Saturday, May 28, 2011

Last weekend with Molly

JODIE: Most of you know that we had an old friend over for the weekend. We knew her as Freckles, but her new people call her Molly, so Molly it is. We saw her a few weeks earlier so her appearance didn't surprise us this weekend, but we were surprised at how great she looked when we saw her a few weeks ago. At any rate, it was a very busy week for Dad and we have to rely on him to do our typing. That's why we're so late. Also, he claims that we want too many pictures posted, so he's putting the pictures in a slide show.

You know me and Sandy and you also know Coco, but Coco and Molly look so much alike that the folks even got confused at who was who. See, they don't sniff-greet and they don't see as well as we do either.

SANDY: I only met Molly briefly a few weeks ago, but Jodie and Coco remember her and her pups from when they lived here. I was a bit apprehensive about having a strange dog live with us for a while, but it worked out really well. Molly was well behaved and we never really got into a fight. There was one time when I was leaning W A Y out over the pool to get a ball and she was behind me barking furiously. Barking and barking right behind me until I snapped at her. She shut up and I got the ball. I can swim, but I don't like the water and I want to get the ball without falling in. There was some justice when Molly tried to get a ball by leaning out over the pool. Now, I wasn't behind her barking,so it wasn't my fault. She reached out further and further to get a ball.........then oops......she fell in! She is also a very good swimmer, but, like me, she prefers to play outside the pool. I wouldn't mind if we dog sat for Molly again.

COCO: I also had a good time with Molly, Jodie, and Sandy. We filled the floor of the Delta Omega room. When four Labs stretch out on the floor, a lot of room is required. There are other pictures of Molly that you can find. Up on the right, just below the picture you will find a list of Other Blogs. Click on Jodie and Coco's old blog. Click on November 2009 and read the three blogs there. You can also read the later blogs to see what happened with Molly (Freckles) and the pups. OK, that's it for now. The pool awaits.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's Freckles and I'm Back!

Hello everyone. My name is actually Molly, but the Tempesta's used to call me Freckles when I was here with my puppies back in November and December of 2009. My last post was on December 16th 2009, when I said goodbye. You see, my folks, Olive and Frank have some function out of state and they felt that I would be more comfortable here with Jodie and Coco than I would be in a cage in some kennel. They are exactly right!!! Not only do I play with Jodie and Coco, but they have another gal to play with, Sandy. Like me, the Tempesta's took her in with her puppies and she just stayed on. I suppose that it's nice, but with Olive and Frank, I get ALL the attention. The folks here have been taking a lot of pictures and Jodie, Coco, Sandy, and I will be writing again tomorrow and will include some of the hundreds of pictures taken. That is not an error. Between Paul and Helen, over two hundred pictures were taken of us four special canines.

I never saw a swimming pool before today, and when I reached out to touch it with my foot, I fell in. WAS THAT A SHOCK!!! I swam for the nearest side but Paul headed me for the stairs. Once I got to the steps, getting out was a breeze, but I was sure not going back in the water again. It's a funny situation. Jodie and Coco can not be kept out of the water while Sandy (and now me) can't be coaxed into the water. Different strokes for different dogs.

I was welcomed with wagging tails into the Delta Omega Gamma sorority and spent the night sleeping with the other gals in the the sorority room (It's really the computer room and doggy sleep area) The food had been good, the cookies frequent, the ice cream often enough and the three other dogs to play with has been divine. We'll be posting more later.

You can see old pictures of me on Jodie and Cocos old BLOG, but you'll have to go back to 2009.

See y'all later,


Thursday, May 19, 2011

What's Up?

COCO: Coco here and I want to advise my friends of some changes around here. You can be sure that they were made without any input from me, Jodie, or Sandy. The Delta-Omega_Gamma sorority has been moved out of Dad's bed. We now have to meet in "His" computer room.

SANDY: I heard Mom and Dad talking about tossing us out of the room and it has something to do with Dad and al-er-gees. They were watching one of those doctor shows and the doctors were discussing al-er-gees. One man in the audience was complaining and they asked him if he had a dog and he said yes. Then they asked if the dog was allowed in the bedroom and he said yes, in fact, the dog sleeps on the bed. They told him that the dog should never be allowed in the bedroom or on the bed if the man had al-er-gees. I don't know about the al-er-gees, but often all three of us sleep on Dad's bed.

JODIE: Well, I've noticed that Dad has been sneezing an awful lot lately.

COCO: Yup, watery red eyes and a runny nose every morning. That's the way he has been when I wake him up in the morning. Am I the problem?

JODIE: Well, Coco, you would be the problem if you were the only one on the bed, but all three of us gather in there and it might be because the three of us overload his al-er-gee defenses.

SANDY: I, for one get plenty of attention and food and stuff when he and Mom are awake, so I don't have to sleep on his bed.

JODIE: Actually, I rarely spend the night. I get on the bed and get close to his chair while he reads. After we've had our last outside time and get our "Good night" cookie, I'm ready to turn in on my bed in the computer room.

COCO: I can see where that leaves me because I've been sleeping on his bed for YEARS. FOR YEARS!!! When we're in the camper, I still sleep with Dad? Is that going to change, too?

JODIE: It's a small price to pay to have a Dad who is health and well rested.

SANDY: We Delta Omegas will just have to meet in the computer room.

JODIE: It works for me!

COCO: OK, it works for me too.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Just venting!

JODIE: Some strange goings on around here lately. Dad took off for several hours yesterday and came home smelling of DOG. Not Coco and not Sandy. Surely not me. Plus, he was especially nice to us today. Guilty conscience do you think?

SANDY: I don't see what's so wrong. Today we played ball, swam in the pool, and went for a ride in the car. That's three good things in one day. After we got back to the house after the ride, Coco and I just crashed at the sorority bed.

COCO: Even the car smelled of strange dog. I wonder what's been going on.

JODIE: Yes, I noticed the strange dog smell. Now, it's as if Dad is trying to make up to us. Did you notice Dad in his bathing suit? I thought that he was going to join us in the pool. He RARELY gets into the pool. In fact, he rarely goes in the water. On vacation, it's Mom who joins us in a swim.

SANDY: That's when Coco called him the white whale!

COCO: NO, NO, NO! I said that he was quite pale. QUITE PALE!! Other than his head and his arms he was very pale. Besides Sandy, can't you keep your flap shut?

SANDY: Well, you also mentioned Moby Dick.

JODIE: Talk your way out of that one, Coco.

COCO: Are you girls trying to get me in trouble?

Jodie: Nope, you're doing a good job of doing it yourself. The water is getting warmer and soon I suppose he will join us for a swim. Mom came in last week, but she can take water a lot cooler than dad.

COCO: Yeah, he's quite pale and a sissy.

JODIE: I think we'd better quit before Coco gets us in trouble. If we find out about the other dogs in Dad's life, we'll post.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We be swimmin'

SANDY: Yeah, we be swimmin all right! Not today! A few days ago I got snookered into the pool and I'm not sure that I like it. I'm not sure that I don't either. I don't like that you're either in the pool or out. What's wrong with going to a lake or something where I could go in a little at a time?

COCO: hoo. You are such a sissy. So you went in the water the other day. You didn't even get your head wet.

SANDY: I was tricked. The old man...

JODIE: Ooh noo, you're not supposed to call Dad that!

SANDY: Bullshoes!!! You saw what he did. He took MY ball and threw it in the water. First it was close enough for me to get it with out getting my feet wet. Then...he threw it out a little farther and I got down on the first step. Next is was still further out and when I reached for it there was no place to put my feet so I had to swim.

JODIE: Yes, we saw that, and you swam very well. You are a natural, you know. Why were you trying to climb up the side?

COCO: Yeah, why were you trying to climb up the side. Jodie only uses the stairs. I can use the stairs or the ladder, but nobody tries to get up the side.

SANDY: Well, frankly, I panicked! I was concentrating on my ball and when my feet didn't touch bottom I just tried to get out the fastest way I could.

COCO: Didn't work, did it?

SANDY: But then the old...I mean Dad got me by the scruff and pulled my to the steps and I was OK.

JODIE: You realize that you were in no danger. Dad was watching you and he would never let anything happen. I remember when he jumped in to save a foster dog. His name was Baccardi and he followed Coco into the water, only he couldn't swim. Dad had to jump in and pull him out by the collar.

COCO: You should have seen that, Sandy. Now that was a riot. You may not be very comfortable in the water, not like me and Jodie. You have also seen Mom in the water yesterday, but you NEVER see Dad in the water until the pool is like 90 degrees.

JODIE: Coco's right, Dad never goes in the water until it's very, very warm. So you can imagine our surprise when he jumped in in December when the water was in the 50s. I was shocked that the old guy could move that fast.

SANDY: Well, Mom tried to coax me into the pool yesterday and I may have been close, but that next step had me afraid. Besides, I'm having a great time with things the way that they are. Coco, you like to have someone keep throwing things in the water so she can retrieve them. And Jodie, you keep running around and around with those rings in your mouth. You think Coco or I want them, but the only one who chases you is Dad.

JODIE: Well, Coco, I think Sandy has a point. As long as each one of us is having a good time, it doesn't matter what we're doing. I like playing chase with Dad. Sometimes he gets close and we get to play tug, but then I slip away. He throws the ball and toys for you until you start to wheeze. Then he quits so you won't get sick. And, for the most part, Sandy, he takes your ball and throws it where you can get it. You must like that because you run right back to him.

SANDY: Oh I do, I just don't like going in the water. How about if we sigh off with a few pictures?

JODIE: OK with me!

COCO: OK with me too.

Mom, trying to lure me into the pool!