Saturday, December 1, 2012

It doesn’t get much better than this!

JODIE: I think that the girls and I have hit the jackpot here in Mexico. Most of you know that we’ve been swimming all over North America, but this place is Dog Heaven.

COCO: Yup, it’s heaven and there sure are a LOT of dogs here. Most of the dogs run free and there are no fights.

SANDY: Well, there is that little black dog that barks at us and the little brown one that bares his teeth………

JODIE: That was when we first got here, but they know us now and we all seem to get along. Some of them have been here a long time and we are new to them. Once we were introduced (sniffed) we all became friends.

SANDY: And the beach here is about as nice as a beach could be…


COCO: And the surf is….is…..fantastico! How do you like that little Mexican flair, fantastico?

JODIE: I think you’re losing it, Coco. If you think about it, we can hear English, Spanish, French, and German spoken by the people here. However, we three and all the other dogs here only speak Woof.

SANDY: Only speak Woof? How can you say that? I understand Mom and Dad when they say “cookie”, or “come”, or especially “supper”. Would we understand them if they spoke one of the other languages? They NEVER say “woof”.

COCO: Sandy has you there, Jodie. You are pretty smart, but sometimes you try to be too smart and you actually look stupid.

JODIE: OK, OK you two. I was trying to slip that one through. The truth is I do understand Mom and Dad, but I don’t understand Nicole, the French lady next door. I also don’t understand Deiter, the German guy two campers away. But I do understand what I’m supposed to. Now lets get back to the beach.


Here we are crashing through the surf!


And this is Jodi body surfing. Can you imagine what she could do on a surfboard?


And what is really great is that we will have at least another month of this. We wish all our friends, Riggs, Patch, Sadie, Tucker, and all the rest could be here with us. There is enough beach here for all of us, and then some. Woof at ya again.


  1. now what a great time it would be if we could all be together..the fur would be a flying and the bloggin?..oh my!

  2. Hi girls, It's Rigg's. I for one sure wish I was with you guys, like in April at your house, you guys are so nice to me and I always enjoy nice ladies.That beach looks great but I would have to get used to jumping in the waves. I have never been to the ocean before. just big lakes with Mom & Dad.Tell your Mom & Dad hi for me, I miss those doggie ice creams we had. I am going to ask Dad to bring some home from Petsmart.Hope your vacation last a long time. Maybe I'll see you in the Spring. Your Buddy Rigg's...