Monday, December 10, 2012

Coco…….in trouble AGAIN!!!

SANDY: Don’t tell me that Coco is in trouble again!

JODIE: Of course, you know that she’s NEVER out of trouble for long. This time she has Dad a bit upset with her.

SANDY: Why is that?

JODIE: OK, do you know how you and I get to be “Walked” off leash?

SANDY: Sure…….Mom or Dad puts on the collar and leash and leads us to the road, then they unhitch the leash and off I go.

JODIE: Same here. I get to run free to “take care of business”, run a little and explore a little.

SANDY: Right, and for our Last Out before bedtime, I go out with out a collar or leash. In fact, I’m pretty sure that you do, too.

JODIE: Correct again! Do you notice that Coco ALWAYS goes out with a collar and leash, ALWAYS?

SANDY: Now that you mention it, yes. Why is that?

JODIE: The first reason is that without the leash, Coco would make a break for the beach in a heartbeat. This not MAYBE she would head for the beach this is that she MOST DEFINITLTY would head for the beach, and Mom and Dad don’t like to always be washing us off and drying us.

SANDY: OK, I get that, but I often head in the direction of the beach when I’m not on the leash myself.

JODIE: Then what happens?

SANDY: Then Mom or Dad calls me to go up the road and I turn and run up the road.

JODIE: Precisely!! That’s what I do, too. But Coco runs to another voice in her head and once she heads for the beach she is unstoppable. She puts her head down and races like a guided missile around campers, buildings, cars, whatever until she makes a bee line to the water. Then she races in the water and turns toward Mom or Dad or who ever is trying to catch her and she has this look that says “Aha, I made it and you couldn’t stop me, ha, ha.” Of course that tends to rile Mom and Dad because she will absolutely not come back until she is in the water. Now, on land, she may roam ahead a bit in the woods or trail, but when the folks say “Come”, she’ll come back. When water is in the area, she gets a bug up her butt and will only head for the water and nothing, but NOTHING will deter her.

SANDY: So, that’s why Dad’s a little cross with her the last few days?

JODIE: Oh, no! Coco went above and beyond to reach that point.

SANDY: So gimme the rest of the story.

JODIE: Well, only because you asked. We all get taken out several times a day for a pee or a poop. Right?

SANDY: Right!

JODIE: A couple of days ago, Dad walked Coco up the road and decided to try her off the leash, and Coco had a poop.

SANDY: So, that’s what I do every day.

JODIE: Let me explain. When we go out we make a poop. When Dad let Coco off the leash, she immediately went to the side of the road and HAD a poop, as in HAD a cookie, or HAD a snack.

SANDY: Surely you don’t mean that she ate………………

JODIE: That’s exactly what I mean. Now I might have had a bite of that once or twice myself, but NEVER in front of the folks, it grosses them out!

SANDY: Ugh, Ugh, Ugh, It grosses ME out. I’m kind of finicky about what I eat, and I’m gonna keep it  that way.

JODIE: Well, it seems to me that you were not quite as finicky last year at Hacienda Contreras after they got the Burro.

SANDY: As far as I’m concerned, this conversation is OVER!

JODIE: Fine, but it is what it is, like it or not!

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  1. Hi Girls, it's Rigg's, I have been expecting a blog from you and I saw you on another Ladies blog, you guys are famous now,I sure didn't expect to here what Jodie had to say about Coco, you got to tell her that that is not acceptable behavior for a Lady, No wonder your Dad is mad. She could lose her beach privileges for awhile. I know MY Dad would be very unhappy with me if I did that, although personally I find the thought of it yucky.Anyway glad to see you are getting in the water and gaining fame. Someday we will be the four most well known Labs in America,Got to go. Your buddy Rigg's.