Sunday, March 10, 2013



JODIE: Home again, that is. We’d have posted sooner but we had a hard time getting the Dad (notice I didn’t call him the Old Man) off his ass-ignments. He’s keeping pretty busy with the motorhome.

COCO: That’s not true! He has been staying in his room reading and muttering about how cold it is here and how warm it still is in Playa Del Carmen.

SANDY: I think that Coco is right this time. Dad has been puttering around the house and he has been moping, but until yesterday, he really didn’t do much on the motorhome.

JODIE: OK, ok. I just didn’t want to make Dad look too bad. He got the cover off the pool quite a long time ago, but I don’t know why it took us so long to get back in the pool.

COCO: Well, Dad feels the cold a lot more then the rest of us. Unlike Mom or us, his fur is a little light on top.

SANDY: Light on top? He’s BALD!!!

COCO: Exactly, but I was a bit more diplomatic. That’s part of the reason he’s always cold. He probably thinks that the water and the weather was too cold for us to go in the pool. After all, it’s not the warm water of that beach in Mexico. At least we got in the water today.

IMG_1719 (Small)


Here I am pulling in a double! I think that before the summer is over I’ll be able to get a triple!

IMG_1734 (Small)

Here’s Jodie running around the pool because Dad is chasing her. I like to keep fetching the ball, so I keep bringing it back and dropping it at Mom or Dad’s feet. They throw and I fetch. I could do it all day. Sandy likes to get a special ball and keep it in her mouth all day. That results in such a gooey ball that Jodi and I have no interest in it and Mom and Dad don’t really want to touch it.  Jodie has her own agenda. She likes to take something and have Dad chase her to try to take it away. Her favorite  toy is a set of rings, but almost anything will do, as long as Dad will chase her.

IMG_1752 (Small)

Here’s  Sandy with one ball in her mouth. As I said, she usually keeps the same one in her mouth all the time, but she very often has two. When Mom or Dad is throwing the ball, speedy Sandy will always get the first one. Then she will often get the second one. The third goes to Jodi and I get the fourth. The thing is, while Sandy keeps her two and Jodie runs around with hers, I keep returning my ball so that I can continue to fetch.

Sometimes Sandy doesn’t play fair. She’ll keep her favorite ball in her mouth and then when she sees mom throw my ball, she’ll leave her other ball somewhere and take mine.

Today was a great day! We played in the pool for a long time. Then Mom gave us a bath and Dad dried us off with the air compressor and rubbed us down with fluffy towels. It doesn’t get much better than that, and it’s just the beginning of the season.

That’s all for now from your local dog correspondent, Coco.

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  1. Hey Gals, room for 1 more lab in that pool? boy oh boy I cant wait..havent been to dog park with the pond in a long time as it is really cold here. haha no way when I get there will Sandy be the fastest to get the ball, that will be ME. I am fast in the water, not as much on land though....See Ya Soon, Your buddy Riggins