Tuesday, December 25, 2012

WOW!!!!! What a Christmas

COCO: Did we EVER have a GREAT Christmas!!! But, It wasn’t anything we had planned in advance.  See, Dad was in a good mood and thought that he would take us three girls for a ride to Playa. Hew made a couple of stops, each time stopping where he could park in the underground parking so we were shaded and cool.

JODIE: Yes, he is actually a pretty nice guy, but SO naïve. Still, he should have known better!

SANDY: You two are being cruel!!

COCO: Eh? You’ll get over it. I’ll start from the beginning. Dad wanted to take us for a ride. That’s simple enough to understand, right?

SANDY: OK, right, so far.

COCO: And we behaved ourselves pretty much, right?

SANDY: Well, except for Jodie always crawling onto Dad’s seat and drooling all over the window, steering wheel and the seat.

JODIE: Whoa there Sandy. Don’t take that tone with me! I ALWAYS jump in the front seat. I keep it warm for Dad.

COCO: Sure you do……and you even drool for him and rub your snout all over the window for him……gimme a break!

JODIE: Why not leave me alone and get back to your story.

COCO: OK…….so to get going, Dad opened the back of the Jeep and let us out of the camper. With great agility, we three leapt into the back of the Jeep and the trip began. It was a nice ride and we enjoyed being with Dad. As we returned, Dad mentioned “SUPPER”. Usually that really gets us going because there is NOTHING in the world more important than supper.

JODIE: Amen!

SANDY: Amen!

COCO: So now, Dad has us in a lather just waiting for our supper, or so he believes. Like Jodie said, so nice, but sooo naïve.

SANDY: Oh, boy, here comes the good part………

COCO: So Dad drove the Jeep up to the camper, got out of the car and opened the door to the camper……all the whi,e he kept mentioning “SUPPER”. I KNOW that he fully expected us to race into the motorhome for our food. SURPRISE……….SURPRISE!!! We three BOLTED for the beach!!!

SANDY: It was really a little mean…

JODIE: How can you say that, Sandy? You were in the lead!!! As I rounded the dive shop, you were already in the water!!!

SANDY: OK, ok, I admit it, I was off and running and I never looked back. I heard him yell for us and I can imagine what he looked like, standing there with his mouth wide open in disbelief.

COCO: Yessiree, it was quite a coup. I have been waiting and waiting for just such an opportunity and today fate looked down on us. AND….. we had a great time, did we not?

JODIE: Oh, we had a great time for a while. We were the center of attention on the beach until Dad arrived with the leashes.

SANDY: And the plastic bags.

COCO: Yeah, when that guy came over and told Dad that one of us had left “A DEPOSIT” near his kite-board, I could almost see the steam coming out from Dad’s ears.

SANDY: You have no compassion for the man!

COCO: I do, too, but sometimes you have to grab for the gusto.

JODIE: Perhaps, Coco, perhaps. But if you think about it, Dad and Mom always take us to the beach during the week and early in the morning, so we do not offend too many people. They also take us way down the beach where we are more secluded, except for a few people walking the beach.

COCO: Are you implying that there was something wrong with invading the beach, right in front of the restaurant, with hundreds of people , on a Christmas Day?

JODIE: I’m not IMPLYING….I’m STATING A FACT. I know, I’m in the same boat as you and Sandy and I ran to the beach also, but I suspect that this INCIDENT is going to come back to haunt us and we will not get the chance to bolt away again.

COCO: Wanna bet? We’ve done similar stunts before and eventually Dad forgets or trusts us more than he should………..and the next time that happens……I’m off. I could add that you and Sandy can join me or not, but I know and you know and I bet Sandy knows………….given the opportunity, a little opening, a lapse in Dad’s attention, and we are off, all three of us.

SANDY: Oh, now I feel so bad. I didn’t think. The door was open and I ran…………and it felt so good. It WAS nice playing with all the people in the water and having so many people take my picture.

JODIE: Well, that was our Christmas celebration. We had a nice ride in the car, a fast and furious romp to the shore, a bath, and supper. Aah, that all important supper……..Now…….I …….want……..to…….sleep.

JODIE, COCO, SANDY: Feliz Navidad!!!


  1. Hey girls it's Donna and Riggs. Riggs is grinning as he likes to escape too, remember our last day at your place when he even stopped traffic on your street ? Me that's a different story, I know how maddening it is when a furkid doesn't listen, now here your Dad took you on a nice car ride and how did you repay him....well??..we have a 'doggy jail' here so if Riggs is really bad he has to spend time in doggy jail...don't know if it helps though he generally just curls up and goes to sleep. But at least I'm no longer mad at him when he comes out.
    Now girls be good you got the best mom and dad 3 girls could have

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