Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Barkin’ at ya from Cholula

SANDY: I thought I’d start this blog from a place that’s supposed to be a small city in Mexico. It may be a small city here, but it’s HUGE compared to Inverness. The folks have been doin’ a bit of sight seein’, but I’m not sure what they’ve actually seen. There have been no foreign objects brought back to the camper.

COCO: We have been three lucky pooches in the campgrounds that the folks have found. We are in a campground that is like a central courtyard with buildings and walls all around it. The only way in is through a gate and it’s closed at night. The best part is that we can spend so much time here off leash and get to play a lot of fetch, and we all love that!


This us the back part of the campground. LOTS of room to play fetch.

JODIE: I have to agree that we’ve been having a great time. Most of the campgrounds have allowed us to run off leash. Do you have any idea how hard it is to play fetch with a leash on? If it’s Mom, it’s not too bad and I can drag her right along, but chubby old Dad is an anchor!

COCO: Oh, come on! We never play fetch while we are on a leash.

JODIE: Hold your Frisbee, Coco. it was only a joke.

COCO: It didn’t sound like a joke to me!!!

SANDY: You guys don’t think I’m too bright, but I knew it was a joke. Ha Ha Just the thought of dragging Dad around makes me laugh.

COCO: Well, brain of the pack, you were not with us one time in Canada when Dad walked me and Jodie on the leashes. We saw a long eared bunny and both of us took off like a flash, pulling Dad behind us until he fell. Then without him dragging us down, we really tore after that rascally rabbit.

JODIE: Oh, we took after that rabbit all right. He just made fools of us. He zigged and zagged through the woods until you got all tangled up in the trees.

COCO: Yeah, I remember. It’s a good thing the collar slipped over my head, or I’d still be in the wood yelping my tail off.

SANDY: So you guys had some cool adventures before I joined the pack.

JODIE: THAT is a fact, Sandy, and we’re still having adventures. Remember last year in Mexico when we spent so much time at the beach? Or the trip last summer when we went to Massachusetts and swam in the ponds there? How about DOG BEACH in Pensacola? Together, the three of us always seem to have a great time.

COCO: Except that when we play fetch, Sandy always gets the first two balls because she has such a BIG mouth.


Here’s the picture to prove it.

JODIE: Actually Coco, at home in the pool you OFTEN have two balls in your mouth and then you have one more along the side of the pool trying to make it three.

COCO: What can I say? I’m good!


Here we are playing the fetchin’ game the way it should be played.


And here’s Mom trying to pry the second ball out of Sandy’s throat.

SANDY: Not my throat, stupid, my mouth! Mom INSISTS on taking the two balls at one time, but I can keep one in my mouth and still fetch another.

JODIE: Actually, Sandy, you DO kind of hog the balls. Just because you’re younger and faster than we are and you have such a BIG mouth, you try to do all of the fetchin’

COCO: Yeah, but Mom’s cool. She throws one ball one way and while Sandy is chasing that one she throws another the other way just for me.

JODIE: Well, what about me?

COCO: I really didn’t want to go there, but what you do is fetch ONE ball and keep it in your mouth. Then, as I try to fetch you keep bumping my side trying to keep me from getting the ball’

JODIE: That’s because I don’t really like to play fetch, I like to play keep-away and I want you to try to get the ball away from me, like we do with sticks.

SANDY: Seems to me that we’ve got to play the game we’re given. If it’s chasing balls in a yard, then it’s fetch. If we’re all going after one stick in the surf, then its keep-away.

JODIE: For a dumb blond, that was a most intelligent statement. I think we’ll end on that note.

WOOFS to all from Las Tres Perras en Mexico

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  1. Hi girls, It's Rigg's. all this talk about ball playing makes a guy really want to get outside and play, I'm like you my Dad is so big and strong I can't pull him around at all. But Mom I have to be careful or I knock her over and I sure don't want her to get hurt.A couple of times she had got tangle in my leash and had cuts put on her arms, like when we were at your house , so now I am careful, I sure can't wait to see you guys again, you know you all three are my favorite Girl friends, even the ones I meet at the doggie park aren't as special to me as you guys. Hope you had a good Halloween. My little girl Nicole got dressed up but she didn't scare me, I knew who it was.Glad to hear from you and keep the pictures coming ,I'll have Dad put one on the Mantle for me. Your MO. buddy Rigg's.