Thursday, April 21, 2011

It has been awhile!!!

JODIE: Yup, it has been awhile, but we three girls are not to blame. If our twelve paws could use the computer you'd read a lot more from us. However, the ten fingers of our typist / transcriber are slow to get going. We've been hounding him....(get it?) but he always has an excuse. He's busy. He's tired. His fingers ache. He has a head ache. It's too late. The one he uses the most is that he claims that we have nothing new to tell. We get up, eat, go out, chase the ball, play in the pool, dry off, eat, and sleep. A lot he knows.

Coco:Yeah, a lot he knows! No one is naming names, but all of us canines and one of the two humans are FEMALE, so we all know how the "He" is. He doesn't understand females of any species.

Sandy: I don't know, he treats me very nice, scratches my back and belly and gives me treats. I think you two have gotten spoiled and are "catty".....(get it?) My life has SO improved over the past year that I certainly can't complain.

JODIE: What is this, you ask??? You are asking aren't you? This is our new Tempesta Canine Sorority. The letters are Delta Omega Gamma. Thats Delta Omega Gamma.

So now we are the D O Gs. We meet where ever we want, but so far it has been on Dad's bed. He doesn't mind as long as were not too rowdy when he wants to sleep. So far that hasn't been a problem, but it might change next month as were having a sleepover weekend around the third weekend. Molly, who lived with us for a short time a year and a half ago will be spending the weekend and we can hardly wait.

Sandy: I don't really know Molly well. She was here for an afternoon several weeks ago and she seems nice enough, but I don't know her like Jodie and Coco do. However, any friend of theirs is a friend of mine.

Coco: This is Molly. You will notice that she is that BEAUTIFUL color of Lab, Chocolate. Not that I'm biased, but she is a real beauty. When she lived with us she was burdened with a litter of pups and they had us ALL going. It will be interesting to see how she is now that she is SGNP, Single Girl No Pups.

JODIE: So what was all that chatter about us doing the same thing every day? Again the Dad fails to understand the complexities of being canine and female.

Everyday we have breakfast, then bring in the newspapers, and go back in the woods to take care of business. Is that all???? Good gracious, no!!! Every morning we patrol the back 40, sniffing and cataloging all the new smells of animals that have come through in the night. Sometimes we have to scare away some crows or a squirrel or two. From time to time we have to chase a few deer out of the yard.

SANDY: Here I am near the pool looking absolutely beautiful. Now Coco may prefer Chocolate. but Jodie and I do very well in yellow. Besides blonds have more fun, right? That may be partly true. Jodie and I do very well chasing the ball in the yard. Today Dad threw us a curve, bringing out a flying disk. The three of us couldn't get the hang of it. When a ball is thrown, we are away even before the ball is cast. The ball passes us and bounces in front and we run for it. With the disk, Dad would start the throw and we'd be off, but we never see the thing as it always lands behind us. Then one of us would pick it up and bring it back to be thrown again. It wasn't much fun and it didn't last long. Then we went into the pool area. I know I said that blonds have more fun, but at the pool, nobody has more fun than Coco. She goes absolutely nuts chasing anything that is thrown in the water. I don't even like to get my feet wet, but Coco not only jumps in, but she dives down to get toys off the bottom.

COCO: Coco's the name and water's my game! I can't help it. Something inside me drives me to do these things. Mom and Dad think I'm obsessive, but I don't think that's true. It's just that I really come alive around water. I like to swim, but my passion is retrieving toys thrown in the water, whether in the pool, lake, or ocean. Throw a toy and I'm off.

JODIE: Sandy and Coco are both correct. When something is thrown in the pool, don't get in Coco's way. She's an ANIMAL!! If Sandy has a ball and Coco doesn't, Coco will just take it from her, right out of her mouth. Today at the pool Coco was in a particular frenzy. Dad was taking pictures and Coco wanted him to throw a toy. I mean she REALLY wanted him to throw a toy. She was like a mad dog barking furiously and would not stop. Check out some of the pictures below.

She barked and barked until we were almost deaf, but Dad didn't throw anything until he got his pictures and put the camera away.

COCO: I hate to admit it, but I'm glad it took Dad a few minutes to put the camera away and come back. The barking got away from me and I needed a few moments to regain my composure. I'm sure that he realizes that I'm not to be denied!!!

JODIE: Oh I'm certain. That's why he took the time to put the camera away before playing again. Did you notice that you were RELATIVELY calm when he came back.

SANDY: The photos below show Jodie and me just watching Coco's tantrum.

Shortly after this episode it was time to go in. Now I don't usually get wet, but today we all got a bath from Mom. I'm not a swimmer, but I like the attention of a bath. After the bath, dad took us into the garage to dry off. He uses an air hose from a compressor to blow us down. I was terrified the first time he used it, but now I like it as much as Jodie and Coco. He blows most of the water off, then gets nice fluffy towels to further dry us. Oh how I love that! As if that wasn't enough, he took me inside and gave me a thorough brushing. Heavenly!!!

COCO: After supper, we adjourned to the sorority bed to sack out. Dad was with us, but I don't know what he did to warrant a nap.

JODIE: To be honest, it was quite a day and I am pretty tired. I notice that my sorority sisters are out cold. Live well. Play hard. Sleep soundly. AAAHHHH