumstantial evidence. There are five of us in the house. Neither of the folks eats our treats. Sandy didn't take them and I was outside. You, Jodie, were all too comfortable on the bed. When Mom got two new treats for me and Sandy you didn't even come out looking for a treat because you knew you were not going to get any more.

Nobody saw me take anything. It could have been a mouse. Mom might have been mistaken and hadn't put the treats out yet. Strange things happen, right Riggs?